Vaccine recipient describes the Day After

by Tom Evslin

Vaccination Day +1: I planned on some cross-country skiing but didn’t have much energy. “What’s going on?” I asked my Chief of Intrapersonal Security.

Tom Evslin

“We just got an urgent BOLO for Spiky,“ he said. “Really good description of the bugger. We’re busy building spike-pullers, spike-blunters, spike-barriers, and spike-dissolvers. No time to play.”

OK, I thought, I’ll do some writing. But my head was fuzzy. “Hey, could we get a little more blood to the brain?” I asked the Chief.

“No way. Phagocytes are getting trained up close and personal to recognize infected cells. Can’t distract them with too much circulation.”

“What happens if they find an infected cell?” I asked.

“You don’t want to know.”

“Look, I said. “Mary’s got a long honey-do list for me. I gotta have enough energy at least for chores.”

“Tell her we invoked the Antibody Production Act. No chores!”

V Day +2: I’m fine.

“Hey Chief, feels like you guys must be done. Any problem if I get back with my life?”

“We’re still on high alert and training but you’re cleared to go. Be sure to get the chores done in the next 26 days.”

“26 days? Why?”

“We’re planning full contact war games for when you get the second shot. You might wanna plan on a day off.”

IT and energy entrepreneur and novelist Tom Evslin of Stowe publishes a blog, “Fractals of Change.” 

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  1. Absolutely NO THANKS! Remember y’all any covid vaccine deaths will be “natural causes” or “unknown” whereas nearly every unvaccinated death will be covid related…see a pattern?

    • Yes, I see a pattern of you being an anti-vaxxer Marjorie Greene conspiracy monger type. Do what you like, but keep your unwanted and inaccurate opinions to yourself. I assume you have the research to backup your false claims?

      • Kind of funny listening to people like you Jimmy; you obviously never researched vaccines and their side affects. Your opinion on someone commenting on the safety of probably one of the newest vaccines on the market, and the one with the least amount of testing is Ignorant and childish. Typical Lib comment that lambasts someone with differing opinions. If you research AGENDA21 and AGENDA2030, you will discover the talking points of the left and the elites who control everything, wanting 90% of humans dead. They also want to eliminate our constitutional rights that guarantees your right to speak on subjects such as this! I would turn your own comments back at you; “I assume YOU have the research to back up your claims as to the safety of these untested vaccines”! Your false claims of safety are backed by nothing more than your fear of dying from a flu that the mainstream media has told you was going to kill you. Never mind that the actual science shows a 99.8% recovery rate from those with healthy immune systems. You are in good company with the CHICOMS and our current presidential administration as well as a host of RINOs and communist democrats! It is long past time for people like you to you grow a pair and learn to deal with differing opinions rather than going along with treasonous politicians and social media platforms that have no substance and whose only recourse is to silence free speech!

    • My concern is “Died due to virus” That is what we think we hear, but it seems to be died while having virus.
      People have counted as “died of Virus”, when virus was only discovered by autopsy, and the known cause was cancer or otherwise. Every possible option is being used to pump the virus death numbers..
      Then you add all the false results from testing – some reported up to half of positives being faulty.
      Such a tiny fraction “test” for virus, and only a tiny fraction of those die ‘from virus” alone.

      We mourn all who die. Too many were pushed to death by adding the virus, some died OF virus.

      It’s too bad/sad there is a political, news-worthy part of “death due to virus.”

  2. I’m with you Jonathan. An unproven, rushed to market, no blind studies vaccine. I’ll wait thank you.
    Jim, Maybe YOU should do some research. How about the guy who died in a motorcycle accident and was listed as a covid death. Or the woman who dropped dead soon after receiving the vaccine. There are hundreds more examples out there if you look beyond the main stream media. And no, I’m not an anti vaccineer. I had my kid vaccinated and I have been vaccinated in the past but with tried and true vaccines not ones that no one knows what the side effects are.
    A pattern? Maybe not, maybe so. I don’t think we will ever know.

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