Transgender shield bill goes to Senate vote this week

Editor’s note: S.37 is scheduled to be voted on Tuesday morning by the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. If approved, it will likely return to the Senate floor this week.

by Renee McGuinness

S.37 proposes to:

  1. Require insurance companies to fully fund (no copays or deductibles) exclusively gender-affirming care, making gender-affirming care a priority over all other types of medical care, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.
  1. Requires Vermonters to pay for gender-affirming services that Federal Medicaid will not cover.
  1. Shields practitioners of gender-affirming care in Vermont from increases in malpractice premiums, at a time when:

Last year, legislators claimed Article 22, the reproductive liberty amendment to the State Constitution, would keep government out of decision-making between patients and their doctors.

This year, S.37 codifies exclusively gender-affirming care for minors on pages 2 and 3, usurping parents’ rights and responsibilities to guide their children’s medical care, and leaving minors unprotected.

Please call your Senator(s) and ask them to vote “No” on S.37: share your personal reasons why, as a parent, grandparent, and citizen of Vermont, you oppose S.37.

You can find your senator(s) by town here.

Please forward this email to like-minded friends and family members and ask them to join the VFA email contact list.

Vermont Family Alliance is a parental rights and minor protections advocacy group. The author is a Monkton resident.

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  1. Perhaps this accounts for the suicide rate in Vermont being incredible high relative to the other States.

  2. This bill is just as stupid as federal bill H.R.5546 – The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. H.R. 5546 removed liability from manufactures of vaccines on the childhood schedule giving them free reign to profit from poorly studied vaccines in ever increasing number that get approved by a compromised FDA and CDC.
    This group of VT legislators have proven themselves subject to every extreme fad circulating in today’s culture, with no understanding of the consequences of their ill conceived bills. They behave like school yard bullies who want to rule their playground. Unfortunately their playground is the state of Vermont.

  3. Vermonters go broke trying to pay for their share of necessary treatment for cancer, strokes, heart attacks, MS and other serious diseases and Medicare recipients have to pay 20% of all of their medical bills yet we’re going to be expected to pay 100% of the cost for mentally ill people to have perfectly healthy body parts removed and to be treated with hormones that are found in the opposite sex? Will the last sane Vermonter please turn off the lights when you leave.

  4. I am convinced that this legislature is engaging in criminal activities and actually wants to hurt me and others like me living here in Vermont. Both their language AND actions say the wish to punish me for what I am. Well, to all you progressive lurkers out there, prove to me that you are not acting this way. You can’t. 25 years of legislative history prove that your activities have been designed to punish me. Even though I can prove it, you will ignore it because you WANT to hurt me. You have made me and many others your enemy. You can be so proud of your accomplishments.

    • Oh and BTW, I use my real name here. I am in the book. Those of you in the legislature who wish to hurt me can call me and explain why. Do any of you have the guts to do that ? I doubt it. You are not interested in the truth. You’re all cowards !

  5. Is there a venue to impeach these fools? Apparently the flatlanders were correct in their belief that Vermonters are too stupid to govern themselves!

  6. I’m thinking that the legislature is intent on Vermont becoming a “destination “ for those seeking abortions at any stage in the pregnancy and now “free” sex change operations, much like it drew in those attracted by civil unions and then gay marriage. And of course pot stores on every Main Street.

    • Not too far a stretch after just openly giving money away to move here…

  7. I was wrong.
    I have been saying the marxists and transrepublicans are doing these things because they don’t care.
    I had an epiphany this morning. It is far worse than not caring.
    They want death and destruction. They want Babies destroyed and children chemically, physically, psychologically and sexually destroyed.
    Making them unable to reproduce is the first step to destroying future generations. They want elderly, poor, mentally and physically disabled people to end their lives. They are mailing out abortion pills to anyone that requests one. ( which can also injure and kill Women and Girls ) They are fighting to prevent you from having the choice to go to a Pregnancy Center that actually provides life giving care.
    They voted to protect anyone involved in the destruction of babies, children and vulnerable people. They have innocent blood on their hands.
    Pat Brennan, Christopher Mattos, Michael Morgan and Chris Taylor I am calling you out.
    Each of you have betrayed Conservative Vermonters and the VTGOP Platform. You have chosen to side with the other 20 transrepublicans and the marxists in the legislature that voted to protect satan’s pawns.
    You chose to support those who destroy life and the most innocent.
    Since you voted to take innocent children from their parents regardless of their wishes, put your children and Grandchildren on the front line. You voted to protect evil, sacrifice yours first.
    They care about one thing though, they care enough to put evil before good.
    They care enough to vote for the death and destruction of the most innocent.
    The silence from VTGOP Chair Dame and Rules Committee Chair Koch prove the VTGOP Platform is meaningless.

    Those I named ” represent ” Chittenden, Grand Isle and Franklin Counties.