Today’s fascists threaten vax resisters with job loss, doctor says

by Guy Page

On Thursday, August 5, a Stowe physician and second-generation Holocaust survivor warned on a new Open Exchange Vermont video that fascist government, media, and corporate forces are coercing vaccinations with the threat of job loss.

“What’s more sacred than the right to determine what to do with your own body,” Dr. Bradley Rauch of Stowe said. “They’re taking that away through the threat of losing your job. I’m a second generation Holocaust survivor. I’m really sensitive to fascism. We live right now in a corporate fascist country where the government, the media and corporate America have joined together to take away our rights.”

On Friday, August 6, the University of Vermont Medical Center – Vermont’s largest employer – mandated vaccination for all employees. “The UVM Health Network is actively engaged towards requiring our entire workforce of nearly 15,000 employees – including our employed physicians and also for travelers working in our facilities – to be vaccinated against COVID-19, as a condition of employment,” CEO/President John Brumstead said. “Those who decline vaccination will be subject to weekly COVID-19 testing when this requirement goes into effect on October 1, 2021.”

Rauch refuses to use the term ‘vaccine’ for the Covid-19 shot required by UVMMC, UVM and all state colleges (students only), and under consideration for all City of Burlington employees. “I’m not going to call them vaccines, which they are not. They are experimental gene therapy,” Rauch said.

The half-hour video is hosted by Mark Borax from Open Exchange Vermont. OEX was formed recently to “challenge the mainstream media narrative of our times for controversial issues,” Borax explains in the opening moments of Episode 1. He then interviews VT Rep. Vicki Strong (R-Albany) and Rauch, a chiropractor and health advocate. Rep. Strong has introduced four bills in the Vermont Legislature on health freedom issues, including H283 on Bodily Autonomy, and H452 To Prohibit CV19 Passports.

“If we just go along like sheep, they’ll just run over us. It’s time to stand up for our God-given rights,” Rep. Strong said.

“The women’s movement in the 1960’s, what was the battle cry – ‘Our Bodies, Our Choice.’ Guess what, they are taking away our choice,” Rauch added. “They are passing legislation giving physicians the right to vaccinate children without parents’ knowledge and consent. That is insane.”

As if to validate Rauch’s concern about media fascism and censorship, YouTube dropped video about a half-hour after it was posted. The producer was able to post it on another host.

The next Open Exchange video will focus on loss of traditional freedom of the press, and will feature Guy Page of Vermont Daily Chronicle and “Cabin Talk” video producer Claudia Stauber.

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  1. Great write Guy.. I like hearing about Dr. Bradley Rauch and VT Rep. Vicki Strong .

    Love Dr Rauch statement. “I’m not going to call them vaccines, which they are not. They are experimental gene therapy,”

    They are fighting for our rights and freedom…

    • You say UVM Med Center is Vermont’s largest employer. I’ve thougth all this time that the State of Vermont is Vermonts largest employer.

  2. “If we just go along like sheep, they’ll just run over us. It’s time to stand up for our God-given rights,” Rep. Strong said.

    Amen, Rep. Strong, Amen!

    Thank you both, Rep. Strong and Dr. Rauch, for speaking truth and working to protect our unalienable rights.

  3. Did you hear Rep. Vicky Strong say it’s time to stand up for our God given rights or they will just run over us. I’ve been saying that at every Town Hall I’ve spoken at. The problem is, we need more people willing to stand up. Luke 10:2
    Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.

  4. Vermont Technical College (VTC) made the shot mandatory for all students to attend in-person classes this fall, so while my child had been accepted and was preparing to start this August when the mandate came down, she decided that was not acceptable and she has declined to attend. After watching a YouTube video from The Officer Tatum, Brandon Tatum (a former police officer), in which he talked about the same 60’s slogan for would be murderers of pre-born children, she used the exact phrase, My Body, My Choice, to decline attending VTC. Interesting that WCAX had a spot on the news that VTC had a 14% increase in enrollment this year, but never said in comparison to what year (2020 perhaps??, no surprise if it was). I’m praying that she’ll not be the only one and that the state will wake up and smell the coffee very, very soon!

    Thanks for this article, it makes a lot of sense (scents!!).

