This is the largest defense contractor in Vermont

Vermont has the fourth lowest defense contractor spending in the nation, behind Idaho, Montana and Nebraska.

The U.S. defense budget topped $850 billion in fiscal 2022, more than the combined military spending of the next 10 countries combined. This money goes to fund a wide range of obligations, from operations to payroll for troops and civilian defense personnel. The bulk of the U.S. military budget, however, is spent on contracts with companies in the private sector.

By Samuel Stebbins, 24/7 Wall St. via The Center Square

The Defense Department does more business through private contracts than all other federal agencies combined. The Pentagon relies on contractors for services including research and development, weapon systems procurement, facility maintenance, and equipment repair. Outsourcing to third parties in the private sector allows the government to more rapidly and effectively adapt to changing circumstances and needs – though reliance on contractors also raises the potential for waste, fraud, and abuse.

The latest available government data shows that the Pentagon spent $349.5 million on private sector contracts in Vermont in 2021. No company in the state received more federal defense dollars that year than Raytheon Technologies, which brought in $115.2 million in military contracts – or 33.0% of all contractor spending in the state.

Other major defense contractors operating in Vermont include Marvell Government Solutions LLC, General Dynamics, and Galvion Ballistics Ltd., which received $74.9 million, $50.2 million, and $19.1 million, respectively, in 2021.

All data in this story is from the Defense Department’s report, Defense Spending By State Fiscal Year 2021.

StateTotal contract spending, 2021 ($)Top defense contractor, 2021Spending on top defense contractor, 2021 ($)
Alabama12.2 billionBoeing2.1 billion
Alaska1.7 billionArctic Slope Regional Corp.233.1 million
Arizona12.3 billionRaytheon Technologies6.2 billion
Arkansas1.2 billionAerojet Rocketdyne591.3 million
California40.2 billionNorthrop Grumman4.5 billion
Colorado8.4 billionLockheed Martin2.3 billion
Connecticut18.4 billionGeneral Dynamics8.7 billion
Delaware474.2 millionAstraZeneca PLC287.1 million
Florida21.7 billionLockheed Martin6.3 billion
Georgia7.6 billionLockheed Martin2.3 billion
Hawaii2.6 billionHensel Phelps Construction212.7 million
Idaho206.4 millionBrad Hall & Associates45.3 million
Illinois7 billionNorthrop Grumman1.1 billion
Indiana5.7 billionEli Lilly and Co.1.9 billion
Iowa2.1 billionRaytheon Technologies1.1 billion
Kansas1.5 billionWebuild218.8 million
Kentucky10.6 billionHumana7.1 billion
Louisiana1.7 billionThoma-Sea Marine Constructors197.4 million
Maine2.4 billionGeneral Dynamics1.1 billion
Maryland17.9 billionJohns Hopkins University1.6 billion
Massachusetts20.1 billionModerna, Inc.6.9 billion
Michigan5.1 billionGeneral Dynamics2.3 billion
Minnesota1.5 billionNorthrop Grumman340.7 million
Mississippi3.8 billionHuntington Ingalls2 billion
Missouri10.5 billionBoeing6.9 billion
Montana246.8 millionS & K Technologies65.7 million
Nebraska690.6 millionPeraton Corp.97.1 million
Nevada1.8 billionSierra Nevada Corp.396.8 million
New Hampshire2 billionBAE Systems1.1 billion
New Jersey7.3 billionLockheed Martin1.6 billion
New Mexico1.8 billionApplied Research Associates138.7 million
New York27.9 billionPfizer, Inc.13.3 billion
North Carolina4.2 billionGlaxoSmithKline314.5 million
North Dakota211.4 millionFour Tribes Enterprises LLC20.6 million
Ohio6.3 billionGeneral Electric757.5 million
Oklahoma3 billionBoeing1.1 billion
Oregon800 millionVigor Industrial101 million
Pennsylvania13.4 billionAmerisourceBergen2 billion
Rhode Island756.9 millionRaytheon Technologies177.8 million
South Carolina3.1 billionScientific Research Corp.142.2 million
South Dakota225.6 millionSterling Computers75.1 million
Tennessee2 billionBAE Systems451.7 million
Texas35.1 billionLockheed Martin13.7 billion
Utah4.3 billionNorthrop Grumman2.1 billion
Vermont349.5 millionRaytheon Technologies115.2 million
Virginia42.6 billionHuntington Ingalls4.1 billion
Washington11.7 billionBoeing7.7 billion
West Virginia505.4 millionNorthrop Grumman293.8 million
Wisconsin4.5 billionOshkosh Corp.2.1 billion
Wyoming125.1 millionM1 Support Services24.9 million

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  1. Raytheon… Wikipedia has some interesting data on its function, history and owners, and subsidiaries…the devil is in the details… hundreds of millions ain’t nuttin’ to sneeze at… no kudos to VT… military operates outside the oversight of State government.
    Say no more…

  2. loves to pay lip service to tech manufacturing, but the truth speaks otherwise.

    As an aerospace and defense manufacturer My company has received no support from any Vermont agency. Suffering the indignation of regional funds squandered on one boondoggle after another. To include a tofu retailer and jam packager.

    Vocational training is a fraud. Rubber stamping the most challenged students with a completed certificate to reap grant funding. CCV blathers on about STEM, but offers no degree program outside Chittenden county. Visited by a cute, young girl appointed to Vermont’s Workforce Development Board revealed a purely political appointee who had never set foot in industry, being helpless to comprehend anything she saw.

    For our entire, 28 year existence have maintained an accident free record. In an unannounced visit by VOSHA, was vindictively fined to the point of insolvency. Forced to spend thousands on an attorney to save the company and its jobs. A valid challenge of perjury against the untrained, VOSHA inspector was made. All fines were dropped. Yet the department did nothing to reprimand perjury by the inspector. As backlash by the same department was demanded to submit to a forensic examination of employment records without a stated reason.

