Vermont Covid-19 hospitalizations up slightly in past week

by Guy Page

27% of Vermont inpatient hospital beds and 30% of ICU beds are empty today, U.S. Health and Human Services Hospital Utiliization dashboard data show.

That’s fewer vacancies than January 4, when 35% of beds were empty and 33% of ICU beds were empty. Todays’ stats show an increase in Covid use of ICU beds, from 14 on Jan. 4 to 19 today.

Vermont Daily Chronicle will track this data on a daily basis (as available) because inpatient and ICU bed usage for Covid-19 is being watched by state officials and lawmakers as they make big decisions like imposing a statewide mask mandate and continuing a Zoom legislature beyond January 18. The fast spreading Omicron variant is expected to defy the state’s ability to track the number of cases statewide. However, it may not send as many people to the hospital as earlier variants.

Vermont Covid-19 Hospitalizations Day by Day
U.S. Health & Human Services Dashboard
DateInpatient beds in use (all uses)% beds emptyInpatient beds in use for Covid-19ICU beds in use – all uses% ICU beds emptyICU beds in use for Covid-19
Jan. 4797 (65% of total beds)35%81 (7%)68 (67%)33%14 (14%)
Jan. 8901 (73% of total)27%95 (8%)70 (70%)30%15 (15%)
Jan. 10896 (73%)27%89 (7%)70 (72%)30%19 (22%)

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  1. Still NO actual numbers. Hospitalizations are WITH Covid, or FROM Covid? Vaccinated or unvaccinated? In state or out of state patients? ICU percentages from Covid are???

    Shhhhhhh…’s all a big: secret.

    • Here’s the latest from CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky.

      “75 percent of Covid deaths have at least 4 co-morbidities”

      That means more than 600,000 of all the U.S. deaths attributed to Covid had ‘at least 4’ co-morbidities. AT LEAST FOUR! If she is to be believed, of course.

      Meanwhile the panic continues. The vaccinated continue to become infected, spread the virus, become hospitalized and die – either because ‘therapeutics’ are being ignored or co-morbidities go unreported. Everything under the sun is being blamed on the unvaccinated, even while more than 90% of Vermonters have ‘taken the jab’. I suppose these people think the ‘unvaccinated’ are creating obesity, diabetes, cancer, and the whole host of other medical co-morbidities that affect us – including old age.

      And the VT DOH continues to recommend that children 18 years old and under be vaccinated without evidence that these experimental vaccines (yes – they’re still ‘experimental’) don’t have deleterious long-term effects on their immune system, especially when, to date, none of them have died and only a half dozen or so have been hospitalized since the beginning of the pandemic.

      Remember, until November 2021, none of these kids had been vaccinated. God forbid the hospitalization and death statistics for this 18 and under cohort starts to turn for the worse now.

      • Actually, I think it was last year that the CDC admitted that 94% of deaths “with Covid “ were in people who had at least one comorbidity and the majority had far more than one, some with ten! So what these two data sets tell us is that the vast majority dying “from Covid “ are actually dying “with Covid “ and were supremely unhealthy to begin with.

        So where are the CDC and state departments of Public Health on this? Why are they not preaching to the unhealthy that they need to get in better shape? While age and certain illnesses aren’t subject to change, the vast majority of comorbidities certainly are. Instead all we hear is “get a vax”, “now get another vax”.

        Thanks but I’ll pass on that toxic jab. I’ll continue to try to remain in good health, stay at a proper weight, get exercise and take helpful supplements. I trust this regimen far more than I trust the vax. The sad irony of course is that I’m being punished for this choice. By choosing to try to stay as healthy as possible and depend on my immune system I’ve become a pariah in the eyes of many.

  2. Information such as this is vital to curtail attempts by the socialist left legislature to push agenda.
    Vermont is nearly as dysfunctional as California- and I give credit to Phil Scott for his repeated attempt to push back on the super-majority of liberals now legislating their schemes under the Golden Dome. Many will argue that Scott is ineffective, “one of them” and “not a republican”.
    He is who he said he was. He has made some bad calls we all won’t agree with, but for the most part he has done the job of protecting Vermont from a liberal implosion. Compare his time to date as Governor with His predecessor, shumlin. Or howard dean.
    If Scott is going to base decisions on “science and data”, hospitalization rates are essential to be part of that data- and since “science and data” have been manipulated since the beginning of this “pandemic” the public needs to see the “science and data” as well.
    Theres still a whole lot of “data” being hidden to facilitate the agenda of socialism.

  3. I just received this notice from Medicare.

    The Omicron variant spreads more easily than the original virus that causes COVID-19. Here are 3 things you can do to help protect yourself and others:

    1. Get the COVID-19 vaccine, if you haven’t already. Vaccines are the best tool to protect us from COVID-19. They slow the transmission of the virus, and provide strong protection against severe illness and hospitalization.

    2. Get the booster when you’re fully eligible. Everyone 18 years and older should get a booster shot 2 months after their Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or 5 months after completing their primary COVID-19 vaccination series of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna. Adolescents and teens ages 12 to 17 should also get a booster of Pfizer-BioNTech 5 months after their primary series.

    3. Continue wearing a mask in indoor public places in areas of high or substantial community transmission. Use the COVID-19 County Check Tool to find your county’s level of community transmission.

    That was it. In total. In other words, get vaccinated, get vaccinated again, and wear a mask.

    Forget a healthy diet. Forget Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Quercetin, Melatonin, Zinc, Magnesium, Omega 3, yada, yada, yada.

    Anyone who doesn’t, at the very least, consider that much of this monolithic Covid ‘movement’ might be a case of mass psychosis, is likely suffering from it.

    Is the pot calling the kettle black? You bet. But just knowing that introspection is always in order is the first step toward extricating one’s self from the phenomenon.

  4. Why are non-covid hospitalizations and deaths so high?….Particularly in areas of highest “vaccination?

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