Truck #4 stuck in Notch

For at least the fourth time this year, a tractor-trailer was stuck in the hairpin turns of scenic Smugglers Notch. It happened on a sunny afternoon near the end of the foliage season, when travel through the Notch is especially popular.

On Tuesday October 25, at about 2:42 pm, state troopers responded to a call of a tractor trailer unit stuck at Smuggler’s Notch on route 108 in Cambridge.

Operator Kevin Foster passed several clearly posted signs advising that tractor trailer units are not permitted before stopping near the peak. Troopers and DMV Police were able to safely guide the operator back towards the Stowe side. Foster was fined $1192.

It was discovered that Foster had an active cite-and-release warrant for possession of cocaine. Foster was cited to appear in court in Rutland Wednesday.

VT Route 108 was closed for several hours until the tractor-trailer could be removed from the roadway. The Vermont State Police was assisted on scene by the Stowe Police Department and Department of Motor Vehicles.

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  1. The legend continues and the challenge remains …who will be the first to maneuver a 53 footer through the notch? After so many failures, those who persist in this epic test of trucker prowess know they need an edge, maybe a few good lines of peruvian marching powder off the dashboard? But for naught, this twisty road pass, the double-dog-dare, mystery inside a riddle wrapped in an enigma still defies achievement.

  2. A $25K fine ought to do the trick + suspension of license. Post that and see how many are willing to roll the dice…

  3. Simple. Add an arch over the entrance that no tractor trailer can clear but that is decorative and welcoming to other vehicles. If they can’t get in, they won’t get stuck. The AOT has somehow failed to use this logic that is deployed in several other states but would rather close the Notch for hours and tie up police services.

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