Vermont Daily Water Cooler for Fri, Jun 10

Don’t miss breaking news! Vermont Daily Water Cooler is a roundup of important headlines from around the state.

Publication Headline Published
WCAX Crews battle garage fire in Milton 6/9/2022 8:47 AM
WCAX VSP trooper sues Human Rights Commission over smeared reputation 6/9/2022 8:31 AM
WCAX 1 dead, 3 injured in Bennington crash 6/9/2022 8:46 AM
WCAX Vermont sees gas prices over $5 a gallon 6/9/2022 8:51 AM
WCAX Historic climate research happening in the Northeast Kingdom 6/9/2022 8:21 AM
WCAX Norwich police chief resigning, marking third new chief needed in the Upper Valley 6/9/2022 8:47 AM
WCAX Primary Preview: Meet the Democrats running for Vermont secretary of state 6/9/2022 8:59 AM
NBC 5 Starbucks may close its bathrooms to the public again 6/10/2022 8:30 AM
WCAX Burlington man caught inside stolen car 6/10/2022 8:44 AM

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