Vax refusal bill introduced

by Guy Page

Today, the Scott administration announced Vermonters who have received both shots of the two-stage vaccination may travel to other states. Gov. Scott also acknowledged the need to discuss an important public policy question: how will the State of Vermont deal with Vermonters who decline vaccination?

H.283, providing the right to refuse any unwanted test, treatment, or vaccine, was introduced yesterday into the Vermont House. Sponsored by four Republicans, a Democrat, and an independent, it would specifically prevent employers and state government from requiring vaccination in exchange for jobs, travel, childcare and other benefits.

“The yearlong pandemic emergency response has left many people concerned about one-sized-fits-all medical mandates,” a Feb. 18 statement by Health Choice Vermont said. “This proposed legislation protects individual bodily autonomy and self-sovereignty, and prevents public and private entities from requiring medical treatments, interventions or vaccines in exchange for employment, travel, education, childcare, religion, benefits, insurance, or participation in sports, camps, or other recreation.”

H.283 has been assigned to the Vermont House Committee on Human Services. The bill is sponsored by: Rep. Vicki Strong (R-Albany), Rep. Lynn Batchelor (R- Derby), Rep. Mark Higley (R-Lowell), Rep. Warren Kitzmiller (D-Montpelier), Rep. Robert LaClair (R-Barre Town) and Rep. Paul Lefebvre (I-Newark).

Meanwhile, the New York Times today published a prominent editorial warning readers of “the costs of vaccine alarmism.” It concedes the problem:

  • A third of U.S. military have declined vaccination;
  • polls say nearly half of Americans would refuse if offered vaccine now;
  • skepticism is highest among minorities, white people without college degrees, Republicans, and lower-income households.

Many people hear they would still transmit the disease and must still wear a mask and social distance, and ask, “what’s the point?,” the NYT editorial says. It faults public health officials for not clearly saying that vaccines are safe and effective.

In a statement published today, Health Choice Vermont offers more detailed data about public resistance to vaccination:

Hospital Staff

  • A Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) report[5] showed that 29% of hospital staff and 27% of the general public “definitely or probably would not get vaccinated.”
  • According to the KFF, the main reason cited was concern over the side effects (59%).

General Public

  • A December 2020 survey from the Pew Research Center [6] of over 12,000 Americans revealed that 39% surveyed say they definitely or probably would not get a coronavirus vaccine.
  • In the report, 21% of U.S. adults are cited as saying they are, “pretty certain” more information will not change their mind.
  • 62% of participants reported that they would be “uncomfortable” to be among the first to receive the vaccine.

Frontline Workers

  • The Los Angeles Times recently reported [7] that L.A. county data shows that between 20% and 40% of all frontline workers refused to be vaccinated.
  • The same report mentions that in Riverside County, California, around 50% of frontline workers have said “no thank you” to the experimental nucleic acid vaccine.
  • Less than half of the eligible staff at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital took the vaccine when offered.

Pregnant Women

  • The U.K. government has released a document [8] in December advising that pregnant or breastfeeding women do not receive a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine on the basis that there is “no or limited data” on the effects to the child and to fertility. “For women of childbearing age, pregnancy should be excluded before vaccination,” the document stated.
  • The Los Angeles Times article mentioned above also reported[9] that a pregnant nurse from Providence Holy Cross Medical Center who refused to be vaccinated. Why are we vaccinating pregnant women with an untested vaccine?

Nursing Home Staff

  • The Associated Press reports[10] that, “National polls show that as many as 70 percent of long-term care staff are still wary of the vaccine.”
  • Governor Mike DeWine (R-Ohio), stated in a press conference[11] on December 30 that 60% of nursing home staff in his state had declined the experimental nucleic acid vaccine.


  • In New York, a survey of 2000 firefighters[12] revealed that 55% said they would not take the emergency use only vaccine from Pfizer. More than 2,000 firefighters participated, representing about a quarter of all members.
  • Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA), which performed the survey, is encouraging members to get vaccinated, but says it will protect the rights of those who chose not to.
  • “The reasons for that are probably the same reasons everyone else doesn’t want it: it is a new vaccine, they don’t have enough information,” said Andrew Ansbro, UFA president.

