Eshelman: Tinfoil hats and Covid vaccines

By H. Jay Eshelman

It’s a ‘Conspiracy Theory’! It’s a ‘Conspiracy Theory’! Here’s a piece of it that hit me on the head.

“Last week (January 12, 2022) Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, gave an interview to Yahoo Finance and made some truly startling admissions. He said, among other things, that the two original Pfizer injections provide no protection against Covid-19.”

Now where is my tinfoil hat when I need it? Oh, there it is!

So, the vaunted ‘Warp Speed’ program created an ineffective vaccine. Go figure.

Could it be that the notorious ‘Deep State’ folks burned their own bridge… again? Did they have yet another anti-Trump ‘insurance policy’ (a la the FBI’s Peter Strzok Russia Hoax) in the works?… another impeachment?… another ‘insurrection’?…   just in case they weren’t able to ‘Steal the Election’?

What would these ‘Deep Staters’ have done if Trump actually won the 2020 election? And, clearly, it was a real possibility. After all, Trump received more votes than any incumbent President in the history of U. S. elections.

What would they have done? What ‘ace’ did they have up their collective sleeves? I give you an impotent Covid vaccine.

Had Trump won the election, what better way could there have been to discredit him further than to expose his ‘Warp Speed‘ failure that ripped off U.S. taxpayers at the expense of hundreds of thousands of dead and dying Americans?

Think about it. Anthony Fauci, the ultimate ‘deep stater’, funds gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Lab. While Fauci’s wife is well placed as the ‘bioethics’ chief in the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Big Pharma (i.e. Pfizer and the other Pharma Cos.) have research collaborations with the NIH worth tens of billions of dollars annually. Hospitals receive billions in Covid patient subsidies. States receive billions in Covid and Education subsidies to bail out their bankrupt progressive policies. Trillions of dollars are added to the National Debt.

But then, the unthinkable happens. Biden, the poor old lost soul who ran against Trump as nothing more than a political sacrificial lamb, wins the election. Ooops.

Think about it. It all fits the narrative. Now the Deep Staters are pushing vaccine booster after booster, even on our children, who have virtually zero risk from the virus. Why? To eliminate the ‘control group’. If everyone is vaccinated, there will be no way of knowing that being unvaccinated with natural immunity is a reasonable course of action.

Yep. Declare the unvaccinated as domestic threats to society. Deport the #1 tennis player in the world from Australia, because he’s unvaccinated. Go along with NBC, Coca Cola, and Apple, and send our athletes to the China Olympics despite the risks. Never mind Nike, the NBA, and the NFL exploitation of Uyghur’s. There are now trillions of dollars to be made by the ‘Build Back Better New World Order’. TRILLIONS!

Naaah. It can’t be. No one in their right mind would be so devious. Would they?

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  1. In the past 2 years, what have been called “conspiracy theories”, have consistently turned into mainstream news 6 months after their origins. From the lab leak, gain of function research, rigged elections, purposely inserted feds acting as a catalyst for the jan 6th riots, covid cases, hospitalizations and death #’s being purposely manipulated, “vaccine” ineffectiveness, refusal to treat covid early with proven therapeutics, russia collusion hoax, event 201, purposeful human depopulation driven by dangerous, leaky mrna injections in the name of saving the planet……i could go on and on. Established politicians, mainstream news media, academia, big pharma, big tech all have lots of blood on their hands.

  2. The Slimes in Charge thought most of us would fall for the covid scam and would all line up like good lttle drones and take it.


    There is a huge control group in the USA that didn’t fall for it or take their poisonous worthless poke.

    When all is said and done, people like our Governor who have been cheerleading this whole lie won’t have a pot to tinkle in. They can only keep the scam alive for so long. When the mama bears wake up to what has been injected into their kids….watch out.

    • I’m sure you will keep pushing that date back further and further. I’m still waiting for the mass extinction that another commenter said would happen soon. That was months ago. I’m still alive and waiting….

      • LOL! Take your booster and wear your mask like a good lil drone. PFizer likes people like you.

  3. You put the first paragraph in quotes yet that isn’t in the article. Why do you consistently refuse to use direct quotes and even worse, alter what people say? Why do the commenters on this website fail to simply confirm the source for articles like these? Accuracy doesn’t matter to you, because we must ignore anything that doesn’t fit into the conspiracies you all subscribe to.

