Third arrest this month for man released ‘on conditions’

A St. Johnsbury man known to have violated his release conditions has been arrested for the third time this month, according to Cpl. George Johnson of the St. Johnsbury Police Department.

Erich Langmaid was jailed on $200 bond by Judge Justin Jiron, the Superior Court Judge criticized last month by a Vermont State Senator for his low-bail release policies. 

Langmaid was taken into custody once again at 161 River Road, a location he has been court-ordered to avoid.

Langmaid’s release conditions, which include a curfew and the requirement to stay at least 300 feet away from the River Road residence, originated from a previous charge of aggravated domestic assault.

Langmaid’s first arrest this month was due to a failure to appear in court.

The subsequent arrests, including the most recent one on June 16, have been for breaches of his release conditions.

Upon responding to a tip that Langmaid was currently at the River Road property, Cpl. Johnson and Officer Guyer reportedly heard someone attempting to hide by climbing out of a bedroom window to a second-story porch.

Langmaid was then apprehended.

The suspect was lodged at the Northeastern Correctional Complex under a $200 cash or surety bond ordered by Jiron. – Newport Dispatch

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  1. Raise the bail too high for him to get out and keep the criminal in jail where he belongs.

  2. Do you mean to imply that “time out” doesn’t work for criminals??

  3. This is why we need big reform in our judicial system in Vermont. Too many liberals think it’s OK to turn them loose with bond because it is inhumane to keep them locked up! It’ll be the same thing when he finally kills the person who he is told to stay away from! THIS IS A SICK JUSTICE SYSTEM!

  4. Systemic recidivism? Another glaringly obvious issue that is ignored until it hits the doorstep of a bureaucrat or representative. If only he spray-painted “maga” on the courthouse door would he receive punishment far beyond sentencing guidelines.

    • He wouldn’t even have had to deface anything – he could have simply reoffended and been wearing a MAGA cap in the process. The Gestapo would have him behind bars immediately.

  5. What the persons life he is violating? Doesn’t she deserve some consideration? She should sue the courts?

  6. Liberal/ progressive policies at there finest, eventually he will probably kill the person at river road then they’ll be all well we guess this is a rare incident and it’s the victims fault not their policy.