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Vermont celebrates 232nd birthday

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WCAXHappy 232nd birthday, Vermont!
NBC 5Vermont Flower Show transforms Champlain Valley Expo into the 100 Acre Wood
VT DiggerWhat’s on Vermont Town Meeting ballots? Three-quarters of a billion dollars in municipal requests
VT DiggerHousing debate reveals signs of strain in UVM-Burlington relationship
VT DiggerIn a slate of new bills, Vermont lawmakers take a hard look at domestic and sexual violence
VT DiggerAudit faults Norwich for poor financial controls, unreconciled records
WCAXThird attempt at fire safety bill following death of Vt. kids

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  1. To the gentleman who lost his children in a fire. I am so sorry for your loss for you and your wive, it’s horrible to hear about say nothing of living through it. In this case if you did not know of the problems with the house before you bought it then I would say whoever did your home inspection did not do his job with due diligence. However, when buying an older house you must be aware that since your house was built years ago there could be issues, with current knowledge on home construction, like insulation, plumbing and wiring that were not available at the time of the build.

  2. Happy Birthday, Vermont.
    Though I can see that in your case with age – wisdom did NOT come.

  3. Vermont is totally unique in that it was the first republic to join the US and we can easily exit. It is in the agreement. Period. Tx came much later and that’s a completely different story. We have a treaty with the UNtied States as they do, however we can survive without the bs from DC and the working class Brooklyn born old man and his minions.
    A 2nd Vermont Republic will allow us to sleep soundly once again.
    Prove me wrong. Go ahead.
    My family was here in Pomfret prior to the Treaty of Paris in 1763. We’ll be here when Washington’s house of cards collapses.