UVMMC nurse says doctors dismiss possibility of vaccine reaction

A University of Vermont Medical Center nurse with 30 years’ experience says some doctors won’t consider the possibility of Covid-19 vaccine reaction when faced with patients with inexplicable illnesses. See Stew Peters TV video from last night.

by Guy Page

A woman who said she is a UVM Medical Center nurse told popular conservative TV show host Stew Peters last night that some doctors at Vermont’s largest hospital refuse to consider the possibility of a Covid-19 vaccine reaction when faced with a patient’s inexplicable illnesses.

UVMMC – formerly Fletcher Allen – in Burlington is the state’s largest hospital.

“Sandy,’ the guest on last night’s Stew Peters Show, said she has been a nurse for 30 years. “When I started seeing in January, after the vaccines rolled out, was so alarming. For the first time we started hearing things like, ‘we didn’t know what the diagnosis was, we didn’t know why they were being admitted, we didn’t know what was causing these things. To me, the people weren’t even asked if they were being vaccinated.

“It was like the elephant in the room – hello, could this be the vaccine?,” Sandy said. “But if you even brought that to the attention of one of the doctors – and this might be the third day of we don’t know what’s going on, the labs out of whack, we’re seeing things we haven’t seen before – you were just looked at like you were crazy. Like, ‘it can’t be the vaccine, the vaccine hasn’t shown to cause any of these problems.’ Then I would say, ‘it’s experimental. How can we know it’s not the vaccine if we haven’t had any studies done on the vaccine yet?’ It was one of those things that you weren’t even allowed to talk about, or even address.”

“These are not normal cases,” Sandy said. “For the first time they’re not normal. and there’s tons coming into the hospital. To not be able to ask that question – I don’t know where that comes from. To me it’s criminal. I’d ask doctors, have you reported this to VAERS [the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System]? This is clearly something we should be reporting to VAERS. And its just, ‘there’s no indication this is cause by the vaccine.’ But good grief, the vaccination is new. It’s astounding what is happening in the hospitals. And it’s one event after the other.”

To see the entire interview, including discussion of specific examples, click on Stew Peters TV video on Rumble, or click on Twitter post below.

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  1. So they can just continue to say the vax is safe if they deny there are any adverse effects or deaths resulting? Sounds like medical malpractice to me! From what I’m seeing it’s the nurses speaking out; the docs appear to be too scared to.

  2. Perhaps doctors should simply stop reporting overdoses and then we won’t have an opioid epidemic, either. So we have all these people showing up with unknown diagnosis and out of whack labs, what is the common denominator? It is likely, according to Scott/Levine cabal, that 80% of these cases have been vaccinated. But no . . . trust them.

  3. It’s so obvious as to what is happening to the American people and people all over the world, and the medical field is complicit in this barbaric and treasonous act. As all corruption boils down to payoffs and threats, i’m sure these doctors and hospitals have been subjected to these tactics. If we have ever needed Divine intervention it is now. Our elected officials are too compromised to be of any help.

  4. The medical profession is so dependent on federal funds and political means to get permission to expand etc. that they no longer think – with the patient as a main concern. They have other priorities and masters to please.

  5. Please report on the reason for the increased number of covid deaths in hospitals (as WCAX is happy to report from today’s presser with VT’s failure of a government) — Hospitals are isolating patients who are then LEFT UNTREATED AND LEFT TO DIE. There is effective, safe, and readily available early multidrug therapy in every country in the world. What is happening is criminal.

  6. Thank you Nurse Sandy!

    The VT Marxist Regime all have Blood on their hands. All of them. This is a crime against humanity. The Nuremberg Code of 1947, just the beginning of knowing your rights.

    Here is some information for anyone that is being coerced by your employer to take the “experimental death shot”, see Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. Section 2000e and (j):

    – Prohibits many private & government employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of religion (among other things)
    – Entitles the employee to request exemption from employer’s directives that violate sincerely held religious beliefs
    – Employers must recognize legitimate requests, unless to do so would impose undue hardship for the employers
    – Religious exemption requests should be in writing and clearly tell your religious basis for accommodation (not health, medical or political)
    – It is Not Appropriate for the employer to demand that the employee have the support of a pastor, church, etc.

    It would be in the best interest of the employee who opposes taking the “experimental death shot” that is being demanded by your employer, to first seek the advice and be represented by an attorney before Signing anything or Agreeing to anything with an employer.

  7. “Sandy” should know that SHE can report to VAERS herself w/out the MD’s, anyone can, under the penalty of perjury I think as SHE IS a medical profession & can report as such..And NOW they want to JAB the KIDS? W/no published data from the vaccine Co.’s? Dr. Scott Atlas says this type of “science” by the USA is insane (Laura Ingraham last night) as injecting ANYTHING into people provokes an immune response! All this pushing makes me wonder what’s up & elections DO have consequences. We are seeing medical Fascism at work here, paging Dr. Mengele..

  8. We must become our own doctors. Then when we make that commitment the government restricts therapeutics that don’t have adverse side affects. My conclusion is that China has conducted war on the USA through the covid disease. The health care system has been co-opted by China coercing medical journals to falsify studies so VAERS claims can be discredited and physicians can have deniability. Any TV newscaster that makes millions in salary a year (all of them do) will petal Chinese propaganda to keep their jobs and salary intact. At that point truth comes down to who gets the most media time and penetrations’ to brainwash the public to commit medical suicide through EUA vaccine shots. While you get pissed off about General Milly and Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, the insurgence on the southern border and the total collapse of the dollar through inflation, China has successfully culled our military and supply chains without firing a shot. As long as Biden turns over America to the Chinese through the vaccine mandates that will eventually kill America there is no need to invade us. If we resist taking the vaccine, Biden will “allow” force to be used. I have no doubt. This is the takeover of America and I’d rather resist while I’m still healthy, than waiting and find myself unable to defend myself later.

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