    Vermont legislature has done everything conceivably possible to destroy technical education and manufacturing in Vermont. Seeking to create an image of quaint, bucolic villages that brought them here to enjoy their trust funds. Spending tens of millions to support mindless, low pay, service industry jobs. Dead end jobs that are typically seasonal, with no savings or healthcare plans that have made home ownership only a dream.

    Such a dismal future has fueled the drug abuse epidemic and resulting body count over violent turf wars. Once prosperous communities are dealing with elevated drop out rates, unwed motherhood and homelessness. All tied to lack of opportunity.

    Vermont has the 4th oldest, average population in the U.S. For many years our brightest and most ambitious young people have recognized their future is elsewhere. Vermont now has a filtered population of youthful, lazy, imbeciles unfit for anything but knitting organic teddy bears.

    Prove me wrong.

  3. There are as many pharmaceutical companies on this list as defense contractors. That makes no sense to me.

    • It would make a great deal of sense if you were aware that C-19’s “Operation Warp Speed” was a Military Operation and had NOTHING to do with healthcare, but was entirely orchestrated by the DoD.

      Moderna, Pfizer & Astra Zeneca all bought the Patent to SARS-CoV-2 in, or around 2018 ~ before Covid-19 ~ so they could begin manufacturing their mRNA injections (i.e, faux ‘vaccines’ ~ that were neither safe, nor effective).

      Dr. David E. Martin – CEO of M-CAM International has the paper trail on all the pharmaceutical companies that purchased the U.S. Patent for the genetically modified SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence made in a laboratory. SARS-CoV-2 was given GoF in the lab setting by ShiZhengli to specifically attack human lung epithelium ~ to kill those most vulnerable.

      Their supposed “vaccine” Moderna, Pfizer & Astra Zeneca put out there for millions of Americans, was designed to cause us harm &/or kill us – not protect us. Explaining why so many young people are dropping dead (cause unknown).

      Dr. Martin has been working hard to prosecute those involved ~ who misguided the public into believing the COVID-19 injections were for our health, when in Truth, they were designed to shorten our life span; in other words, the C-19 mRNA “vaccines” are in fact, a bio-weapon [explaining ‘WHY’ * Moderna (manufactured in Massachusett’s), * Pfizer (manufactured in New York) & *Astra-Zeneca (manufactured in Delaware) are all on this Military spending list ~. The C-19 mRNA Injections are weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s).

      I encourage anyone else here that is awake to validate my words so this person will be given the chance to save themselves & their loved ones. Now’s the time. We have NOTHING to lose … And, the more awake everyone is, the harder it will be for them to pull this genocidal scam off.

      Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Latypova, is a whistle blower, who worked in the pharmaceutical industry, and explained it clearly in her Substack publication. She also detailed what took place on many guest appearances on Internet talk shows and her video is still on if you care to watch it [BELOW].

      “Covid-19 Countermeasures:;Evidence For Intent To Harm” : . Sasha Latypova

      • Here is another whistle blower, Dr. Richard Urso, explaining the dangers of the C-19 injections (a bioweapon) … The word ‘Lakaroproppet’ ~ means ‘A Physician’s Plea’ in Swedish) ~ it was a 2 day long conference in Stockholm, Sweden last January 21st to January 22nd, 2023.

        Richard Urso, M.D.
        “mRNA Vaccines; Friend or Foe?… Why the Covid Jab Is a Natural Born Killer”

      • Thank you, maureenschilder, for your citations.

        Meanwhile, just this morning (11-17-23) in fact, National Public Radio and Vermont Public, broadcast two specific segments. The first, by NPR, accused President Trump and his supporters, as being Nazi and Fascist collaborators. Their ‘projection’ was literal. Their evidence was mere opinion and conjecture. The second segment was a renewed promotion of Covid vaccine availability for children throughout the State of Vermont.

        I’m not about to draw nor publish any conclusions I may determine from these National Public Radio and Vermont Public broadcasts. I leave that to VDC readers. But I do recommend that everyone be very careful about what they say and publish in this regard. I fear, for example, that public displays of bravado, extorting our individual liberty and freedom, are being interpreted as insurrection and sedition. Throughout history, totalitarian governments always, without fail, resort to suppression through, what we characterize today as, Emergency Use Authorization to protect themselves.

        Praemonitus praemunitus.

        Forewarned is forearmed.

  4. Wow… PissedVTer. I would love to learn more about your situation. You should team up with a reporter and have this all laid out with names and such. Unless you can’t, in which case I understand.
    There are times, every few weeks maybe, that I will have a flashback. Some word, song or smell will trigger a memory from my youth. It always beckons me. I wish we could go back. I sure don’t want to live my life again, but I feel a pull towards a world that made more sense. It wasn’t an easy time, by any definition. The Vietnam war, civil rights protests, free love, rampant drug use, corrupt government…
    Sounds like now, only somehow it seemed less vitriolic… or is that just me? Maybe it was the innocence of youth.
    Wishing you better fortunes.
    Pam Baker

  5. The exodus of all the business/industry/manufacturing in Rutland since Howe-Richardson moved out has been enormous, and a huge detriment to the Rutland and State economy. But these know-it-all types in state government, including the Legislature have left their mark, and it is inconceivable and downright ludicrous that our leaders are willing to let all this happen with no indication of helping to keep them here at all. And we keep electing folks that have no indication of disconnecting from a non-business attitude. Go figure.

    • Seeing we’ve sent two Democrats to Montpelier in a generation I completely agree with you. Sammis, Williams, Depoy, Collamore etc, all jokes, know nothing about business but quick to defend Banyai or our local vigilante group.