    • January 17, 2022
      Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla makes startling admissions about the vaccines
      By Vasko Kohlmayer
      See also: Big Pharma CEO Blows a Hole in Vaccine Mandates

      Last week Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, gave an interview to Yahoo Finance and made some truly startling admissions. He said, among other things, that the two original Pfizer injections provide no protection against COVID-19.

      • Post script: Christian, as you clearly figured out, having determined that actual article didn’t include the quote, the hotlink to Frank Chung’s article (that even you you managed to find) was included in the quote.

        Sometimes we can lead the horse to water. But often we can’t make it drink.

  4. Maybe you haven’t heard, non covid death rates among 18-64 year olds are up 40% compared to pre pandemic in highly vaccinated areas

  5. Did you miss the Global Covid Summit in Montpelier and Williston this past weekend? About 600 Vermonters were present (without masks) and about 1000 others were shown to have participated in the live stream. However, if you missed it – check out

    Then if you are tired of eroding freedoms. Make arrangements for the Americanism and Marxism symposium to come your way.

  6. I listened to the Pfizer CEO interview. It does NOT say the first 2 vaccines offered little protection against COVID-19. He said it offered little to none against Omicron! But with the booster added was effective in lessening the severity of the newest virus. Please, Mr Eshelman, report what people say accurately!

    • Please Mr. viking: I didn’t ‘report’ anything. I only quoted what the referenced articles said in order to offer an admitted conspiracy theory. Omicron, after all, is a variant of the Covid-19 virus. And the CDC and VT DOH say it’s the most prevalent Covid-19 variant at this time.

      To be precise, what I actually said was: “So, the vaunted ‘Warp Speed’ program created an ineffective vaccine.“

      So, are you now implying, by virtue of your protestation, that the vaccine is effective? Where’s your tinfoil hat?

      • Well then, if you’re quoting someone with whom you agree, make sure they have the correct information.
        I am implying that the vaccine (all 3 shots) is effective in lessening the severity of both Covid-19 and its Omicron form. This is from what I see with my own eyes: my friends and family who did not get vaccinated caught a form of the virus more easily and were sicker than those who had 3 shots. In fact, my church’s pastor, unvaccinated, is in the ICU for a 3rd week, with Covid pneumonia and his kidneys shutting down. Barring a miracle he will not survive- a healthy man in his early 50’s.
        (By the way, that’s “Mrs.”)

      • You’re entitled to your opinion, as are the rest of us, Mrs. viking, and I wish you and your friends well.

    • Mrs. VtViking, I certainly hope that your Pastor recovers from his illness. None of us here wish to see anyone sick from this disease. However, I think your are missing the point from another side. You have assumed that a man in his mid-fifties appeared to be healthy but you do not know this to be true. Your defense of the vaccine is typical for those who are into their 3rd booster now. You have been injected 3 times with an experimental drug. The first two were found to degrade so a third was required. Did these pharmacies target a new variant or just give you another dose of the same? How many more boosters will you need until you feel safe? Each person infected with this bio-disease has had a different severity from mild to serious depending on the health of the individual person. Those who have recovered have natural immunity and will need no injections. Continuing to try to vaccinate our way out of this with experimental drugs will not work. Even flu shots that contain as many as 5 virus strains are only 35% effective against numerous flu strains. You have a right to chose your medical plan and the rest of us do too. Many of us have had Covid-19 and have recovered. We would be insane to be injected with an experimental drug to interfere with our natural immunity. A real Viking would not allow a mystery drug be injected into their body without knowing the long term affects of the nanotechnology used instead of the true vaccine which would contain a viral strain of the disease to prevent infection not just lesson the severity. Since the Covid-19 virus has not been isolated, a strain of the virus can not be added to the vaccine so it is not a vaccine in the true sense of the meaning. I wish you and your people well, but there are always two or more sides to each story.

  7. I didn’t realize that Carhartt Clothing manufacturer has a vaccine mandate in place for their employees. One of their customers responded to the company and told them why he couldn’t support them any more after being a customer for many years. I couldn’t respond as well as this person so I’m posting his response here, He also responded to a job offer that also required a vax to be hired. These are what people need to do to stop the insanity. Please read on :

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