Thayer: As gas prices soar, so does Progressive desire to tax more

by Greg Thayer

Have you seen the price of gasoline at your local gas station pumps? This is Vermont of the Progressives and Democrats. I paid $3.69 per gallon 2 days ago. This is happening all across the Green Mountain state to working Vermonters already struggling with inflation at the marketplace. Everyone of us is affected. This is negative, and it is eroding tourist spending dollars. There is more to come under their Climate Initiative (Global Warming Solutions Act). The Left does not listen to you, they hand out some “freebies” – i.e. cellphones, drugs, syringes, free healthcare, and taxpayer money.

Greg Thayer

Solar and wind energy will never going to be able to power Vermont, let alone all of America. The climate fear mongers do not want you to know that the manufacturing, moving, and upkeep of these products are made by and dependent on fossil fuel energy.

The unintended consequences of 100% alternative power by 2035 has some severe issues for people. Just imagine being one of the cars stranded on I-95 south of DC last month for 23 hours in freezing weather in an electric car. Thousands of jobs will be lost, billions of dollars and tax revenues gone. The cost to working Vermonters will crush family budgets. It will burn holes in your pockets just paying to put gas in your car and heat your home. There will be no money for food, housing, loans, or any entertainment fun. This is the plan for you; Progressives and Democrats want you controlled by government.

As I said at my campaign announcement on 27 January 2022, on the steps of the People’s House at the State Capitol, the legislators in the building do not care about you, and the consequences they put on you does not affect them. They do not care! The Progressives (socialists) are pushing policies designed by their special interest bosses in Washington, DC. These people do not care!

To the people, who protest for these far left, out of touch environmental policies, including the high school students who they get to rally, please study the entire issue. Read real data, not just the stuff they are showing you. Please educate yourself to real facts. Further, if you want to protest, protest the Paris Climate Accord; it does nothing for the environment. Moreover, the two biggest climate offenders China and India have no environmental systems in place and have a waiver for ten years not to comply with the rules of Paris Agreement. Why?

Here in America our environment is highly regulated and enforced beyond reproach. Our CO2 levels are within normal basis, for a population of over 334 million people. Another fact. Vermont shut down our Vernon nuclear plant, and the CO2 levels increased. Do you all understand the CO2 is widely needed for plant life and I will submit for human and animal life, too?

The Vermont’s Climate Council is proposing an action plan that will stop growth, stop people from moving into our beautiful State, force people to change their vehicles, their home and businesses heating systems, and ultimately, change life in the Green Mountain state.

As your next Lieutenant Governor, I will fight for a clean and safe environment. For the cleanest water and air, brooks, rivers and lakes every day. I will do it with input from Vermonters and common-sense. I will do it with less burdensome government regulations and tax structures. I believe 100% that we can have a clean and safe environment with strong economic development for every Vermonter. My own family lives, works, and plays here too.

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  1. Let’s put the blame where the blame lies-greedy oil companies making and taking advantage of “shortages”. The amount of oil in the system hasn’t changed, even with the Russian invasion of Ukraine but the panic they cause allows the companies to jack up the prices of oil already in the system. Check out their profit and loss statements in the coming months.

  2. Up until 14 months ago, this country was an exporter of petroleum products. Biden changed all of that because of his ties to the Chinese, the Russians, and maybe even Venezuela. Yes, blame needs to go where it belongs; Biden caused a major kink in the control and uncertainty of supply, where prior to him it was in our control within the confines geographically of the USA. That is the real difference, and those other sources were/are tucking it to us, pricewise.

  3. I don’t know where to start, but Mr Thayer is simply wrong on a number of points. He is campaigning on misinformation and radical right wing talking points. Here are some of his ideas that are misguided to say the least.

    Gas Prices: Yes, gas prices are going up because of the panic caused by the embargo on Russian Oil.
    Short term: Small price to pay as we stand with the Ukranian people. VT could reduce the gas tax to compensate for the increase in prices taken by big oil.
    Long term: Gas prices will continue to rise as they have for decades. This is a pocket book reason for moving away from Gasoline to electricity to power our cars and other motorized vehicles.

