Vermont Daily: Wednesday, October 21 edition

NRA endorses pro-Second Amendment House candidates – but not all of them

Many pro-Second Amendment candidates not given endorsement, usually due to apparent lack of information

by Guy Page

The following candidates for the Vermont House of Representatives have received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association. As with the state senator endorsements published Monday, most but not all of the endorsements went to Republicans. For example, Democrats Dan Noyes of Wolcott and Dave Potter of Clarendon received endorsements.

NOTE: many outspoken pro-Second Amendment candidates are not explicitly endorsed by the NRA. Most of these have a “?” next to their names – denoting neither endorsement or disapproval, merely lack of information. One such would-be lawmaker is Essex Junction House candidate Maryse Dunbar:

Maryse Dunbar

“I actually filled out the NRA’s survey way back in the beginning,” Dunbar emailed to Vermont Daily. “I fully support the organization. I believe that it’s everyone right to defend and protect themselves. It’s not the gun that’s the problem, it’s the mental health of the individual using it. For the record, I also don’t believe in defunding the police.” MORE…..

Pro-life/gun/cop Sexton runs as write-in for Guv

An Essex Junction advocate of gun rights, pro-police rally organizer, and opponent to abortion announced October 13 he is a write-in candidate for governor.

Jim Sexton, organizer of the July 25 Respect for Law Enforcement Rally on the State House lawn, realizes he hasn’t a chance of getting elected, he said on his Jim Sexton for Governor Facebook Page. But he wants to provide an option for Vermonters who – like him – see little difference between Democrat David Zuckerman and GOP Gov. Phil Scott.

While he supports many Republican candidates for the Legislature, he criticizes Scott as no better than Zuckerman.

Jim Sexton

“I have read hundreds of comments and posts about how many of you will vote for Scott again because Zuckerman is worse,” he said. “Zuckerman would surely force vaccines on you, would surely force mask mandates, would surely defund Police, hates our military and would continue to support domestic terrorist. Can’t vote for him, right?” MORE….

Non-essential crossing into northern, central NH means 14-day quarantine, Guv says

Vermonters who make “unnecessary” trips across the Connecticut River into central and northern New Hampshire must quarantine for 14 days upon return, Gov. Phil Scott said at his press conference yesterday. He also signaled support for big wind power projects in New England – but not in Vermont.

Vermont Daily asked Gov. Scott: “Grafton County in New Hampshire, right across the Connecticut River from the St. Johnsbury area clear down to White River Junction, is “green” on New Hampshire’s map but “yellow” on Vermont’s. If I have lunch with my daughter in Littleton or shop in West Lebanon do I need to do a 14-day quarantine when I come home?”

“If it’s unnecessary travel, the answer is ‘yes,’” Scott said. “If you normally shop for groceries in Grafton County, if you work in New Hampshire, that’s okay. But if it’s unnecessary, you shouldn’t.” He added, “there’s nothing perfect about the system.” The same restrictions apply to Coos County, which borders the Northeast Kingdom all the way to Quebec. MORE…..

Stuff You Can’t Make Up Dept.:

Climate-conscious City of Burlington pushes electricity over fossil fuels for heat, but main source of power is state’s largest CO2 emitter

Received today from the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association:

The Burlington City Council has banned backyard wood burning fire pits. No more S’mores, due to concerns about air pollution. 

Meanwhile, the same city council is expected to impose a carbon tax on new gas furnaces in order to convince more people to hook up to electric heat. 

This is the same electric heat that caused Burlington residents to flee an apartment complex because the temperature inside didn’t get above 45 degrees in December. 

This is also the same electricity that comes from the city-owned utility that is fed by the city-owned wood burning power plant. 

This is the same wood burning power plant that operates at just 24% efficiency and is thelargest emitter of CO2 in Vermont.

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