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Coronavirus causes cancellation of State House reception

Concerns about the coronavirus have led to the cancellation of a reception scheduled to be held Tuesday at the Vermont State House. Public policy organizations frequently hold receptions and advocacy events at the State House……

Analysis: Pupil-weighting to help rural schools not complicated

Rep. Laura Sibilia (I-Dover) says pupil weighting of education funding to provide equal education for rural schools isn’t that complicated, and should happen.

House Transpo wants employers to reduce employees’ single-car commutes

As first drafted in the work-in-progress House Transportation Bill, employers of 50 or more would be required to develop a ‘transportation demand management plan’ to ‘reduce vehicle trips. Examples include telecommuting; incentives to carpool, walk, bicycle, or ride public transit; and staggered work shifts.’ A Feb. 26 revision instead creates and funds a pilot program for selected employers of 500 or more to implement an 18-month pilot transportation demand management program…..

Greensboro goat cheese makes top 20 in World Championship Cheese Contest

A goat cheese named “Highlander” produced by Jasper Hill in Greensboro was a top 20 finalist in the World Championship Cheese Contest held in Madison, Wisconsin. Alas, a gruyere from Switzerland won the Big Cheese title. But nine Vermont cheeses came home with gold medals in their categories. 

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