Vaccinated Vermonters get Covid at 10 times national average

High number due to robust Covid testing and reporting, officials say

By Guy Page

“Vaccine breakthrough” is the term used by public health experts to describe a vaccinated person getting Covid-19, anyway. Vermont ‘vaccine breakthrough’ rate is small – but still 10 times higher than the national average, according to statistics shared today by Health Commissioner Mark Levine.

“My caution here is don’t jump to premature conclusions,” Levine said. Vermont’s high numbers, in comparison with the other 49 states, are mostly due to our better Covid testing and reporting, he said. Other states may not be reporting ‘vaccine breakthrough’ as well as Vermont, he said. 

The CDC recently released statistics showing that nationally, 5814 cases of Covid-19 have been reported among 75 million fully vaccinated Americans, Levine said. That works out to a rate of .00007.

The CDC reported the following nationwide statistics:

  • Vaccine breakthrough infections were reported among people of all ages eligible for vaccination – with 2,622 (45%) of the reported infections were among people 60 years of age or older.
  • 3,752 (65%) of the people experiencing a breakthrough infection were female.
  • 1,695 (29%) of the vaccine breakthrough infections were reported as asymptomatic.
  • 396 (7%) people with breakthrough infections were known to be hospitalized and 74 (1%) died.

In Vermont, 120 ‘vaccine breakthrough’ cases have been reported. According to recent statistics, 174,000 Vermonters have been fully vaccinated – meaning a ‘vaccine breakthrough’ rate of .0007, or 10 times the national rate.

300,000 have received at least one shot, for a vaccine breakthrough rate of .0004, or about six times the national rate. Levine noted that vaccine breakthrough cases tend to show mild symptoms.

Commissioner Levine and Gov. Scott were asked by Vermont Daily, “how do you explain why Vermont’s ‘vaccine breakthrough’ rate is about 10 times higher than the national average?”

“We test a lot in Vermont,” Scott replied. He asked Commissioner Levine to provide more background. 

There’s going to be variable reporting around the country,” Levine said. “We may not be seeing the full picture from other states.” He added, “testing is a big part of it,” and “we have a really rich tradition of reporting.”

Scott urged Vermonters to see the big picture. There are three vaccines with 95% efficacy but that “there’s still a chance…you still could transmit or contract the virus.” But the vaccination program has successfully reduced hospitalizations and deaths, he said. 

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  1. My caution here is to LEAP to a great number of all sorts of conclusions by diving deeper in to what these shots are (ingredients), why they are (dive deeper) and why so many credible health officials with contrary viewpoints have been censored…

  2. I believe Gov. Scott misspoke. There are 2 vaccines (both mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna) that had 95% efficacy in clinical trials (closer to 90% in real world usage). The J&J vaccine did have 100% efficacy in preventing hospitalization and death in clinical trials, but its overall efficacy in preventing any disease was less than 95% (numbers I have seen range from 66-72%).

    It is still a very good vaccine (any vaccine that shows 100% protection against hospitalization and death is a very good vaccine), but its protection against any infection does not appear to be as good as the two mRNA vaccines.

    Also important to note that when the statement is made that 29% of breakthrough infections were “asymptomatic” that percent represents only people who were tested after vaccination. Some, possibly many, individuals who have been vaccinated may become infected (and remain asymptomatic) but, if they are not tested, there is no way to know they have been reinfected. This remains a very important question: do COVID vaccines protect against infection to the degree that transmission is not possible to others in the community. Only time will allow the medical and public health communities to answer that question.

  3. Americans need to come to grips again with the reality that there is danger and eventual death in simply living our lives.

    If you choose to be vaccinated – do so and know that your odds of severe illness and/or death, according to the scientific data we have been given via a variety of sources, is infinitesimally tiny. As a comparison, becoming seriously injured or dying as a result of an automobile accident, having a cardiac event, developing cancer, etc. etc. are far, far more likely.

    This paranoia that the liberal media & the Biden administration have ignited even though these vaccines are incredibly efficacious is being done with intent to, I presume, control & restrict American’s actions & mindsets. The ultimate goal? I’m not quite certain, but it certainly ain’t good! Indeed, “1984” was a fictional novel and not meant to be used as an instruction manual.

    Today along the bike path, I witness seniors still masked, tiny pre-school children (who were NEVER measurably at risk even before the vaccine) masked as they ride tricycles with their masked mothers. Please: STOP THIS!

    People are so EASILY led & the government is so easily inclined to take advantage of this, hence: a democrat-led House, Senate, & White House……the fraudulent voting doesn’t help either.

    WAKE UP “Comrades”!

  4. Phil Scott is a jackass, and I have told him this directly. His skeletal ghoul buddy Levine is just as bad, if not more malignant. The vaccine will not stop the flu, and the side effects of the vaccine can be a real killer. Oh, and the chinaflu has a 99% recovery rate, making the vaccine superfluous.

  5. A virus that has NOT been isolated ! They filled in the blanks with a computer ! Locked down healthy people ! What happened to the flu? There are no stats for that ! Faulty testing ! Spin it enough and everyone is positive ! Glad I have not paid any attention to Spineless Scott and his orders! No mask, No lockdown, Working everyday ! Imagine that ! I am still alive !

  6. The more I hear about these so Called Vaccines , the LESS I TRUST THEM. The side Affects CAN Kill you ALSO!!! I REFUSE TO GET ANY OF THEM!!

  7. Guvnot, Look it up… the hospitalizations and deaths were already going down before the vaccine came out. In other words the vaccine has nothing to do with the decrease in covid hospitalizations and death. Now there are Hospitalizations and death are being caused by adverse reactions to the jabs.