58% of Vermonters 75 and older have been vaccinated, Human Services Secretary Mike Smith said. A month ago, Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine said health care provider and senior care facility patient acceptance rates were both about 80%, but senior care staff rates were lower.

At his press conference today, Gov. Phil Scott acknowledged the need for dialogue – on both a state and national level – about how to handle employment, travel and childcare as restrictions are lifted. “We have to have the conversation,” he said, without expressing a specific stand on the issue.

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  1. Many in the ministry are declaring there are men and women of the church who are changing or omitting the…


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  1. Ignoring and downplaying facts regarding personal health issues is just plain evil. Some people cannot take vaccinations due to allergies (such as eggs, ingredients, hyper-sensitivity.) Mandating the COVID vaccine seems to prove the conspiracy theory as true – COVID=Certification of Vaccine Identification Document. The American dream is now a full on living nightmare.

  2. If I refuse the vaccination, who suffers? I do – maybe. That’s my choice.

    I’m beginning to think this is simply more economic cronyism – benefiting ‘big pharma’, the banks that finance them, and the politicians they pay off to pass these laws. In the end, taxpayers are paying for these vaccinations.

    • I totally agree. In this situation they don’t want to hear “my body, my choice “. Such hypoc

  3. This will be the first piece of legislation I seen come outa Montpelier actually DEFENDING We The People’s choices in 20 years

  4. THANK YOU FOR H.283 – finally some blessed logic (SANITY) flowing through the halls of the PEOPLE’S CAPITOL!

    Someone has a most nefarious agenda and until more people take the time to SEARCH for information and YES it’s classified ALTERNATE NEWS – consider the source when listening to those bashing alternate information and of course why! There is NO one side to anything – have people lost their ability to even think logically anymore? Some will never wake up – ok move on then and take everything the medicine man is selling and let’s see which one of us makes it to the finish line. MANY of us aren’t buying what the agenda is dishing out.

    For starters the test is highly questionable – a prelude to something that is possibly far worse and being revealed as EXTREMELY harmful – to say there has been no other alternative is ignorant because there is alternative information that screams DO NOT TAKE THE SHOT AND STOP FALLING FOR “THE TEST” over and over and over and over – after 7 days no after 14 days OR IF YOU DON’T – oh my Lord you will be ostracized!

    At the CDC website – their own statistics on deaths is LOWER than the previous year – how could that be? Normal death data is less than the year before?? It should be numbers from the year before PLUS the 400,000 (supposedly) “virus” deaths. Can people add anymore? How could the FLU disappear? Why are autopsies forbidden? How can a “virus” tell night from day, morning from afternoon, Sunday from Thursday, Thanksgiving from anything else? REALLY!!! Why are our children even being interrogated about what their family does? Our we under some false sense of freedom? If so where in God’s name did it go!

    Watch the video below and wake up your thought processes – research and discern! It might save your life or the life of those you love.


    There is so much more – start searching – your life depends on it!!!

  5. I have done my research and will definitely NOT get tested or get the vaccine. I just watched the video suggested by Dublin and that will convince anyone NOT to get tested or get the vaccine. There are many doctors who are being silenced because of their concerns and we all should realize we must fight for our right to decide. Say no to tyranny!

  6. Great news,I hope this bill to prevent forced vaccine passes;At best the COVID-19 vaccine is experimental and unproven!!

  7. Dear Guy,
    I am not a news junky. Last I heard, there is no evidence that the vaccine prevents me from spreading the virus. If this is true, why would my vaccination affect my travel? Could you please ask at the press conference? This is one area that it seems is not following the stated science. Thank you.

      • Does it matter what Levine said? Or what Fauci said? They’ve changed their opinions on this outbreak so many times, the next thing we know they’ll say ‘blood-letting’ is the best way to prevent transmission of the virus.

        Ask yourselves, have the flu vaccines people take stopped the flu? How would we know? I have to admit, I’m 72 and have yet to take any flu vaccine. I eat well and take care of myself. I trust and monitor my immune system. And I haven’t had a severe case of the flu in decades….’knock on wood’.

