Trans advocates make news coverage demands

By Guy Page
Last week, WCAX took the extraordinary step of pulling from its website a late September news story about a transgender student asked by female students to leave a girls’ locker room. In an even more uncommon move, the state’s leading television news organization then announced it would issue a public statement acknowledging the harm caused to transgender youth by the news story.

According to transgender advocacy group Outright Vermont, the statement has aired on the evening news. It was read by station manager Jay Barton.

It wasn’t enough of a mea culpa for Outright Vermont. A statement issued by the group said WCAX “must do better,” because Barton “did not explain WCAX’s own failures.”

No video link of the story was found on the WCAX website during a VDC search this morning. VDC has reached out to news director Roger Garrity for a copy and/or video link of the statement.

The Outright Vermont statement (below) includes a link to a video website that does not appear to connect to the story as indicated:

“WCAX Station Manager Jay Barton went on air last night with a statement (watch here at the 15:13 mark) addressing the removal of their September 28th, 2022 story “Randolph High School investigating gender locker room dispute.” But much like the original story, the statement failed to provide a fully accurate account.

“Barton acknowledged it’s not acceptable to bully teens, and that WCAX removed the story from its website when it was used to further target and bully real people, causing them to fear for their safety.

“Barton did not explain how WCAX’s own failures contributed to the unsafe environment. The story featured baseless claims, unchallenged. WCAX did not include an LGBTQ+ advocate who could provide key context about the challenges of vulnerable teens……

As reported last week by the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal, girls on the Randolph Union High School girls volleyball team told WCAX they objected when a clothed biological male teammate watched them undress. School officials responded by investigating them for bullying.

No mainstream media reported on the girls’ concerns, and instead focused on the protests of the transgender student and his mother. Most statewide media did not cover the story at all.

Garrity last week told VDC the news story was factually accurate, and revealed a weakness in state policy regarding transgender students.

For its part, Outright Vermont said the incident sends a message to all Vermont media: “We need our stories to be told, accurately, and with our voices meaningfully represented. Anything else is disastrous. Just ask WCAX.”

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  1. What is most perplexing – Why does WCAX and others of their ilk cave to the likes of Outright Vermont? Can anyone help me with this? This story provides yet another reason to ignore WCAX. My source for Vermont news is Vermont Daily Chronicle.

  2. Oh it wasn’t bullying by the news media and LGBQ community of the girls that were ostracized and forced to change in a single stall bathroom so a single student could be voyeur.

  3. BOTH sides need to be told. It also needs to be addressed if the Trans has followed all the ‘state/federal’ guidelines to be considered a Trans in the school. I doubt I stated that correctly, however a parent did and quoted the ‘law’. She (the parent) quoted how in order to be on a team etc. one would need to have met certain guidelines. I understand HIPPA rights, etc. What I find very odd about this entire story, is the Trans went into a stall to change, then made the ‘choice’ to ‘watch’ the girls change. I find that behavior odd. Why just not leave the locker room, why hang around? Just a thought.

  4. Remember… first (1) they demand destigmatization. Then (2) they demand affirmation. Then (3) they demand acceptance. Then (4) they demand that you participate.

    We are at stage (4) with queer theory in schools where children and forced to participate in the fantasy and sexual perversion of the school administration and activists.

    Full-blown pedophilia is somewhere between stage (1) and (2) but will rapidly reach stage (4) due to its piggybacking on queer theory via autogynephilia / “drag queens.”

    Be careful out there, and protect your children from this evil at all costs.

    (I do not blame the “trans” children in any of this fiasco. They are every bit as much victims as the cis children.)

    • Yes, victims on both sides. However I appreciate the girls posting their account of what happened.

    • Bullseye!
      It’s not the boys fault. It’s sjw adults that pushed this on him.

    • There is no need to designate anyone as “Cis”, nor did any of us ask to be called that.
      I understand where the prefix comes from in science, but let’s not pretend like we’re concerned with that now anyway.
      Why force that label on 99% of the population?
      In statistical science we just use the designation “normal” and that’s perfectly fine here too.
      There’s no special designation when the majority of people do not score as “geniuses” on an IQ test, so why is there here?

  5. The trans rights influence at Vermont Digger has reached parody status. They had news story cover picture of Christopher Felker last week holding a sign at a Outright Vermont event which read:

    Adult Human Female

    That’s the definition Digger and our other media hyenas call “TRANSPHOBIC”. Those who questions their premise is labeled a hate group. It’s so predicable and boring at this point. Shame on WCAX for caving, they can go cower in the corner with their cohorts.

    • With all due respect, even though i like you, let Vermonters decide what goes on in Vermont. NYC has more than enough events for you to get involved in. Many of us are tired of people coming from NY, CT and Mass and ruining our politics here.

    • Meanwhile countless people vilify Fox News as automatically wrong about everything.

  6. So, are we at the point where the supposedly canceled ‘Ministry of Truth’, (officially ‘the Disinformation Board” or its replacement) now has to approve every news report to make sure the reports comply with their standards, their point of view and their propaganda? No one in state or federal government is offering any pushback? Is Outright Vermont part of the governor’s cabinet, or overseeing legislation? Instead of acceptance, this sounds more like ‘we will give you permission to speak AND tell you what you can say.’

  7. No Surprise. WCAX and the other Media outlets in Vermont all bow down to Marxists. These so-called “Media” personnel are all cowards.

  8. How very sad that another news source caved in and cannot report the news without asking permission first. Our world is not changing, it’s going to hell.