    • Good on your daughter! It’s incredibly disappointing to have to make that very hard choice, but she is blazing a trail for the future – for herself and her constituents. This has got to stop and the younger generation needs to stand up for their rights to bodily autonomy and medical freedom.

  5. The elite are rounding us up like cattle to the slaughter. You heard of the “great reset”? Its the plan that collapses the economy and destroys the US dollar. Your politicians are sick and tired of governing you so they decided to cull the worlds population through a bioweapon. The manufactured spike protein that is called a vaccine is the cause of the rise in hospitalizations. What will you do when there are no longer nurses and doctors and essential infrastructure government workers to keep society running because all of them have to be hospitalized? The vaccine is the virus! The vaccine spike protein is what will eventually devastate your health. Dr. Rauch whose family experienced the holocaust is ringing the alarm. It starts with demonizing a minority for the cause of the crisis. In this case the vax resisters. It continues when the media (just like Goebbels did in Germany denouncing the Jews) spreads the narrative that the non-vaccinated are a danger to society. I can’t imagine how Dr. Rauch feels when he sees the same inhumanity to man repeating itself. Some people might say “how did the Jews let this happen to them”? Hitler took away their jobs and they could no longer afford their apartments so the Jews became homeless. Forced into ghettos. These vaccine mandates are no different. Its very clear to Dr. Rauch. But Americans are thinking the same thing the Jews thought. That government is making a hard choice in order to survive and save the country. NO, the elite are in a club and you aren’t in it. Its very simple. In our effort to “build back better” and use life extension technologies and new free power technologies and rid the world of disease and pollution which has been already patented but kept from the public, one thing needs to be accomplished first. The elite know that when these great technologies are released, the worlds population will demand it for themselves and the masses would overrun the elite to get them. And just like the Nazis back then enriched themselves by eliminating the deemed “imperfect” races so do the world’s elite at this moment in time. And as it was back then, America is the world’s best and last hope to stop this insanity. Don’t get on the vaccine train. The destination, just like Auschwitz, is death at the hands of an arrogant, self centered elite.

  6. Thank you for standing up to this coercion/bullying/fascism at the highest levels. This has got to stop. These shots are NOT tested for long term effects – which there will be and always are. Vaccine makers are void of any kind of liability as are doctors or these places of employment, colleges, universities, etc., who are mandating these shots. That is atrocious. And for anyone who thinks there is no risk, I urge you to check out the VAERS site on CDC web page. The adverse events/deaths are exceeding high. Back in the 70’s there were 25 deaths from the swine flu vaccine (and possibly more than 500 cases of GBS) and it was stopped. What has happened to our world where thousands of deaths from an experimental drug are considered “worth it” in a ‘fight’ against a virus that has a 98% survival rate?!?!?! Smells like money to me. I’m disgusted with all the people supporting these mandates. Choice is essential. No one should be losing a job or having to quit an education because of this. That is NOT choice. And yeah – it’s all just statistics until the adverse event/death happens to you or someone you love. Very sad state of affairs. The current administration and those towing the line for them should all be very very ashamed of themselves.

  7. Why is there no calling out of the Biden Admin for their role in this mess? I realize he was the anti-Trump and supposed to make everything better, but honestly… he’s literally no better than the other guy. What are his words … ? … “get a shot in everyone’s arm”…?. sounds like freedom to me!

    • Missy – for starters the calling out of the current admin will NOT be on MSM (main stream media) so people need to research “alternate” news to realize the world is calling them out in masses as they are also rising up in amazing support of Pres. Trump. Browser DUCKDUCKGO.COM brings up what Google is suppressing. Since July 18th I believe VT First Audit went live on telegram as did 49 other states as well – these groups are organizing, gaining data and preparing for an AZ audit event. 802 Vault also organized for freedom top down – redirect your attention – it’s happening in spite of what top down is lying to all of us about. Handcuffed and jailed first step – charges against them all (top down – fed to state) will determine their final fate.

  8. Don, those are the facts exactly, thousands of Dr’s world wide are sounding the alarm but the media drowns them out with the false narrative that all must be infected with this spike protein for the common good!

  9. As a native New Englander now even happier here in northern New Mexico…it’s a case of nostalgia silliness to hear the “live free or die” mantra growing to the libertarian logical conclusion…”live free and die”!

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