Thayer: S-30 veto was right call

By Gregory Thayer

Governor Scott has taken the correct action by vetoing S-30. The answer is not to place more restrictions on firearm ownership. This bill as written does nothing for people’s safety. Criminals will get guns illegally whenever they want them from all around Vermont. The Progressive Marxists continue to assault law abiding citizens of our great State and our Constitution.

Greg Thayer

Vermont Constitution Chapter 1 Article 16 reads: “[Right to Bear Arms; standing armies; military powers subordinate to civil]; That the People have a right to bear arms for the defenses of themselves and the State – and as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not be kept up; and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power.

Our U.S. Constitution reads: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

These guarantees in our law of laws are what legislatures ought to be following. With the Progressive’s; policies of defunding the police, taking away police’s qualified immunity, and Prosecutors and the Courts not holding criminals accountable, now more than ever, people need to be able to exercise their Constitutional right to protect themselves, their family, and their property from the bad people in our population.

The public safety of the people is the most important responsibility of government, some would argue it is the government’s only responsibility. Our laws must reflect appropriate penalties for the criminal element around us. We have laws for deterrence and to stop criminal activities, the Progressives are working to abort all common-sense and respect for our laws and the people in general.

As your next Lieutenant Governor, I will work tirelessly for public safety and to uphold our Constitutions. We are a state of laws, police must have every tool to provide for our safety, and prosecutors must hold every criminal to be sentenced and held accountable accordingly. If that means building more prisons, then build them!

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  1. I’m in 100% agreement with Greg and , he’ll be an excellent Lt Governor that doesnt Virtue-signal to get your support.

  2. Of course this was the right call, but without the conservatives/republicans running for office getting their message(s) out to the people this year – this too will be “spun” by the leftists as Scott & the entire republican party “enabling” gun violence. In fact, it is their radical & utterly twisted policies that are enabling and instigating violent gun crime & all crime here, and that needs to be shouted from the Green Mountain tops!

  3. Thank you Greg!!

    Let’s ALL take a long and thoughtful look at Ukraine right now. Armed Citizens are Standing Up for their Lives and Freedom?

    Those of us with common sense who live in reality know that the Evil/Lawless people in our Country and World will always have access to guns. The only way to stop Evil/Lawless People with guns, is for Good People to have guns.

    The Marxist/Progressives in our State and Federal Government are delusional. They think they can create a Utopian World by getting rid of all guns, weapons, etc.. Just BE NICE they say and we will all just get along.

    How’s that working for the NICE GUY, current occupier of the White House right now?

    • The politicians that are pushing these anti 2nd A laws are not doing this because of all the “little people” that get shot with them, (like in Chicago) they are worried about guns being used against the governing class. (themselves)

  4. Neither Article 16, or the 2nd Amendment are in anyway ambiguous, or vague. It’s very plain English. They say what they mean, and mean what they say. The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Anti 2nd A people conflate the people with the militia. The militia is the people, and does not exist without the people, and their arms. Our fore fathers just did not trust a standing military in a time of peace, and thought a standing military should be disbanded in peace time. Article 16 just reinforces the 2nd Amendment by stating that “That the People have a right to bear arms for the defenses of themselves and the State” . These words are not written in some ancient Arabic language that we are still working on deciphering, they are totally unambiguous, and do not need nor do they deserve any “interpretation”.

    • Hi Patrick,

      We have to remember this is the arrogant, lawless, “play dumb” routine of many of the Vermont Marxist/Progressives in our Legislature. They used this same tactic with their usurpation of the Vermont and US Constitutions on voting requirements. The words, “US Citizen and 18 years of age” have also been called, “ambiguous.”

      The real truth is more like, “We are above the Law and can do anything we want, because we are the LAW MAKERS.” LET’S ALL VOTE THEM OUT!

  5. The surge in violent crime in the US and seeing weapons being distributed in Ukraine to counter an invasion is the best marketing for the concept of a well-armed populace. I look forward to Dear Leader foolishly promoting “common sense gun control” at his State of the Union address and watching the raised eyeballs of the members of the audience who understand the irony.

    • “common sense”. A tip off that the source is a Progressive. Their method of enacting small laws over time to chip away liberties of the non-suspecting citizen. It’s a pretty good strategy since non of their “common sense” laws actually solve anything. Thus, they can keep going until they get to the grand prize of their strategy: the elimination of the Constitutional Right. Citizens better smarten up (and fast).

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