    Solar and Wind: Contrary to Mr Thayer’s assertion, olar and wind ARE viable alternatives to fossil fuels – and some would say an alternative to hydropower.
    Right now, VT imports most of the electricity it uses. (Green Mountain Power sells the renewal energy credits it earns from HydroQuebec and the solar installations that connect to the grid out of state.)
    Significant improvements to battery technology will increasingly be able to store power for release when the sun does not shine or the wind isn’t blowing.
    Much opposition to solar and wind derives from the esthetics of…
    windmills on mountain tops…
    Give me a break. In order to mine coal these days entire mountain tops are removed in West Virginia and throughout Appalachia.
    Mountain Top Removal displaces communities and private homes; pollutes rivers and streams; unjustly impacts the poor, marginalized and those with the least.
    Coal is perhaps the dirtiest source of energy and contributes mightily to the accumulation of green house gasses.
    large solar arrays…
    Are you kidding? I suppose power plants burning coal, oil or gas are beautiful to behold.
    Perhaps Mr Thayer appreciates the look of a Nuclear Power plant even though in addition to electricity, it produces hazardous nuclear waste that will last thousands of years.
    Stranded Electric Vehicles (EV): perhaps Mr Thayer understands the technology better than I do, but EVs don’t run unless energy is called for – either energy to run the motors driving the wheels or energy to provide power for heat and accessories.
    Jobs: Many loggers and other workers will move into jobs in weatherization, manufacturing and installing solar arrays and wind – both in private residences and community wind farms. Throughout history, advances in technology had displaced workers. Our legislature would do well to consider and strengthen worker development and retraining programs for emerging industries.
    Government Control: I don’t want to be “controlled by government” any more that Mr Thayer does. But, I do want to be served by government. A government that provides needed services for its citizens is a good and necessary function of any democratic republic such as ours. It is because I care about people, especially the poor, disabled and marginalized, that I want a strong and healthy government that serves the people.
    Environmental Policies: Mr Thayer simply does not understand that Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, including CO2, have skyrocketed in recent years.
    We have moved far beyond what is necessary to sustain life on the planet. What he calls normal CO2 levels are already too high.
    We are not responsible for what China and India do, but we are responsible for what we do in this country and state and local communities. By the way, China also has a robust program for addressing climate issues.
    Mr Thayer is entitled to his opinion, but he is not entitled to his own facts.
    The Climate Action Plan does not “force” anybody to do anything. It promotes incentives and assistance for people to make the transition to a carbon free society, but it does not force anybody to do anything.
    We need to be prepared to see an influx of people coming to VT. Why? Because VT will be and already is a refuge for climate migration. Soaring housing costs show us that this is already happening.
    I simply do not understand how we can maintain a “clean and safe environment, clean water and air, brooks, rivers and lakes” without government regulation – even regulations that cost businesses and corporations to spend money. This is simply the cost of doing business whether that cost is born by the corporation or by the state.

    • @Gene how’s that $4. p/gal at the pumps working for you! Thank you Joe for killing our fruitful energy policy that you inherited from 45.

      You would be better served by not lying. Our gas and home heating oils and other energy cost increased long before the war in Europe. Biden listening to John Kerry and Pete Buteglig (sp) and reversing President Trump’s energy policies for the “new green deal” is the only reason(s) why Americans are paying more for energy; gas to get to work or to power people’s home/businesses etc… Start the drilling on US soil. Open and grant oil exploration and permits, and get the Keystone Pipeline flowing again now! He done better for Russia’s energy than our own. Coupled with Biden’s record high inflation, he and the Left are killing Americans at every level but especially the working family.

      Moreover, where did I ever say that regulations should be aborted, that we do not need government regulations? We have regulations to have and maintain clean and safe air and water. Our lakes, brooks, rivers are safe and clean because people and businesses care about them and most are doing the rights. The one’s that do not, we punish them. We just do not need over-regulations.

      Simply, businesses do not pay for it, they pass it on to the consumers. As for the government, have you ever heard the phrase; “We The People”? It’s the first three words in our U.S. Constitution!

      As I said; I want a clean and safe environment to live, work & play in too.

      Gregory Thayer

      • I apologize for misinterpreting your statement “Here in America our environment is highly regulated and enforced beyond reproach.” In context, I made the assumption – falsely – that your statement was made in jest. My problem.

        Two quick things jump out at me from your piece and your response to me:

        1) You are opposed to taking action necessary to limit the impact of climate change.

        I on the other hand have spent many long hours researching climate change, the need for taking significant steps to address it at all levels of society – local, state, federal and international. My conclusion based on facts is that the threat is real, as Vermonters and Americans we need to do our part, and other nations around the world need to be brought on board as well. My conclusion are fact based and not merely boiled down the costs we will bear as taxpayers. We will pay those costs whatever we do and most estimates by reputable economists consider the cost of doing nothing to be far greater than addressing the issue now.

        2) You support 45.
        I do not support a man who is corrupt, abused his office by ignoring the emolument clause of the constitution and incited a riot and attempted disruption of our electoral process. Many of his policies ignored basic human rights. His tariffs hurt American farmers more than they helped the economy. His approval and support for authoritarian rulers (including Putin) set American diplomacy back 50 years or more.

  4. Not worried. I’m sure the Vermont Legislature together with Duane Peterson and our other Vermont Green Energy Oligarchs will easily resolve all of this.

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