        Yes, I took a rabies vaccine once when I was confronted with a rabid racoon. I think the MMR vaccines, TDAP vaccines and polio vaccines, for example, are legitimate. We’ve been taking them for decades.

        But what must we do for this newly contrived ‘gain-of-function’ corona virus? The people who are telling us to take the vaccines are the same people who created the virus in the first place…and then let it escape into the population. What…me worry.

        I know… we should all be required to ‘knock on wood’!

  8. Unbelievably important (rumble.com) – seems to give credence to “follow the money” and intent! 8 minutes and searchable data

  9. Thank you for the coverage on this smoking hot topic, Guy.

    But of course H283 is much more than a “vax refusal bill.” Importantly, the legislation will protect vulnerable people against medical coercion carried out by both public and private entities. The bill recognizes that all persons are free to accept or refuse any health or medical intervention: Testing, treatment, or vaccine. It’s a bill to protect your bodily autonomy and your right to make health decisions.

    Some say there is no need for such legislation. But consider this:

    -Business owners are being sued by the state of Vermont, despite overwhelming evidence against the use of masks.
    -Healthy individuals are being told they must self isolate and quarantine, despite the fact they have not been diagnosed with an infectious disease.
    -Molecular amplification (PCR) tests are wrongly being used on asymptomatic individuals to justify unprecedented infringements on our liberties.
    -On Friday, the Scott administration announced that you are free to travel, as long as you are “fully vaccinated”.

    We all want to be healthy and we all want healthy communities. The best way to achieve that is to avoid letting a far-away group of old white men be the “deciders.” This bill is going to need the help of an army of angels. How many doses, how many tests, and how many masks will they require of you, before you put on your wings?

    Please visit http://www.healthchoicevt.com for up-to-date information and to get in touch, donate to the cause, and help in any other way you can.

    Thank you!
    Jennifer Stella

  10. There’s no way in hell I’m taking any vaccine. These people under the dome are not going to tell me how to live my life. This mask bs is foolish enough. Thank you to all involved in coming up up with this bill.

  11. This Bill is a critical step in both saving humanity and our constitutional rights. This mRNA “vaccine” is not even a vaccine and should not be called this. This is experimental gene therapy involving synthetic/recombinant mRNA directing your cell to make a foreign protein. This is genetic modification-insertion of recombinant genetic material and cellular protein production. The potential for collateral damage is practically certain and the precautionary principle of science should tell us to be more than cautious and that rushed clinical trials are unacceptable. Covid has not been isolated, the PCR tests are being misused and have adjustable amplification rates that influence the ratio of positive and negative tests and were never intended to be used in diagnosing infectious disease and there are so many other areas of debate, question and concern related to this entire topic.
    If you want to follow the money and look at the patents regarding Covid testing, vaccines, spike proteins and NIAID and Fauci’s history please look at the following Dossier prepared by Dr. David Martin. And last I saw in both scientific journals of the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine, there were reported studies that the “vaccines” only offered a reduction in severity of symptoms but did not prevent acquiring Covid or transmissibility. What are we doing is the fundamental question. We have never historically quarantined healthy individuals, this is a virus with a 99.74% recovery rate. Again, I ask what are we doing. The majority of people who test positive for Covid have zero to minimal symptoms. There are better ways to protect those at risk without destroying humanity, society, our economy and the future of our children.
    The FauciCOVID-19 Dossier.pdf

  12. Due to a Number of Health Conditions ,I will not take a chance on the Vaccines. I will take my chances UN vaccinated. I self isolate most of the time. and only go out when absolutely necessary. If forced to take the poison, I will file battery charges against the one who ATTACKS me with a needle.

    • It is assault, just as house arrest and blocking the ability to buy and sell is theft. You have the obvious and natural right to defend yourself. No one, despite what mafiosa government control freaks like to say, has a monopoly on violence, nor a right to violate your autonomy.

  13. Thank goodness for proposal of this legislation. I was forced to have the test or they would not admit me to the hospital in November for necessary surgery. Head aches since.

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