Tynio: Dame to blame for Madden fiasco, but it’s time to move on

To the editor:

Since the Primary I have received countless requests from Vermonters to find a solution to the disastrous result of the Republican House race. After investigating and seeking counsel the conclusion is that there is no further recourse for us in this election. Unfortunately Liam Madden has reneged on his promise to run as Independent in the general election. I always doubted that he intended to keep his word to the voters and since he never filed the necessary paperwork to do so that doubt was validated. 

Anya Tynio

Time has shown that I was the only Republican running in this race and anyone with all the facts would know that I most certainly had a right to run as a Republican. Therefore I disagree with the implication by Paul Dame that I hold some level of blame for this outcome. In reality Paul Dame failed to inform voters of candidate deception, opting instead to underestimate the consequences of Madden’s bid for office. He has now publicly blamed me and Ericka Redic for his failure, a narrative being perpetuated by media outlets on both the left and right. Chairman Dame had a responsibility to the Republicans in this state which was not upheld. We need to be following the example of the National Republican Party, who steadfastly uphold conservative values and unite to promote conservative candidates. This resulted in a sweeping win across America, with the exception of Vermont. 

As much as I wish to continue fighting the hijacking of our Republican election by an Independent, I will instead turn my energy to promoting conservative candidates and speaking out against the socialist politics of this state.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me and supported my campaign. For your sake I wish the outcome had been different.

God bless you all,

Anya Tynio 

The author finished third in last week’s primary GOP nomination election for U.S. House.

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  1. I agree with Anya about the oversight of the Vt. GOP, esp. Dame. Madden never should have been allowed on the R Ballot. Doesn’t the SOS office have some responsibility with this as well?

    • If a candidate gets the required signature they have a right to be on the ballot. Unfortunate maybe but still the law.

  2. Well stated Anya Tynio. Paul Dame is purposely disassembling the VT GOP. I witnessed it in person in South Burlington on April 30.
    I wish you and Ericka had run head to head, I truly believe you would been the victor. Thank you and keep up the conservative fight!
    God bless

  3. Frankly, Anya and Ericka ended up splitting the vote. I’d say it should have been realized that Liam was going to have an actual effect but that really was not the belief. This is either failed leadership via a failed understanding of the party’s voters or there’s something nefarious going on.

    It’s curious how he was able to garnish that many votes. Anyone hearing him speak knows that he’s not a Republican and doesn’t offer real solutions. The only thing that can really be said for him is that he’s not a Republican and so maybe that’s what the voters voted for?

    If so that should tell you where the parties really at, and at the same time explains the likes of Phil Scott and Joe Benning.

    If not it should tell you that either there are that many Democrats voting in the Republican primary or the Republican voters are primarily ill informed, and just saw an R next to a military man and decided to vote for him.

    If this is what you as a voter did, you should reevaluate your strategy and actually take the time to understand what each candidate stands for. Simply reading his web page would have been enough for you to understand you were electing another progressive in this case one who likes to supply sexual energy to plants whatever that actually entails.

    In the end we have a three-way race, a progressive, another progressive, and a libertarian who’s generally more constitutional and conservative than your average GOP candidate.

    Which way will you vote?

  4. Paul Dame is a disgrace and should step down as Chairman of the VT Republicans.
    Getting rid of RINOS and socialists in the Republican party. That’s what Anya should be fighting for.

  5. The congressional race was never in play like the Senate race. Let’s face it, Tynio and Redic are nice people, but not top tier candidates. Most VTGOP voters I interact with had never heard of Tynio. Despite, her being a marketing professional. You can’t blame the party or Dame for this.

    Tynio never struck me a person who could collaborate with people and solve tough problems. Sure, she had the party talking point down, but couldn’t go into any greater depth on most topics.
    She represents the VTGOP of the past. Vermont Republicans need to find top tier candidates, that can represent most VT Republicans and Vermonters as a whole.

