Incoming frosh most qualified in UVM history

The University of Vermont, for the first time in its history, received more than 30,000 applications for undergraduate admission, leading the university to be even more selective and setting the stage for the Class of 2026 to be the highest-achieving incoming class ever, UVM officials say.

The number of applicants to UVM also hit record levels in 2021, when the university attracted 25,500 applications, 38% more than the previous year. This year, the number of applicants jumped another 19% to 30,363.

The Class of 2026 will arrive on campus with an average SAT score of 1347, average ACT score of 31, and average GPA of 3.8. It also includes the greatest number of students who identify as students of color (72 more students, 21% higher than in 2021-2022), first-generation students (296 students, making up 9% of the class), and students who come from outside of New England (182 more students, 13% higher than in 2021-2022).

The record applicant pool also allowed the university to be even more selective in its admissions decisions. As of May 2, UVM’s admission rate is 59%, the most selective rate at the university in at least 30 years.

While official statistics about the new class will not be published until a few weeks into the fall semester, many highly sought-after attributes are represented in those who have chosen UVM this year:

50% of students will come from outside of New England. To address demographic shifts, the university has worked to diversify its applicant pool by increasing applications from outside its traditional admissions territory. 46 states will be represented. Students will come from 15 other countries. 13% will identify as students of color. 9% will be first-generation college students (i.e. neither parent/guardian has a Bachelor’s degree).

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  1. Waiting for the storming and occupation of the Waterman Building after UVM announcing it will be selecting students based primarily on merit and achievement. And the cycle continues: -UVM is criticized for using up too much of Burlington’s limited and expensive rental housing…-UVM pledges to build more student housing…-UVM increases it’s enrollment…

  2. Isn’t it amazing what the prospect of student-loan forgiveness and the re-centering of SAT and ACT assessments (i.e., a lower standard to achieve the same score) does to instigate applications and artificially exaggerate qualifications?

  3. Welcome the Lake Champlain Country Club, kids! Surely UVM’s corporate leradership technocrats are thrilled. Now, let me get back to my struggle here in East Overshoe, to put food on the table, pay for my kids’ medicinces, see about getting my bald tires replaced, and see if I can figure out how to pay for my 3.4 GPA kid’s freshman year tuition at Humpdump State.

  4. A 3.8 GPA today is equivalent to a 2.5 GPA 20 years ago. The Great Snowflaking continues unabated….

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