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Vaccine passport to enter State House?

Lawmakers discuss vax bar codes, other possible measures for 2022

By Guy Page

Key legislators discussed banning unvaccinated Vermonters from part or all of the Vermont State House at a planning meeting yesterday.

At present about 82% of Vermonters have been vaccinated. Planned restrictions on unvaccinated Vermonters, pending full FDA approval of a Covid-19 vaccine, already include: 

  • In-person college enrollment is prohibited this fall at UVM, at any state college except CCV, and at five in-state private colleges.
  • Employees who refuse vaccination may be fired, Gov. Phil Scott confirmed at last week’s press conference. Also health insurers may incentivize group health care coverage based on employee vaccination, administration officials said at a press conference yesterday. This incentivization may place financial pressure on employers to ensure vaccination compliance. 

The Legislative Advisory Committee met in person in the Pavilion office building yesterday to discuss how best to conduct the 2022 Session of the Legislature, in light of the pandemic health and safety concerns in a building already known for its heavy use and crowded space. Areas of discussion included an update on the State House air quality improvement plan, whether and how to continue the virtual Zoom services, and how to accommodate visitors, media, lobbyists, staff and lawmakers. 

Beginning at 40:34 of this YouTube video, Advisory Committee Chair Rep. Alice Emmons (D-Springfield), Sen. Allison Clarkson (D-Windsor), Sen. Joe Benning (R-Caledonia), and Sen. Ruth Hardy (D-Addison) discussed whether to prohibit entry to Vermont’s unvaccinated minority. 

“What are the assumptions we want to build in?,” Clarkson asked. “If you require to be fully vaccinated to be in the state house, that would enable you to be in the current spaces,” Allison Clarkson said. She was apparently alluding to the pressure the Legislature has been under to either expand meeting capacity, limit access to all but legislators and staff, or return to meeting via Zoom. 

The close quarters of the tiny committee rooms are of particular concern. 

“What’s the role of the committee chairs to say, ‘you’re not vaccinated, you’re not allowed in the committee rooms?” Emmons said. “So those are some real dicey sticky wickets.”

Benning suggested there’s no need to take restrictive action now. 

“If Covid or its variant raises its head, we can immediately go back to Zoom,” Benning said. “I don’t think we need to get that part of the conversation (gesturing to Clarkson) involved in this part of the conversation.”

In response to Benning, Clarkson shrugged. She later noted that vaccination status can be “easily and cheaply” determined by machines stationed at building entrances “by QR Code,” a reference to barcodes. 

Placing infrared scanners to determine body temperature – indicating a fever – was suggested. Benning noted that these machines would need to be staffed. Sgt. of Arms Janet Miller said the State House has the machines, but “they have limitations,” she said. “A cup of coffee could set it off.”

“We can’t go back to where we were…we have to say something about vaccination,” Hardy said. Regarding vaccination, the Legislature could “strongly encourage” vaccination, require “self-certification,” or require non-vaccinated witnesses to “testify via Zoom.”

A report on options for the 2022 session is due on August 15. It  reportedly includes discussion and recommendations about vaccination. 

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  1. If Covid or a variant appears, they’ll go back to Zoom???? WHY??????? If YOU are vaccinated – there is essentially a statistical ZERO risk to YOU. If others choose NOT to be vaccinated, THEY may be at risk, and that is THEIR decision or THEIR problem.

    What is it about this elementary concept that democrats cannot (or do not want) to comprehend???

    Go about your lives! STOP dictating to other people! Their health is THEIR business, not yours!!!

    • Touché Kathy – might be an uprising coming! Time to start taking names! Posturing – government reduced to 10% ought to eliminate some pompous windbags lawless to the hilt. Vermont Strong where are you? Are you all ready to hear about all the “inside” jobs (like 9/11)? How no plane crashed in PA nor did one hit the Pentagon – fake phone calls from supposed passengers. How about the Oklahoma bombing orchestrated by our own government 3 letter agencies? A patented virus, which means it was manmade to instill fear beyond measure and the lies about how a vaccine rushed to market would stop all of it. Take names because too many of them easily suspected now of gaining an elected seat under fraudulent circumstances in the 2020 election. The truths coming have them in a panic to run with more lawless and illegal acts against our constitution against we the people. Vermont Strong – where are you? They speak with forked tongues and they certainly do not care about the casualties, young and old.

  2. Apparently these “Key” legislators have little confidence in the vaccine? Why not require a vaccine, proof of vaccination and a couple of masks? If your intent is political theatre, put on a real show!

  3. It sounds to me like our Legislators are afraid of their constituents ? Personally I distrusted the “Zoom” thing, and the lack of the option of personal oversight, and participation, and would have liked it better if the only business that was conducted on “Zoom” was that which was necessary for budgetary issues. Now that COVID has seemingly opened the door to “Zoom” and the possible abuses of a situation where personal oversight is more complicated, (remember, these legislators have mute buttons, and telephones to conduct business privately while in a “Zoom” meeting) I find myself trusting those that would approve of this even less. Law making should be as open, and accessible to citizens as is possible. That means anybody, COVID card or not, should be allowed into our State House to participate in our Constitutional right to personally oversee our Legislators. Their aversion to this principle calls into question why they would prefer online meetings ? Are they afraid of their constituents, or is their another reason(s) (procedural etc.?) that makes “Zoom” preferable ? Personally I suspect that our Legislators have gotten used to not having someone sitting in a chair, behind them, looking over their shoulder, in a committee room, and like it, but that is not the way our democracy was meant to be. Any citizen has every right to be sitting in a chair, behind them, looking over their shoulder, in a committee room, and someone needs to do that to keep them honest ! One more thing. If I want to go to the cafeteria to get a burger for lunch, who am I going to have to show a COVID ID to ? Capitol P.D. ? Are they the hall monitors ? Really ????

