Update on Jummai Nache: pain and prayer

by Guy Page

Many Vermont Daily Chronicle readers read with compassion and interest our first two news reports on the plight of Nigerian missionary Jummai Nache, who suffered amputation of both of her legs below the knee and parts of both hands in July following a Covid-19 vaccination required by her employer, a health clinic in Minneapolis.

Jummai and her husband Philip are Baptist missionaries who came from Nigeria to Minneapolis to minister to the large African immigrant population in the Twin Cities.

It was determined that Jummai was vaccinated as a condition of her employment in a health clinic. She was believed to be Covid-positive but asymptomatic when she received the vaccine. As her immune-system related disease progressed, the hospital’s medical director flagged her case as a possible adverse reaction to Covid-19 vaccination. A panel of CDC doctors reviewed the case but offered no decisive opinion.

Developments since our last news coverage:

  • A skin graft on her amputated legs was performed August 4.
  • The Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist organization gofundme page has raised $204,000 for the family, still well short of the $500,000 goal.
  • Over a month after the news broke on several national and international news websites, no mainstream media has covered this story, including the local Minnesota statewide press. However, there is no lack of cautionary news coverage in Vermont media about unvaccinated people being hospitalized for Covid-19. See story of Florida woman posted today on NBC5.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: FDA gives full approval to Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine “Comirnaty” for ages 16 and older

The following is the latest heartbreaking update from Philip, posted on August 10, on the gofundmepage established by the Minnesota-Wisconsin-Baptist Convention:

Philip Nache: Yesterday, August 9th was the first time the wound was opened before me for dressing since the surgery on August 4th. Seeing the wound I couldn’t contain myself and started wailing, asking them to tell us the truth about what really is going on. I have never seen a wound look like this. Previously, many doctors and nurses acknowledged Jummai’s forbearance of pain, but at this time throughout the process of the wound dressing she couldn’t stop crying to the extent that people in the hallway could hear her. The pain my wife is going through is 10 times the pain of the leg and hand amputations combined! Someone in the room said, “This is torture!” Humanly speaking it is heartbreaking and discouraging, but in the midst of both of us crying I heard a voice saying “Dear, stop crying, the Lord is healing me!” That was the voice of Jummai and I responded, “Amen!”

After the first surgery to her legs, Jummai had a blister which covered more than ½ the length of the incision of the right residual limb. The doctor explained that the muscle under that area was healthy and would heal while the dead tissue would fall off. However on Saturday 7/24 the Dr presented a different, unexpected scenario, saying that he would have to do a skin graft. He did not give a date for surgery that day but then the next morning he awakened Jummai with the urgent need for surgery on Monday 7/26. The sudden change of plan was to quickly remove dead tissue before it could have devastating effects. However, they did not have an opening for surgery until August 4th. On that day, following the surgery, the Dr. explained that they did not do a graft but instead they cleaned out the wound to promote healing from the inside. They packed the wound and are changing the dressing 3 times each week. A wound vac, as seen in the updated picture, is in place to promote healing. The Dr. will look at the wound in 4-5 weeks and is hopeful that at that time the healing will be sufficient to proceed with the graft. Jummai has been in rehab since the surgery going through therapy and wound care which is what I expressed above.

The staples have been removed from the left leg residual limb and with good circulation it is healing well. The hand surgeries went well and healing is proceeding. In spite of the left hand wounds, they were able to preserve the left wrist. On the right hand Jummai lost approximately ½ of the 3 middle fingers.

The Bible says, “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” (2 Corinthians 4:16)

Please continue to pray for us, this is another battle that we have to fight! However, we are confident in Him, “… that he who began a good work in you (us) will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:9).

The website (not the official CDC site) reports 595,620 adverse experiences to Covid-19 vaccines through August 13, including more than 13,000 deaths and 17,000 permanent disabilities. VAERS reports are ‘self-reported,’ usually by health care providers, and have not been independently confirmed by third-party medical experts.

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  1. I believe that covid is real.
    However, what is also real is the tendency to completely disallow, to “cancel”, any nuanced discussion. I took the Moderna vaccine. Now, it seems that pressure is on to obtain a “booster” vaccine.

  2. Absolutely obscene that the FDA has given full approval to this “vaccine “ when it has harmed so many.

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