Vermont feeling wartime pain at the pump, at the store, and on the assembly line

from March 9 Lake Champlain Chamber Advocacy Update

In a global economy, the impacts of a war ripple through the global economy. Yes, there have been wars in the past 70 years, however, few have been at this scale, interrupted global trade at this level, or featured the economic warfare that sanctions represent.

Commodities such as oil, natural gas, wheat, neon (essential to semiconductor manufacturing), and nickel have been affected by the conflict at a time when Vermont industry is already reeling from the pandemic supply chain shocks. These effects pile on to the already massive inflation the economy has suffered from the last two years of supply chain interruptions and market shifts.

Vermont is a very rural state that is highly vehicle dependent, and while the state has many intentions to move to electric and more efficient vehicles, it’s not happened yet and heavier vehicles have not yet hit a level of market ubiquity. The most obvious impact to Vermonters is the pain at the pump.

Last week, Congressman Peter Welch called for the 18.4 cents per gallon gas tax to be suspended at the federal level; six democratic governors proposed this as a solution this week as well. The Governor rejected doing the same at the state level with Vermont’s 30.17 cents per gallon gas tax, citing the need for that revenue for transportation infrastructure.

Legislators moved quickly to send $644,826 in aid to Ukraine, plus a couple of thousand dollars the state has received from the sale of Russian alcohol, the sale of which the Governor banned. The state pension fund also liquidated about $6 million in Russian holdings this week.

Ed. note: Governor Phil Scott, legislative leaders, and others will hold a Freedom & Unity Vigil on the State House steps 6:30 pm Tuesday evening to show support for the people of Ukraine.

Following remarks, Governor Scott will sign into law H.717, An act relating to providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine.

Scheduled attendees include Governor Phil Scott, Congressman Peter Welch, House Speaker Jill Krowinski, Senate President Pro Tempore Becca Balint, Lt. Governor Molly Gray, Republican, Democratic, and independent lawmakers, members of the public and more.

Members of the public are encouraged to join and bring candles or lights.

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  1. The pain at the pump began long before the war in Ukraine. To conflate the two issue is disingenuous. The prices have been rising since the the war on COVID started to show positive results, and people started to return to a more normal life style. At that low point before the rebound began, little more than a year and a half ago (?) the price for regular gas in Hardwick at the Mobile station was $1.99 a gallon. It has been rising at a less than steady rate since then. Has the war made that rate rise faster/higher ? Or have the “New Green Deal” lefties been helping with their goals of reducing carbon fuels been the bigger issue with supply, and price ? Biden, and his puppet masters at the very least, have not been helping reduce the pain at the pumps regardless of the consequences to Americans, as it plays into their hands.

    • Your comment is spot on. We can’t let the Progressives and State run media distract Citizen’s from the truth on rising prices. This is a classic Prog tactic: Deflect and blame away from their policies that created the problem. Never holding themselves accountable. Not this time. The truth is gasoline prices were up almost 7% in February but they’re up 38% in the last 12 months. They were rising long before Putin’s Ukraine invasion. Instead of begging the Saudis to pump more oil, or cutting deals with thug regime’s in Iran and Venezuela, Progressives can revisit their hostility to American oil and gas production. Otherwise, they can take the well deserved losses in November which can’t come soon enough.

  2. All of this was predictably avoidable to anyone who actually wanted to avoid it. Biden shut down domestic oil & gas production literally on day one of his presidency, and gas prices have been rising steadily since then, to say nothing of Biden’s involvement in the corrupt government of Ukraine, including the American coup of 2014, directly leading to the conditions of the current war, and while I’m here, Washington Electric Coop has some of the most expensive electricity in the nation, so stop it with this electric car BS, especially since your average electric car won’t even make it up my road for seven months of snow and mud.

  3. How much of the gas tax goes to road repairs? Not much. The teacher’s unions get most of it diverted to them. Outside of the Progressive Beltway (Route 89) roads never get fixed.

  4. joe robinette can blame anyone he wants but this falls squarely on his shoulders and every progressive under OUR golden dome. Keep electing boornie and pete welch who made 2 million with his wife off Exxon stock.

  5. Peter the Welch and other election shy democrats want to put a hold on the federal gas tax of .18 cents per gallon. Well whoopie, my 6 cylinder vehicle has a 22 gallon tank. If I filled it up from bone dry under their proposal, at current $4.35 per gallon the cost is $95.70. If they eliminated the fed gas tax my fill up would cost $91.74, a savings of $3.96. These democrat millionaires are so kind to us little people. On the chance that these happiness and freedom steeling thieves should escape the red wave in the midterms and are reelected, the first thing they will do will be to continue their war on fossil fuels. These people make me sick and broke. Remember in November all the pain that has been put on upon you and your family from Covid lies to inflation. If you voted for these dem/progs, you are to blame and owe us an apology. Do not forgot you are getting screwed too!

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