  9. Outright Vermont is acting like a tyrant. Just recently, Outright Vermont refused to allow Hannaford to sponsor the Gay Pride Parade because they haven’t committed to Milk With Dignity. Outright Vermont did ,however, accept a large donation from Hannaford. Outright Vermont has convinced all kinds of groups to be supportive so they wont be considered homophobic and then Outright Vermont demands everybody do things their way. It is not transphobic for teenage girls to not want a boy to be in their locker room. I am very disappointed with WCAX news not only on this subject but other things. I think WCAX news is too one sided. However I do think Roger Garrity is trying to educate the public about state rules regarding transgendered students. As a parent, I do not think schools have a right to keep
    information about their children from the parents.

    • Have we not seen a similar scenario with the fervor over Black Lives Matter?
      The same tyrannical gaslighting and threats to corporations to get woke?
      We certainly have seen the results of Black Lives matter, their leadership are now facing legal action for malfeasance with donations, those corporations that capitulated have suffered business losses because of it- and BLM has faded from the front page and lead story of mainstream media. The transgender fervor is yet another example, allegedly but 1/4 of 1% of the US population might be “transgendered” and
      even less actually- but here the grifters are yet again, preaching and demanding and collecting donations, forcing their views upon the world, as if gender dysphoria, the apparent cause of the desire to transform gender is common or mainstream.
      After the damage is done, after the money is collected then we as taxpayers will be forced to fix the carnage left in the wake of this ploy.
      Don’t ask us how we knew. Ask yourself why you didn’t.
      As to WCAX, unfortunately their news division became just an entertainment division many years ago.

      • There’s gender dysphoria, then there’s gender ideology which is nothing more than a cult

  10. Why was the name of the minor GIRL, one of them, that complained, made public?
    How sick we all are to allow these idiots, OV, to control our lives and the media. Of course WCAX is fake news anyway. All fluff and no substance. Cowards.

  11. So what number rule of the 45 rules of Communism are we at now? Why are we continuing to allow the bullying by the fringe groups of the students who had to deal with this? Yet, they are somehow the bullies in all of this?

    • As a “neurodiverse” person I’ve been bullied throughout my life. When I managed to harm attackers I was labeled as a deranged maniac who needed to be locked up for the good of society. I was so weak and sickly that it was miraculous that I was even able to fight back.

  12. I’d love to see know how many female adults remember a middle school / high school locker room experience of feeling awkward about sharing an open space for changing? I do. Seeing developing female body changes was somewhat awkward even with the same sex.

    How many of you ladies would want to relive those years with someone with male gentilia just staring at you?

  13. The video the girls made is getting covered by content creators on YouTube – so their story is going national. Also, there are stories coming out from young adults who want to return to their “original” state of being. Their stories are heartbreaking and difficult to hear, but they deserve to be heard and they should be heard. So no matter the gaslighting and censorship here in Vermont – the Truth is coming out and getting out. There are other news sources readily available that blows their biased, well-financed narrative to pieces. The more we know – the more they fail.

  14. While the national news is reporting on this incident in every kind of media outlet, Vermont is acting deaf and dumb as though this never happened…at least Roger Garrity brought it to light, though his spineless bosses at WCAX snuffed it and now want to issue an apology for his journalistic integrity…Roger might also be scapegoated for this, as liberal press networks and newspapers do as their modus operandi of silencing their own…I get all my news every morning from the Vermont Chronicle, Fox News, and True North…

  15. Information consumers need to know that every source of “news” is potentially ideologically biased. Even the weather forecast is routinely editorialized these days when instead of just giving the facts and predictions about temperatures and precipitation, they tell us “dont forget your umbrella” or “better grab a jacket”. We let them tell us how to dress. When they say the weather will be “nice”, we assume that means clear and warm. If you are a farmer and it hasn’t rained for 3 weeks, that is not “nice” weather. We need to stop relying on the mainstream media for our information. WCAX is now the mainstream media and CANNOT BE TRUSTED to simply report facts. They are yet another propaganda instrument of the left wing agenda. If you have cable, dont watch them so you dont add to the reported tally of viewership and the value of their ad time will diminish. If you do business with people who advertise on them, let the businesses know of your dissatisfaction. Starve the beast.

  16. I found it interesting when discussing this story a straight female made this comment to me. “I would have felt uncomfortable even if another biological female was standing around watching me get dressed. Getting dressed with others isn’t weird, but when they are just standing around watching it becomes weird, and uncomfortable. I certainly makes it worse if the person is a biological male (even if they say they identify as a female). It is just creapy being watched getting dressed regardless of the gender.” I think this is the point; it made the girls at Randolph feel uncomfortable. It appears those feelings aren’t being addressed by Vermont Government, School Department. It should be the goal of protecting everyone, not just one person. News media is supposed to be journalist, who tell the story, both sides. A one sided story isn’t news, and is bias. Anyone who would try to surpress the news, definitely shows their colors and their views on the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Obviously, under age children names should be hidden (again out of protection). Journalist, it’s time to grow a spine and be a real journalist.

  17. The criminals who assaulted Fred Sargeant should be prosecuted. Instead they are encouraged to more overreach. This is “the long march…” as described by Antonio Gramsci.

  18. Anonymous…………..who are you folks, get some stones and let us all know, otherwise go back to your reporters job at the NYT

  19. So a team of biological females feel uncomfortable changing in front of a biological male in drag and they are the bullies? So why was the article removed if the trans rep, agreed that it was infact accurate? People it’s time to wake up he/she should have been told to change in the bathroom and stay out of the girls locker room.

  20. FYI- FOX news covered the story and interviewed one of the students and her father who was fired for supporting her.