Underage drinking party at lawmaker’s home

The Vermont State Police is investigating an underage drinking party that occurred late Friday, March 17, at a private residence at 181 Windswept Lane in Charlotte, the home of Rep. Chea Waters Evans (D-Charlotte). 

Rep. Chea Waters Evans

Following reports to VSP regarding the party late Friday night, troopers responded at about 12:45 a.m. Saturday, March 18, and found multiple juveniles on the property. Several of the juveniles were intoxicated, and troopers issued diversion paperwork for consumption of alcohol by a minor. 

The investigation into this incident is ongoing, and no further information is available at this time, police say. Evans responded to an email inquiry from VDC: “I fully cooperated with all questions from the Vermont State Police and will do so should the need arise in the future. The other matter is between those juveniles and their families.”

Rep. Waters Evans is a first-term lawmaker for Charlotte and Hinesburg and a member of the House Government Operations and Military Affairs Committee. She was a reporter, copyeditor, and editor at The Citizen, the Shelburne News, and the Charlotte News before founding her own online paper, The Charlotte Bridge.

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  1. Let’s guess: The democrats believe all age restrictions on purchase/use of alcohol ought to be abolished as well; that way, as but one example, minors can engage in legalized prostitution under more “comfortable” circumstances. It’s so odd, I definitely channel this “lawlessness” vibe from democrats. I’m kind of a medium, I guess.

  2. BTW, I just so appreciate having multimillionaires in the VT state legislature who reside in lily-white conclaves dictate to me where & how I should be living my life in order that I might aspire to be as “virtuous” as are they. Yeah.

  3. Being from this glorious area of VT, I get to deal with these hypocrites on a daily basis.

    Trust me when I say old Shea represents the pinnacle of VT progressive woke hypocrisy. She’ll get a medal for hosting the drinking party….not a slap.

  4. One of the cool parents! Sad she’s still seeking that acceptance she could never find in high school.

  5. We can be sure that Chea will never be prosecuted for the drinking teenagers. We just don’t understand the two tier justice system that we have here in Vermont. Their are those with privilege and then the common folk.

  6. She needs to step down!!! Get a petition together and removed her. She is not a good role model or Vermonter for that matter!!

  7. First off how did she vote regarding the ban of minors marrying? No roll call vote, so we don’t know. This goes to show there is not a two tiered system this is a totalitarian system they win…we lose. One system.

  8. isn’t age restrictions for smoking and drinking discriminatory because it’s possible that minorities may be affected by it the most? we need a study done immediately.

  9. My view point from three quarters from a century here and ignorant as I am: There should be no such thing as underage drinking, this is a matter between the parent and child. It is a dumb law, there are many people that should not be allowed to drink not just those under 21. Too many laws.

  10. I LOVE how she “fully cooperated with the police”. The question remains: Why didn’t she fully cooperate with the LAW beforehand?

  11. Simply a means to secure the “16 year old” voter block the Left needs because the “dead” vote is getting purged off the voter rolls. Were they handed pre-printed, mail-in ballots for 2024?

  12. Lots of questions:

    – Was she home?
    – Who contacted police and why?
    – Were there any adults present?
    – How many juveniles?
    – What ages?
    – Where did the alcohol come from?
    – Were any juveniles so intoxicated they needed medical attention?
    – What was the “other” thing she stated in her comment, as reported by news sources.

    If she had commented that she was away and her son/daughter had a party, I would have not thought much of it, but it seems to me that there’s more to the story.

    As a public elected representative, she should be completely forthcoming and transparent, but because she is a politician, she will likely try to minimize the damage!

  13. I wonder how she would responded if one of those kids pulled out a gun and started shooting, or one of them decided to give a friend a ride home. He is a big deal and has his Dad’s car for the night. But they didn’t get home, because they plowed into another car and they are both DOA. JUST how Lady, do you pretend to represent the people of your community, when you know this type of thing is going on in your house. YOU DON”T, so resign and get out of making laws for someone else to do but not you. .

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