TPUSA volunteer airs video describing intolerant ‘Karen,’ tampon trading at Hanover, NH high school

A very active Tiktok video blogger and Turning Point USA volunteer named Esther recently visited Hanover, NH High School, right across the Connecticut River from White River Junction. Ever hear of ‘tampon trading’ for cookies? It’s a thing, she says. So is harrassment by adults, and BLM and Barack Obama posters throughout the school.

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  1. Thank you Esther for your courage in the face of teacher and peer pressure to conform with the nonsense and the threat of Biden’s and Pelosi’s private, partisan army of govt agencies who have shown a propensity to dance upon peoples’ heads.
    You are a civil rights warrior…not to be confused with a “social justice” warrior. Somewhere, sometime, you must have gotten your hands on a copy of the Constitution, read it and understood it, prior to this administration regarding it as an existential threat. Your love of Country and patriotism is kryptonite to the karens.
    (how did tiktok ever allow this to go out?)

  2. Ester is a courageous young woman and Turning Point USA is fighting a noble battle. It occurs to me however that the focus of our outrage over what’s happening in the public school might be misplaced. The reason we have a problem is that it’s our only real option…we are required to take it. We are captives of an organization we’ve submitted to funding with no individual say in what we are getting. The liberty to choose what we want from whom has been erased by this out-of-control government bureaucracy. Now we have Ester et al in a thankless battle to CHANGE IT. Wouldn’t our efforts be better spent by seeking liberation from this mess? If we could legislatively break our contrived bondage we would be able to resurrect our responsibility to educate our own kids. The funds confiscated for education would not be transferred to organizations and bureaucracies but directly to parents’ accounts. As the educators of their kids, families would choose a-la-carte what schooling services they want and from whom. Such empowered families and Independent teachers, no longer indentured to a dysfunctional cabal, would be transformative for schools.

  3. Now that the Socialists have destroyed the economy, they are resorting to the barter system. Back in the day we use to trade sandwiches and desserts but time marches on.

  4. So much for “equity”, ehh? Stay strong Esther. This reminds me of what my Mother taught me about her experience being bullied for being French-Canadian when she was young: Just Ignore It. Bigots always end up stubbing their toe and tripping over themselves.

  5. Handing out copies of the constitution?? Objecting to the gross partisan indoctrination of captive students? Oh, Esther, how could you invade this exclusive temple of the Left when all was so peaceful until you came along?

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