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Truck stuck in Smugglers Notch (again)

Driver cited for violation of ‘Notch law’

Sunday at 2:30 pm, State Police received a call of a tractor trailer unit stuck at Smuggler’s Notch on route 108 in the town of Cambridge. The operator of vehicle, Kyle Shepherd, ignored and passed several clearly posted signs advising that tractor trailer units are not permitted.

Police say Shepherd stated he observed the signs but decided to continue. After several attempts, Shepherd was unable to clear the turn due to the length of the trailer. Shepherd then unhitched the trailer at its location causing a complete block or the road.

Troopers contacted a tow service to remove the trailer and reopen the road at approximately 1840 hours. Troopers issued the operator a ticket, with a fine of $2,347 (2) points for being in violation of this state law: Commercial Motor Vehicle Prohibited on Smugglers Notch (Impeding the flow of traffic).

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  1. I have long opined that the signs should say, ” Tractor trailers WILL NOT FIT through this stretch of highway”, or something to that affect. However, I’m sure some would still take it as a personal challenge 😉

  2. A similar thing happens in my town where trucks constantly ignore the height limitation on the covered bridge and several times per year do significant damage to the structure. Recently the town passed a law which fines the DRIVER of the truck, as opposed to the trucking company, $2,000 for such a violation.

    • Should also fine the trucking company, and possibly prohibit them for a year or so. Companies require drivers to use shortest route and monitor gps tracking to hold drivers to account. Both should be seriously fined, as well as putting their commerce in jeopardy. 2 points is nothing and probably doesn’t get anyone’s attention

  3. should be both. The driver is fined, and perhaps CDL suspended in the State of VT and also fine the Trucking company – many of which use GPS monitoring to hold the driver to account for the shortest route. Any truck stuck in the notch should be banned from Vermont Roadways for at least a year – second offense banned for life.

  4. I am not at all sure of the geology of the site, but it begs the question of why a short couldn’t be constructed that would get around those precarious switchbacks.

    • Piles of huge boulders on sometimes single lane switchbacks through a mountain pass which is closed in winter.. Ain’t happening 😉

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