Vermont Climate Solutions Caucus leaders discuss Covid-19 pandemic impact on climate change legislation

Many Vermont Daily readers have been asking how the pandemic has impacted Vermont climate change legislation. The short answer is that I have asked that question of at least one climate change-leading senator about the Senate’s Covid-19 era plans for Act 250 revision, Global Warming Solutions Act, Proposal 9, and TCI, and have not yet received an answer.

Safe to say the Legislature is only thinking Covid 19 right now. Too soon to say if/when that will change. The Senate plans to reconvene Tuesday but apparently only to address emergency climate change legislation passed a week ago Friday by the House.

It is interesting to note that Vermont Climate Solutions Caucus leaders Sen. Chris Pearson and Rep. Sarah Copeland Hanzas are asking the same question. On this March 13 video, beginning at 8 minutes 22 seconds, see them discuss the pandemic’s consequence on Vermont climate change policy.

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