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Vermont Daily: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 Edition

Governors’ group suggests carbon pricing for New England grid electricity

By Guy Page

An organization representing the New England states wants the regional power transmission grid to cut carbon emissions, and suggest carbon pricing as a means to do it. 

The “Vision Statement” issued October 16 by the New England States’ Committee on Electricity urges ISO-New England, the region’s electricity transmission grid, to make and deliver more carbon-free electricity. Seeking to make regional power consumers less reliant on fossil fuels, it recommends these changes:

  1. Develop better transmission for more onshore and offshore wind power. 

Although popular with the renewable power industry and some environmental groups, large wind power farms on New England’s land and seacoast have been tepidly received by ISO-New England. It is ISO policy to buy the lowest cost power, typically fossil-fuel, nuclear or large-scale hydro power. Equalizing the wholesale price of expensive wind and solar power and cheap fossil-fuel electricity can be accomplished through carbon pricing. 

  1. Consideration of a Forward Clean Energy Market, a type of carbon pricing. Under an FCEM, very low-carbon power generators (wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, and battery)  would sell not only electricity but the monetized value of carbon-free power. Buyers – carbon-emitting utilities, companies, cities and states – would apply the credits towards their carbon reduction goals. Sale of credits would of course make otherwise market-challenged power more financially sustainable. MORE…..

No new positive cases among 2000 Vermont inmates

MONTPELIER | The third round of mass testing for all Vermont facilities showed no new positive cases of COVID-19 among the more than 2,000 Vermont staff and inmates tested. The testing schedule included the six in-state facilities and Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility (TCCF) in Tutwiler, Mississippi.

This latest round of testing was conducted as part of the Vermont DOC and Vermont Health Department’s plan to test all Vermont facilities on a rotating basis. The fourth round of mass testing began Oct. 19 at Northwest State Correctional Facility. MORE….

Runners raise $$ for Vermont veteran suicide prevention

BRADFORD—With high energy anticipation, 15 runners awaited the 9 a.m. launch from the Devil’s Den Trailhead on Wright’s Mountain on the morning of Oct. 10.

The 24-hour DD Ultra Run was organized by ex-Marine and Corinth resident Jason Mosel to raise money for the Josh Pallotta Fund, a nonprofit named in honor of the young Marine who died by suicide on Sept. 23, 2014.

Mosel fought his own battles with alcohol and depression, but emerged safely with the help of vigorous athletics and now works tirelessly to help other veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. MORE……

Commentary: ‘Red tag’ homeowner website invasion of privacy

Think your vote for the Legislature doesn’t matter? You might want to consider the new “red tag” rule that prevents hundreds of Vermonters from filling up their heating oil tanks and shames them in front of anyone with an internet connection. Read on if you value your dignity and privacy.

Dave Soulia

H571/Act 76, the above ground storage tank rule, was passed in 2016 by a legislature controlled by Democrats and Progressives. We have come to know it as the fuel tank “red tag” rule. Essentially, the “red tag” rule directs fuel dealers to inspect your fuel tank prior to delivering heating oil. If your tank does not meet the standards, as set by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, a red tag is affixed, and you cannot receive heating oil until the tank is brought up to said standards.

The bill, introduced by then Representative Daniel Connor (D), included a section on creating a list of those not in compliance for the fuel dealers. The bill made its way through the philosophically lopsided statehouse and was signed into law by then Governor Peter Shumlin (D). Without any public fanfare, this list was started and made publicly available on the Vermont ANR website! To make matters worse, the list continues to grow as new “red tagged” tanks are discovered and reported. Is this the state government that you want? MORE….

  1. The Republicans listed above are supporting a candidate from different party, who lost a Republican primary and subequently left the…

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