    Our candidates are lacking, their campaigns are lacking, their messages are lacking, the party’s infrastructure is lacking.

    By the way, Malloy doesn’t stand a chance. He needs to put as much distance as he can between himself, Tynio, Sexton, and the Chittenden County Republicans.
    I’ve heard some refer to him as a carpet bagger, but I’m not sure that is the case.

  6. Seems to me, Ericka Redic couldn’t dump the Republican Party fast enough to join the Libertarians as soon as she couldn’t garner enough support.

    However, Paul Dame had no choice but to let Liam run in the Republican Primary. Vermont law gives Liam that right. Primaries should be closed to all but party members. It is no business of the Democrats who runs as a Republican, but that certainly isn’t Dame’s fault.

    • What choice did Ericka have to run if not by the Libertarian party?

      Do you not get that she did that to offer us another choice beyond a progressive?

      Sometimes I think the conservatives in this state would bite off their own foot just to say that they are disabled.

      • Is there a progressive in the race? If you don’t want to run as a Republcian, then don’t. If you do want to run as a Republican, then do. But don’t abandon them when the rules don’t go your way. The rules in Vermont are terrible, but there they are. We either support Indepenents, or we don’t.

      • I’m pretty sure that Ericka would have stepped down and taken the loss had the loss been deserved but since there was foul play involved, again I think she’s giving you an option that you would otherwise not have thanks to her perseverance and the willingness of the libertarian party.

        You make a good point though the progressive sure seem to have taken over the Democrat party at the very least by their ideals (it’s hard to compete against free stuff). Maybe in Vermont the libertarian party should attempt to do the same to the Republican party.

        Keep gnawing on that foot.

    • As a republican primary voter, I had seen in the news that Madden was running as an independent. Since, independent in not a party in Vermont, it was assumed by many that he was running in the general election as an independent which would not require a primary because independent is not a party. When I went to vote and was handed 3 ballots, I took the republican ballot. The other two were Democrat and Progressive. When I saw Madden’s name on the republican ballot listed number one with independent after his name, I was thinking this isn’t right. If he was running for the republican nomination, I would think that his voter petitions with required number of signatures would say that he was seeking the republican nomination in the primary. If his petitions say running as an independent, how was he placed on the republican primary ballot where republicans choose their candidate? Something is wrong here and it stinks. Perhaps a redo without Madden should be called for and he can run an independent campaign for November 8. He is not a republican and his inclusion on the November ballot as a republican should not be allowed.

  7. Perhaps the reality is the entire system is corrupted and it’s run by corrupted, compromised criminals. Vermont is one State out of 50 and all 50 have issues of corruption. A congressional seat is important because it is the only one we have and look at what they done! Yet, the populace in the State is distracted and shell-shocked from 2+ years of gaslighting and fear-mongering by the same corrupted system. Now, most have to think about what is going on with their children’s education or how to manage putting food on the table while keeping a roof over their head. Word is there will be no November election. I hope God’s hand moves swiftly and directly upon the evil that has a grip upon our State and Nation. People need to wake up and realize what is truly going on. It is sick and it is evil.

    • That’s what you get when you allow communists in your party ! Even the Libertarian party is lousy with them. The Libertarian party allows a socialist caucus. Shameful ! I look to Eugene McCarthy and Roy Cohn as leaders here. Them and the good old John Birch Society told us the truth. Even Eisenhower was a commie dupe.

  8. I suppose that clever Dems could vote in the Rep primary to vote against Nolan who they may have feared most, hence, a Malloy landslide. A win by Madden would then be consistent.

    • Indeed. That was exactly what happened with Nolan, and we have ZERO chance of winning the US Senate spot.

      • Nolan winning the primary would not have been a victory for the GOP, either: she’s pro-abortion, pro- federal red flag laws, climate change, and marriage equality.

