UPDATE: third fisherman dies off shore of Grand Isle County

Since Thursday, three ice fishermen have died off Grand Isle County after falling through the ice.

Vermont State Police this evening reported the death of a 71-year-old Williamstown man who had been rescued from a UTV that broke through the ice off Grand Isle County this morning. Another man, 88, from East Montpelier, was pronounced dead at the scene. Their names have not been released.

The second death from the UTV submersion brings to three the weekly death toll of ice fishermen in icy waters off Grand Isle County. A Grand Isle ice fisherman died after being plunged into the lake Thursday.

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  1. Sad but ice is often unstable, especially in areas with currents or if winter temps have varied a great deal such as this winter. Sad too that the leftists will use their deaths to support more of their climate change propaganda. They still don’t get it; climate change has always happened and always will. But if they get their way they will have us all freezing in the dark and experiencing a new ice age due to their monkeying around with geo engineering such as releasing sulphur in the atmosphere.

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