  4. It is all about control, we are a free country and can make our own choice to get the shot or want to stifle our choices and force you opinions and thoughts on others. Shame on all of you, for trying to be dictators.

  5. What’s next? if you are NOT Vaccinated , do they send you to an extermination camp and make you disappear/

  6. I am a Legislator who chooses not to take the shots for various reasons. To keep me out of the “People’s House” to fulfill my job as a Representative would be a great disservice to my constituents based on my vaccination status. There are many reasons why mandating a vaccine, or a proof of vaccination, is a breach of freedom. The use of the shots is under emergency use authorization and is not FDA approved, and is therefore experimental. The covid virus is known to be treatable with proven medications, and statistically almost 99% of the population recover from this virus. It is also greatly preventable with the use of vitamin D, zinc, and vitamin C. There are proven harmful side effects for some people from the shots, and before any Legislators make decisions for others, they need to consult the VAERS report and see the statistics for themselves. Let’s have an open discussion as Legislators of any protocols that may be decided for us being in the State House, and not have a few Legislators deciding this for us all.

    • I totally agree with you. Here are some statistics about the infection and death percentages.
      Based on the population of Vermont, 0.0007% people were infected, and of that, 0.004% of the infected died. So the rate of infection is very low.
      Now how about the flue? How many people contact the flue and how many of those people die as the result of the Flue? Having a card for proof of vaccination is unconstitutional. NO one is allowed to request your medical record except your doctor.
      So, in conclusion, any legislation to have proof of vaccination is limiting or taking away my constitutional rights as a citizen of the United States.

      I would appreciate having this comment be made public to those “representatives” in Montpelier.

  7. Being around a current legislator for any length of time is likely more toxic and deadly than the jab or the bioweapon.

  8. We are turning into NAZI Germany. SHOW ME YOUR papers!! what’s NEXT ??? Concentration Camps and GAS CHAMBERS?

  9. Many people don’t seem to understand that these injections are recombinant adenovirus( gene-modified) technology (J and J) or synthetic biology,(Pfizer and Moderna). This is literally bio technological and transhumanism experimentation. We are programming our cells to make a foreign protein. This is the most massive biological experimentation on humanity ever conducted. How do we even know that the injections work? We absolutely do NOT know. We are in clinical trials and there is no follow up testing, no antibody testing or other information being collected on the vaccinated. One sure way to make cases go down is to adjust the PCR amplification rate, which is exactly what was done in January and again in May with all the “breakthrough cases”. We have reached natural herd immunity and according to Cleveland Clinic this is stronger and more effective than vaccine immunity. There is 100% no information supporting the mass vaccinations are working. Too many variables, horrible study design and by altering the PCR we ensure lower numbers. All legislators should read Bill McKibben’s book, Enough, and Torsten Engelbrect’s Virusmania so that you may truly understand what you are promoting and absurdly and illegally and unconstitutionally considering mandating for participation in the people’s house. We literally have synthetic mRNA/genetic material being injected into VT citizens and heartbreakingly our children. If so many Vermonters are historically concerned about GMO’s in our food, to the point of passing laws to label them then why would we ever consider doing this to ourselves and our children. Genetically modified corn has recombinant genetic material in it which makes a foreign protein that ruptures the stomach of the corn borer if it tries to eat it, this is exactly the same technology being used in the J and J injections. This is biotechnology. The mRNA injections are literally synthetic RNA. We have created a new base pair for RNA. This is synthetic biology, we have opened up the floodgates to alter humanity in an unimaginable way. Really we should be having conversations on the ethical and biological implications of this technology. The vaccine agenda was always part of the intended solution despite the many other tried and true nutritional and prescriptive supports available to doctors and patients. Please do some independent research and stop listening to the “experts” in the CDC and FDA, who are very simply and disturbingly representing and promoting corporate agendas. This is empire rearing its hideous head again, please see it for what it truly is. People need to step up to the plate and think critically and independently and hold onto autonomy, self-preservation, agency and civil liberties. Please do what is right for VT citizens, humanity and our children and uphold your oath to protect our civil liberties and freedoms as guaranteed by the Constitution.

      • I AGREE with Allison, we are being used as HUMAN Guinea Pigs by the Govt. What happens in 6 months or so when TRUE SIDE EFFECTS start to come out?

  10. Do these out of staters know that they do NOT own the state house??!!! We the people own the State Capital. We are the ones who pay their salary, and the bills of the Capital. They are NOT the kings of Vermont. to be honest they aren’t even VERMONTERS !!! They are trying to control us. Tell us how to live,, what to do with our health and how to live. our lives. Vermont was a good state till they moved in and now trying to make Vermont into the state they left !!!!!.

  11. Isn’t it just amazing the legislative activity of passing words on paper to take away, prohibit, or the like – injecting their restrictions to our God given rights WHILE AT THE SAME TIME – push (like drug dealers) a poison that has nothing more than a test pattern status they Guinea pig “some” into taking? You might just die, but you will be healthy when you do! Logical, of course not! Their demise is coming…


    Take a close look at this page on the CDC website. Look closely at what they plan to implement. They call it shielding. Like they call the jab a ‘vaccine’.

    Guess who they will label high risk? and guess who will be the most enthusiastic Governor to roll out these suggestions?
    from the CDC:
    What is the Shielding Approach1?
    The shielding approach aims to reduce the number of severe COVID-19 cases by limiting contact between individuals at higher risk of developing severe disease (“high-risk”) and the general population (“low-risk”). High-risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to safe or “green zones” established at the household, neighborhood, camp/sector or community level depending on the context and setting.1,2 They would have minimal contact with family members and other low-risk residents.

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