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Two state troopers placed on paid leave

Two state troopers are on paid leave, the reason(s) unstated by the Vermont Dept. of Public Safety due to “confidentiality requirements,” a DPS spokesperson said today.

However, media reports have linked the ‘relief from duty’ of state troopers Nathan Jensen and Nathan Greco to alleged racist, sexist comments made during an off-duty party. Without naming the troopers, the incident was reported by Dept. of Public Safety Commissioner Jen Morrison February 9: “At 10:06 a.m. Monday, Feb. 6, Vermont State Sen. Nader Hashim received an email from a third party who provided information from an anonymous source that a group of unnamed Vermont State Police troopers had used racist, misogynistic and otherwise offensive language while playing an online game when they were off duty.”

When asked by VDC for the names of the two state troopers suspended by Morrison following her investigation of the incident described above, DPS spokesperson Adam Silverman responded this morning:

“I can confirm that Commissioner Morrison placed two troopers from the Westminster Barracks on paid relief-from-duty status effective Feb. 15. They are Troopers Nathan Jensen and Nathan Greco. The Department of Public Safety, due to strict confidentiality requirements regarding matters of this nature, is unable to provide further information, including the reason for the leave.” – Editor

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  1. It’s so sad the DEI religion’s sacrificial lambs are those who protect and serve. Their high priests have no forgiveness in their hearts; just like the Pharisees of old who would stone a woman to death for her transgressions while ignoring their own. Would that they’d see the writing in the sand.

  2. Sorry for the troopers but happy they will not have enough officer to enforce all the stupid laws they’re passing. They will be too busy battling the enemies of woke than catch real criminals.

  3. “Hashim received an email from a third party who provided information from an anonymous source…”

    For the average lefty, this is all that’s required, and when they’re done with the cops, they’ll come for us.

    After that they turn on each other for matters of wrongspeak.

  4. Asinine woke crap. Ever hear a bunch of blacks talk about whites and Asians? And how many times have you heard blacks use the “N” word? You will probably hear it in every black rap-crap “song”. And as for misogyny, no one hates and abuses women more than the democrats in Montpelier.

  5. “Offensive language”, and while off duty…sounds like something that would be a big deal in an Orwell novel about a dystopian society after the prohibition of free speech.
    I never could understand the assumption that just because a peace officer harbors a bias (as we all do), that it will affect how they treat a member of the public. Can a trooper be a fan of a particular football team, and not take it out on a motorist whose car displays a logo of the rival team? If the trooper rides a Harley in his off hours, can we assume he will harbor a grudge against those riding a riceburner bike? There is no more reason to believe that said trooper would target someone because they are female or Black. And who exactly is deciding what constitutes “offensive speech” that may indicate an actionable bias anyhow? Police officers take an oath to uphold the Constitution, and most of us aren’t required to do that as part of our occupation.
    Keep harassing the police over their personal jokes and quips and see if we have any left.

  6. At this point, any law enforcement officer in Vermont should have a solid case of a forced “hostile work environment” and workplace harrassment above and beyond their normal job descriptions. The work around to defunding the police is to ride officers like rented mules until they conform to politically charged ideology, treat criminals like cream puffs, or be removed from duty by force or voluntary resignation. Big brother is watching, listening, and holding a large hammer over all our heads.

  7. The new Vermont Gestapo at work destroying our country and our rights to make fools of ourselves.

  8. Bert, you’re confused. These officers have a right to say and think whatever they like – and no one has suggested that they broke any laws. But the constitution does not grant them any right to keep their jobs.

    I think we need to pay police officers more and provide more education and training – if these officers are typical it appears that we’re hiring from the bottom of the barrel and need to do better.

    • We don’t even know what they said. All it takes to lose your job these days is to acknowledge common sense biology or mention the very obvious violent crime demographics. It’s literally an e-mail accusation by a “third party,” of an allegation by an “anonymous source,” and you’ve already decided that they’re the “bottom of the barrel.” I would expect that this will turn out to be the usual woke, hysterical nonsense that costs people their livelihood, but we don’t in fact, one way or the other, know yet.