Vax freedom advocate poses questions to Bernie, Covid-19 boss

by Alison Despathy

Today at 5PM, Bernie Sanders is hosting a Live Q and A with White House COVID-19 response coordinator, Dr. Jha. I have submitted the following questions, with the hope that all or at least one will be addressed. Vermonters are seeking answers to the real questions that have arisen from the COVID-19 response.  I received a message that my post “has been submitted and is pending approval by an admin or moderator.”

The link for the event is here.

My questions are-

1- With regards to the fact that coronaviruses have always been with us, they mutate regularly and naturally and are one of the viruses responsible for the common cold, it seems we have set ourselves up on a vicious cycle with regards to masking, testing, cases, vaccines and fear that at this point are not grounded in science or necessity.  Common colds have always been a risk for certain vulnerable populations and they should be offered options, support and services. How do you suppose we break this cycle and inform and educate people so we can get back to living without unwarranted and unjustified mitigation strategies and policies that actually cause harm? 

2- It’s so very sad actually really criminal that all of the children in our schools were forced to wear masks when Covid poses no threat to our children. We know these masks have health risks are ineffective and interfere with social, emotional and educational engagement and development. How do you propose we help ensure that this detrimental mask policy does not happen to our children again? 

3- The PCR test is not FDA approved and does not test for specific or active infection. It only tests for possible presence of a certain gene sequence that may or may not be the cause of the symptoms.  And if we learned from the time of AIDS that a cycle threshold over 28 resulted in a high probability of false positives and unreliable results and research regarding the PCR Covid tests showed that a cycle threshold over 35 resulted in a 97% false positive, and Vermont Department of health was using a cycle threshold between 35 and 40 the entire time how do we help ensure that we have proper diagnostic tools that are being used appropriately and not leading to skewed and unreliable data which dangerously influences policy and procedure. Isn’t it time to stop using the unapproved, unreliable PCR test? 

4- What is your opinion on the unbelievably and disturbingly high Covid vaccines adverse events and deaths that have been reported to the Health and Human Services vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS). These numbers are higher than all combined vaccines in the past several decades and in a study done by McLaghlan with trained researchers, it was found that in their study sample 86% of the adverse events could not be associated with any other identifiable probable cause. They also found that 64% of these reports had been done by healthcare professionals. Do you feel that these adverse events are being thoroughly investigated and does Health and Human services actually have the manpower to be able to go through these reports properly?  In your opinion, should the Covid vaccines be halted similar to what happened with the swine flue vaccine? Many people are deeply concerned about these numbers, especially with regards to their children – these vaccines are apparently not safe or effective?  

5- It seems that the Covid vaccines are very much so a failure in that they have not shown to prevent infection or transmission. There is a narrative in place that they prevent severity of disease but how would that be clinically determined? What are the current Covid vaccines actually offering if anything besides risk for adverse events?  Especially given we have peer reviewed early outpatient care and treatment at this point. In your opinion, are they truly worth it when assessing the benefit/risk analysis? 

Alison Despathy 

Danville, VT

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  1. I concur with John, great questions. However, I expect nothing more from Bernie than the pat programmed answers I’ve received from him in response to my personal emails. But there’s always hope.

  2. Thanks, Alison. I would add to #5 that two-thirds of VT’s Covid hospitalizations in 2022 are in the “fully vaccinated,” according to the state’s own data: Over the past two months, that figure is 80%. That pretty much blows away the “prevents severe illness” narrative, which is kind of preposterous anyway, since a vaccine that prevents severe illness should be able to prevent a mild one—a lower bar to clear.

  3. Right On, but doubt that ANY questions will be answered as they never, ever admit mistakes..Regarding the “Flu Vaccines”, which they claim “may be” 50% “effective”, the data on them from 1980 to 2022 (75% of adults over 65 get them) has increased from 20 Million doses (1980) to 200 million now, roughly a 15 fold increase, yet flu deaths have risen from 3,650 to 20,000, a 6 fold increase. British studies have shown the flu vaccines have NO impact on flu deaths nor reduced hospitalizations. Yet most US seniors get them as they are “free” or “cheap” but make BIG profits for BIG Pharma, and are pushed by MD’s who never look at the charts showing “effectiveness”. Remember that Pfozer & Maderna claimed their vaccines were “95% effective” in 2020 and yet their studies had NO placebo double-blind tests? And now, in Dr. Deb Birx’s (scarf-lady) new book, she admits/claims “I knew they were not going to protect against infection”? And “I think we overplayed the vaccines”? Unless the Congress & Senate change hands next Jan. we’ll never get to the truth, & even then I wonder..

    • I wonder too Steve Merrill. the efficacy of flu decreases every year, as it is not meeting the current strain, which is similar to the overuse of antibiotics
      if you dont kill the germ/bac/ect you in fact make it stronger……..
      giving this covid vax to children is a crime against humanity in my humble opinion. it will be far more devasting to our future than any flu vax has ever been……

  4. Bernies a chicken.. he never answers serious & meaningful questions that dominate the government narrative.

    The tide is turning and democrats will all shuffle to whatever the prevailing wind is…health never mattered…. until it does.

  5. Doubt they’ll get answered..Regarding flu vaccines..CDC data shows they may be 50% “effective” at best & now 75% of adults over 65 get them anyways. From 1980 to 2022 the USA has administered some 20 Million (1980) to 200 million now, a 15 fold increase but yet flu deaths have risen from 3,650 to 20,000? A 6 fold increase? British studies have shown NO impact by them on flu deaths nor reduced hospitalizations. And regarding the Pfozer & Maderna vaccines for Covid, both claimed “95% effectiveness” in 2020 w/NO placebos or double blind study. Dr. Deb Birx (scarf lady) claims in her new book “I knew they were not going to protect against infection” and “I think we overplayed the vaccines”, this from the same “wash your hands” Dr. who never mentioned gargling for a virus that was most present in the rear of the throat? NOW she pretends to be skeptical? We’ll only get the truth IF both Congress & the Senate change hands next Nov./Jan. & even then I wonder..

  6. With this level of deception one cannot expect apologies. On a more local level, some may have been naive sheep and just gone along with the narrative and made harmful mistakes along the way. Those are the folks that might apologize. But let us not be naive, for the higher ups…, the CDC, the NIH, the WHO, the FDA, the WEF, big pharma, big tech, etc knew exactly what they were doing. They even rehursed it prior to covid at Event 201 (look it up). They are evil and not sorry for anything. Their goal is one global government and economy with a fraction of our current population, all heavily dependant on the global rulers. “You will own nothing and be happy.” They have a spoken about equitable global population reduction. They have said if we want freedom we need far fewer people. If we have heavy global dictatorship with severe restrictions on freedom, our planet can support slightly more. They are strangling and beginning to monopolize global food supply. They will come for our land too. This is all part of the 2030 agenda, a WEF series of goals many of our political leaders have already committed to. Things are not what they seem. Covid was nothing more than a tool to insert and secure massive, global government control over the people and it will not end with covid.

  7. would be nice to have a follow up report to see what questions were answered and the answers were

  8. Unfortunately none of the questions were acknowledged or answered. Not surprising unfortunately. It was a classic typical propaganda fest spewing the same lies and the same narrative we have heard for years now. Frustrating and expected of course but still heartbreaking that there is a real lack of honest conversation. Bernie and Dr. Jha should be ashamed of themselves, especially for the continued promotion of the experimental Covid injections for our children. Thank you to Guy as usual for his dedicated support of free speech and free press and for allowing real conversation and truth to come through. I will also send these questions to Dr. Levine- Vermonters deserve a real conversation and an apology.