Utilities seek double-digit electricity rate hikes due to natural gas shortage

Morrisville utility also pleads anti-blackout benefit of keeping Green River Reservoir dam open

Green River Reservoir (Morrisville Water & Light FB page photo)

MORRISTOWN — Another area utility is requesting a rate increase.

Morristown Water & Light last week filed for an 11.25 percent rate hike with the Vermont Public Utilities Commission. General manager Scott Johnstone says the increase will not go into effect until the request is granted.

Johnstone also says the utility is in the same spot as other nearby electric companies, having to cover the increased cost for purchased power, largely because of natural gas shortages.

Washington Electric Cooperative, which serves 11,000 customers in 41 towns, asked for a 14.2 percent increase. Morrisville Water & Light’s 11.25 percent increase is likely to be the highest the state would allow, and it might get approved at a lower rate.

The commission has not yet acted on any of the requests.

Embattled dam necessary to avoid gas shortage power blackouts – The natural gas shortage also makes Vermont more prone to blackouts if State demands lead to the shutdown of Morrisville Water & Light’s Green River Reservoir dam, Johnstone told his board of directors earlier this month, the December 15 News & Citizen reports. A cold snap could divert so much natural gas to heating large southern New England cities that utilities won’t have enough to make power. If that happens, Vermont will sorely need non-fossil fuel power like the Green River Reservoir dam, he said.

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources says the dam and the resulting Green River Reservoir have caused environmental damage. In addition to powering the carbon-free hydro dam, the reservoir is a popular recreational area.

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  1. Hegelian dialectics – create the problem then profit from the solution… fascist at its core…and control of choice by giving you no choice but to go along or get gone…Chinarmont…

    When are we going to wake up and smell the b.s. and stand in our right to choice to choose?

    Just because we can doesn’t mean we or they should.
    So predictable.

    • This started back with Obama and his anti-fracking bs. I had a fantastic job in environmental inspection in Wyoming/Montana until he shut down all natural gas drilling and extraction. Biden is just Obama 2.0.

  2. Just so everybody knows, THIS IS THE DEMOCRATS’ ENERGY POLICY for Vermont. All electric with no fossil fuels creating electricity. It is expensive and scarce. Brilliant!

  3. Hey biden voters, you did this to us — and Trump told everyone what would happen if the commies were elected. Hope you get to have fun choosing electricity, food, and taxes. And this is only the beginning of how bad its going to become. Spent a lifetime in power generation, so I know where this is going.

  4. So glad to see desecrating the mountain tops and plastering solar panels across once pristine fields made a considerable difference! The savings we see are unbelievable! Oh, they meant we have to wait for an undermined amount of years to see a cost differnce or actual watts of power to operate anything? Wow, that Climate council and their cohorts sure are effective and worth every siphoned, stolen dime.

  5. Hydro Quebec (HQ) …. 7 cents per kwh. BTW: HQ’s parent company also owns GMP and Vermont Gas.

    GMP is Vermont’s largest utility. Vermont Gas is the state’s only natural gas pipeline company.

    Hello PUC commissioner Margaret Cheney, wife of newly minted U. S. Senator Peter Welch. How are your campaign contributors doing? Given double digit rate increases, fairly well, I suspect.

    No conflict of interest there. Right???

    • The entire State of Vermont operates under conflicts of interest from top to bottom. Ethics is a dirty word to those in the seats of power.

  6. What we need is a Margaret Thatcher Delorean moment in Montpelier and Washington.
    The direct subsidies, quotas, regulations and hidden waste fostered by the false premise that today’s technology can supply the 80% of energy from fossil fuels.
    If the Climate council and the Legislature destroy Vermont and we all disappear – it will not have any effect on the global climate.

  7. My Christmas wish is those of you that ever voted for Peter Shumlin to disproportionally suffer the effects. For 42 years Vermont has ample, safe, clean, reliable, inexpensive power. Peter Shumlin ran a campaign of unfounded fear convincing ignorant liberals solar was the future. So what happened? Shumlin pocketed a fortune in solar incentive kickbacks, said F-U to Vermonters while he bangs the the childhood playmate of his daughters at his Caribbean compound. The message? Never underestimate how stupid liberals can be when their self esteem can be inflated.

  8. Hey morons Just keep voting in these mushrooms Liberals and this is what you get period!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Wake up Vermonters wake up period!!

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