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Update: Missing woman, her dog both drowned

Erika Seyfried, 36, of Brooklyn, New York, and her dog Jules are seen in this photo provided by her family and released Monday, Aug. 30 by the Vermont State Police. Both were later founded drowned in the Saxtons River in Westminster.

An autopsy performed this week on Erika Seyfried at the Vermont Chief Medical Examiner’s Office determined the cause of her death was drowning, and the manner of death was an accident.

The body of the family dog, a 7-month-old golden retriever named Jules, was found by police and family members Wednesday afternoon in the Saxtons River near the location where Erika’s body was located on Monday. Jules is presumed to have drowned.

During the search for Seyfried, members of the Vermont State Police Scuba Team located the body of a woman in the Saxtons River near the vacation home at 33 Gage St. in Westminster where she had been staying.

The Vermont State Police were notified Sunday, August 29 about a missing 36-year-old woman who was last seen at about 11 a.m. near the vacation home she was staying in while visiting Vermont with her husband.

Seyfried, was reported to have gone for a walk with her 7-month-old golden retriever and has not returned. The disappearance was reported to the Vermont State Police at about 8 p.m. Sunday.

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  1. So many holes in this story, hard to believe! I agree with Scott on the retriever, unless he was trying to save her. Where exactly on the S.R.? What about all the other players in this story? The host? The husband?

  2. Not buying this narrative. Retrievers are natural swimmers almost from day 1. I hope she has family who fights for the truth and justice.

  3. It would seem that this finding isn’t sitting well with more than a few people. Her family needs to be asking around about the possibility of any cameras in the area. Something about waiting for almost 9 hours before letting anyone know she was missing that leaves too many questions unanswered. My heart goes out to her family, they must be devastated.

  4. I lived in Bellows Falls in the 1980’s and I often took my Chesapeake Bay Retriever to Saxtons River to wade in. I never saw the river raging or with any depth or strong currents. This story leaves a lot of HOLES. Golden Retriever drowns ??? I’m not buying it. That area of Vermont has multiple “unsolved” murders. Although they were all “stabbed”, it is very suspicious. In fact, a woman named Lynda Moore was stabbed in her farm house in Saxtons River and is one of many murders NOT solved. The Vermont Police don’t have a good batting average of solving murders, or even having a high index of suspicion. I hope someone has the common sense to investigate this.

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