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Vaxxed Canadians may visit U.S.

Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement regarding the reopening of the land border with Canada for non-essential travel:

“Last night the White House informed me that, next month, fully vaccinated Canadians will be able to cross our land border once again. This is a significant step forward on the path from pandemic to endemic management of COVID-19 and will mean a great deal to many Vermonters and our communities.

“Vermont and Canada are not just neighbors, our communities are linked by family, friends, social and cultural connections, natural resources, commerce and more. Reopening the land border will allow our communities to reunite, after being separated for nearly two years.

“This decision by President Biden’s administration is based on the very clear fact that vaccines work. Americans know vaccines are our best tool for getting back to normalcy. And today’s announcement is another very positive step forward.”

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  1. Considering the lack of control, and concern about what goes back and forth across the southern boarder, it’s about freakin time !

  2. Vermont coronavirus cases, Oct 11, 2020: 11 (0% vaccinated)
    Vermont coronavirus cases, Oct 11, 2021: 220 (86% vaccinated)

    Of course the vaccines are working. The data proves it!

  3. I have real chemical sensitivities, not mere hypochondriacal fantasies.
    Will I be prevented from visiting the ancient stone circle right over the border? I’ve wanted to since before I was able to afford a Passport. Then covid happened. I took the Moderna jabs and suffered. Must I kill myself with a “booster” simply to visit the ancient site?

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