  9. Gov Scott, is to blame for the failure of the Republican party in Vermont. The good ol boys club wants to keep their seats without doing the work. They are career politicians to the core and lack the integrity and courage needed as leaders in public service. Scott, needs to lose, and new leadership needs to take the helm! There is no difference between Republican and Democrat politicians in Vermont, thus, no accountability to help Vermonters select the right leadership. Scott may be a Republican on the ballot, but he is a Federalist at heart. I’m voting Democrat as a conservative this year. He’s got to lose his seat in Vermont office.

  10. I agree 100% that Anya was the only republican in the primary on the republican ticket for the office of congress to washington DC.

    How disgraceful it was to claim Anya was not a team player when she was really the only member of the team.

    I’m sure if people had taken more time to speak directly to the candidates that they could have made a much better choice in this election.

    We need god-fearing people who love our country to represent us in political office.

    We continue to vote for governor Scott in spite of the fact he slapped every republican in the face for the past few years and the ultimate disgrace is when he admitted he voted for Biden ….and republicans continue to vote for him.

    And now we have senator Joe Benning who is running for lieutenant governor in the state of Vermont.

    I know that he will be pushed by every gun group because of his record of voting against any gun laws in the state of Vermont. However he destroys us on every other front and sides with the socialist side of the aisle and feeds their fire as much as he possibly can. However Joe doesn’t say a peep and marches in step with governor Scott when governor Scott calls for gun control across the country…. Joe benning’s silence speaks loudly and clearly as to where he stands and it’s not with us.

    We have so many candidates in the republican party that have denounced Donald Trump and they should hang their heads in shame.

    So is this gentleman madden any worse than any of the politicians we currently have serving that are expecting us to vote for them again?

    And now we have erica who jumped ship on the republican party, she was only using the republican party to try to attain her goals to get to congress. Now she’s a happy libertarian using them as a stepping stone to attempt to reach her ultimate goal.

    However I have to question if erica should even be considered a choice to be sent to the congress of the united states of America to represent the people of Vermont and America properly. Remember whatever the people in washington DC do has an effect across the country.

    Just by her latest move she has shown us that she does not have the backbone to stick by what she claimed to be the party she loved and would serve properly. She turned her back on the republican party and I don’t see how anyone that values our party can support her.

    This tactic should scare everyone away from her.

    She proclaims to be a Donald Trump supporter by stating that she voted for him. In speaking with her she can’t wait to tear the man to shreds.

    She claims to be transparent and willing to listen to the truth but she blocks you if you try to speak it. I have approached her with several questions on media that she refused to answer. Why?

    if erica wants to represent us in office and represent us properly she should be willing to answer any questions we asked and do it with respect. We do not need another candidate who uses all the words we want to hear when she’s in front of an audience but says completely different things in private.

    I was amazed that she would lash out at a gentleman on a post because he quoted her from a WCAX article. Not only did she call the gentleman a liar she denied she ever said the quote… She went on to do it a couple of times being belligerent to the gentleman who dared question her.

    And when the article from WCAX was made public she continued her attack..

    So now we have made a selection in the republican party for madden to represent us.

    Was he my choice? No he wasn’t? Was erica my choice? No she wasn’t.

    And my choices were based on what I heard from the candidates and what I read about them and their interactions with the public.

    Anya was my choice because she would represent us properly in the state of Vermont and across the country and she has the demeanor to do it and she believes in our constitution and what is right for America.

    So here we are still in the dark about who we will send to washington DC to represent us.

    We had an election and we made a choice and obviously many people thought it was the right choice.

    Based on the voting results we know there are people who are going to vote for this gentleman to become the next congressman.

    My personal feeling is instead of denouncing this young man and tossing him by the wayside along with everyone that voted for him…. Paul dame and the rest of the republicans should be sitting with this young man and educating him about our party and our goals…

    Is the republican party that flimsy that they won’t stand hind the candidate they elected?

    At what point will vermonters wake up?

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