Thayer: Rise Up

by Greg Thayer

Since December 2018, “Vermonters for Vermont” Initiative has been talking about educating every Vermonter about freedom, liberty, individualism, independence, innovation and personal responsibility. We have been defending and promoting our Constitution, Free-Markets and taking risks. We have been working to Educate and encourage Vermonters to learn what Montpelier and Local Governments are doing.

Our Country was founded on the principles of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as pronounced in the Declaration of Independence. Freedom is written into our Constitution, now everything that makes America purely America is under attack: our freedoms, our heritage, our livelihoods, our education, and even our health.

During this challenging time of a Global Pandemic igniting Elected Politicians, un-Elected Bureaucrats, and Marxist politicians to take control and weaponize the fears of good Americans including Vermonters to push for Government control through public policy. They want socialized medicine, nationalized factories, high tax increases on small businesses, abolishing private property rights. and to fund cash payouts to people who do not want to work.

Who can move forward in any opportunities, hopes and dreams that they are working towards? No one.

Greg Thayer

These Radicals are now in charge and are going so far as to rewrite our rich American history. This Critical Race Theory teaching is already being taught in K-12 schools all across the country, and here in Vermont. They deny it but there is a lot of proof that they are disguising it as equity. Equity is not equality, it holds Students back, and those who wish to achieve higher feel the pain.

Instead of teaching that our great Country was founded on the desire to be free and choose one’s own destiny, Critical Race Theory teaches that America was founded on racism and oppression. This is not about promoting the American dream for all citizens, it’s about pitting people against each other in a never-ending power struggle.

Under the far Left’s teachings, our American systems are a way of life and they want them destroyed; between the out of control high taxes, over-regulated regulations, over-reaching mandates, re-writing our Nation’s history, free handouts,as well as other Communist ideals, The United States of America will soon be a distant memory. It is important that “The People” fight back right now! We all must stand up, stand firm, and educate ourselves.

Here at “Vermonters for Vermont” Initiative, we believe in and support all Vermonters’ need to work hard to stop this absurdity. We all have a a right to have control over our own Self, our own Businesses, our Family, our Healthcare, and most importantly Parents having a right to know what is being taught to their Children in their Schools.

Limited government is one of our primary founding Principles and big Government is never the answer; as History and recent events tell us, Marxism, Communism and Socialism are all proven platforms of destruction of a Nation.

Joe Biden and the Democratic left are attacking the United States from within. During the Election, He promised that he would govern in that fashion, as the “most Progressive President ever”. Together with the radical left having slim majorities in both the U.S. House and Senate, and with the Vermont legislature a vast Socialist haven, it is up to us Vermonters to defend Liberty and our Constitution and our way of life that we deeply love and respect with our lives.

The author is the founder of the Voters for Vermont Initiative, organizer of many CRT informational Town Hall meetings.

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  1. I like what you are saying! I’d like to know more about the Vermonter’s for Vermont initiative. Can you point me in their direction?

    • One contact address is; another is facebook (sorry, don’t have the link at hand). Kudos to Greg for all his work on behalf of Vermonters’ freedom, good sense, self-determination, and so much more.

  2. It’s insane what has happened to the US and Vermont !

    We have a far left maoist president who is waging people’s war against free enterprises. Can anyone even distinguish the difference between the leadership of Deng Xioping and Biden ? I did not think so !

    Vermont is being led by a similar marxist governor hellbent on destroying private property and confiscating all businesses. I have a friend who had to totally refit their food truck to follow state dictates !!

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