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Vermont Daily Water Cooler for Fri, Apr 02

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Publication Headline Published
WCAX Beds Available: Vermont’s eldercare homes hope to recover from the pandemic 4/1/2021 8:04 AM
WCAX Vermonters unhappy with the April Fool’s Day snow 4/1/2021 8:38 AM
VT Digger Sen. Ruth Hardy: Time for Vermont to change vaccination plan 4/1/2021 8:48 AM
WCAX Truck drives into Bellows Falls building 4/1/2021 8:53 AM
My Champlain Valley Health officials: COVID vaccine program has saved 78 lives in Vermont 4/1/2021 9:09 AM
True North Reports Roper: The auditor’s report on Vermont public vs. independent schools 4/1/2021 4:30 PM
VPR News Roundup: Vermont House Apologizes For Role In Eugenics Movement 4/1/2021 4:34 PM
WCAX Vt. ed agency to announce summer programming plans 4/1/2021 5:46 PM
WCAX Vermont to allow 3-foot distancing in schools 4/1/2021 5:29 PM
WCAX Funeral directors cope with pandemic backlog 4/1/2021 5:47 PM
WCAX Beekeepers readying for the season 4/1/2021 7:21 PM
WCAX Burlington director of police transformation admits to plagiarism 4/1/2021 10:08 PM
WAMC Vermont Urges Help In Overdoses, Notes Good Samaritan Law 4/1/2021 11:15 PM
VPR Essex County’s Low Vax Rate 4/2/2021 4:45 AM
VPR Vt. Poet Laureate Mary Ruefle Mails Verse To Vermonters In ‘Random Acts Of Poetry’ 4/2/2021 6:00 AM
NBC 5 Christians mark Good Friday amid lingering virus woes 4/2/2021 7:38 AM
WCAX Ex-youth center intern says she was told to destroy notes 4/2/2021 7:38 AM

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