Unplugging the Rage Machine

Except Molly Gray, Dem leaders silent on State House vandalism

by Paul Dame

I have been thinking all weekend about what to say about the vandalism at the State House.  On one hand, I don’t want to give it more attention than it deserves, or empower that kind of behavior.  I really believe that sometimes people do something like this because it’s the only way they know to get attention, or feel like they have made an impact on something.  And yet on the other hand I worry that if we don’t stand up to condemn it today, that we may be in store for even worse in the future.

While President Biden did the right thing on Friday by pleading with his supporters to keep their protests peaceful, the problem is that today’s definition of “peaceful” can include “fiery” if you are reporting from a BLM protest.  Unfortunately, Biden’s plea was lost in the Big Blue Rage Machine that Democrats have been operating.  While Biden might be saying the right things – his party is not following his lead.

So far Molly Gray has been the only Democrat in the entire state of Vermont who has condemned what happened at the state house.  Almost every other Prominent Democrat from State Senators Becca Balint, and Kesha Ram to Congressman Peter Welch and Senator Bernie Sanders have been completely silent.  All have been quick to decry the Supreme Court’s ruling, but not this local unruliness.

While it’s disappointing to see this kind of stuff happen in Vermont, it shouldn’t be a surprise.  All over the country Democrats have been cranking up the rage machine, especially on this issue.  They have been encouraging people to hate Republicans, hate the cops, and hate judges.  When Sen. Chuck Schumer’s comment about “reaping the whirlwind” is ominously followed by a credible death threat on the life of one of the Supreme Court Judges – voters need to consider whether they want to continue to follow the kind of leadership that is followed by a cloud of uncivil activity.

At least part of the reason that over 1 Million voters have changed their registration to join the Republican Party is because the Democrats have begun to be defined by the angry mobs that follow them.  Most voters – especially Independents – don’t want mobs.  But to become a prominent figure in the Democrat party you need to have at least one display of rage, otherwise you become suspect.  It has become an incredibly bizarre phenomenon to watch countless Left-leaning voters take the time to set up their camera, record a short video of them shaking and yelling and pounding and swearing (hopefully getting it on the first take) and then log in to Instagram and share it with the world as if rage was a character trait that they were proud of.

This becomes problematic because rage is seen by Democrat voters as a measure of authenticity.  One fringe blogger from Vermont’s far left actually criticized the only Democrat in the state who has bothered to condemn the violence and suggested they downplay it, going as far as to suggest that “threats of violence and destruction of property are, if not exactly appropriate, perfectly understandable.”  As if to borrow a page from January 6th rioters the author goes on to quote Jefferson’s remark that the “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

This is not the Vermont way.  And even if Democrats have taken over our state, and this is the way they are encouraging one another to behave, Conservatives must continue to offer voters an alternative to calls for chaos and bloodshed.  Unfortunately, the early days of the Pro-Life movement were also filled with violence.  But those most extreme members who were attacking and sometimes killing abortion doctors were arrested and sent to prison.  And when the more moderate Pro-Life movement embraced the tactics of education, prayer and compassion – we saw public sentiment about abortion begin to change. 

Whether we as Republicans, Democrats or Independents are unhappy about abortion, election integrity or police misconduct we must all realize that resorting to violence and destruction only makes our problems worse, our positions weaker and our state and our people more divided.  We must condemn these acts where they occur on every side on every issue – not just when it is politically expedient.  We must all work to stop the rage machine.  The nature of our functioning democracy depends on it.

The author is an Essex Junction resident and chair of the Vermont Republican Party.

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  1. Bernie and Peter Welch only speak up if it will put money in their pockets! Vote democrats out! Especially life long politicians!

  2. This is REALLY RICH coming from you as the Chairperson of the Vermont Republican Party with it’s present silence on Life Principles!

    Is it your intention to point out and rant about Democrats and others, so hopefully people won’t pay attention to the actions or in-actions of the Vermont State Republican Party?

    You say, “Voters need to consider whether they want to continue to follow the kind of leadership that is followed by a cloud of uncivil activity.” Likewise, I believe Vermont Republicans need to consider whether they want to continue to be complicit and follow the kind of leadership that won’t STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT FOR the murder of defenseless, vulnerable human babies in the name of being an inclusive, “Party of the Big Tent.”

    As the Chairperson of the Vermont State Republican Party, do you think your silence on the proposed Abortion Abomination Amendment to our State Constitution has fueled any anger, rage or distrust?

    Do you think your enabling and support of existing elected Vermont Republicans (RHINOS) who have approved and voted for adding the Abortion Abomination Amendment to our State Constitution has fueled any anger, rage or distrust?



  3. I STOPPED reading after this man gave Biden credit.

    The ONLY thing Biden deserves credit for is turning America into Amerika & ignoring violence, high crime, fentanyl pouring in & killing people, propaganda, out & out lies, an unconstitutional, unlawful wide open borders, extremist policies…etc., etc.

    And Mr. Dame didn’t like President Trump because…….?

  4. Any official who has not condemned this attach not only the capital, but the rule of law is unfit for office. The complete breakdown of our law enforcement and judicial support of the actual law reminds me of how Mussolini and Hitler took control of their countries in my youth.

  5. Does all this mean that while an enraged left is destroying property, attacking pro-life supporters with the help of a supportive media controlled by the left, conservatives are to turn the other check? We have a governor who has done nothing to support the republican party and member Reps. and Senators who vote with the progressives and admit that they voted for Joe Biden. Anyone over 50 should know that he is a dunce, a criminal and a lousy person with a criminal son. But our republicans voted for him and the destruction of the United States. That should tell you all you need to know about their ability at critical thinking and judgement and what those actions do to hurt the republican party.

    I would bet that most of these enraged liberals are products of a failed educational system. I don’t believe that these people have ever read or seen the inside text of our state or federal constitution. It appears that leftist rage is a byproduct of a miserable person, a way to express anger due to their inability to make it in society so they use this and other trigger points to strike out, to destroy property and harm others.

    But our problems are republicans who have either lost their way or were never republicans to begin with. We know the Left is not going to change its tactics and they will lie, cheat and steel elections because the end justifies the means. As I see it, why should I vote for a republican who votes with progressives? I think you are in a catch 22 situation. Either you get tough with RINOs or lose real republican votes. When you have republicans pandering to leftists for votes our party dies and progressives win. I am personally done with squishy republicans who turn their backs on the people who vote for republicans. Personally, I think if these RINOs wish to be democrat/progressives you and the party should show them the door!
    Until someone has the guts to make these changes, the uniparty will continue to steel our freedoms, destroy our constitution, erase our customs and force people to leave. We must reject RINOs for the future health of Vermont.

  6. There appears to be enough rage on both sides. I guess the attack on the Capitol isn’t a sign of rage?? The extreme left and extreme right seems to me to be where all the rage is.

      • There are neo-Nazis, etc. They are termed the “extreme Right. They might just as easily be placed into another category. They are violent and bigoted, racist, even murderous. Proud Boys, despite the false propaganda, aren’t part of that. Generally, the damage comes from Antifa and their supporters.

      • The Nazis were socialist but not of the communist types. Very few neo-Nazis operating in the USA. The National Socialist Worker’s Party as they were formed.

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