Teachers’ union ponders K-12 vax mandate

by Guy Page

The parent organization of the Vermont NEA – the 12,000 member state teachers’ union – is considering a recommendation for mandatory vaccination of all students and staff before face-to-face instruction begins this fall.

The proposal, Business Item #33, is on the agenda awaiting debate at the virtual Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly of the National Education Association, being held June 30 – July 3.

The proposal reads as follows: “The NEA will call for mandatory safe and effective COVID-19 vaccinations and testing for all students and staff before returning to face-to-face instruction in the fall, subject to medical exceptions in accordance with existing law, and will widely publicize this position via social media. We will further call for and publicize that safety measures such as social distancing, masking, and proper ventilation be mandatory for all.”

It is not known where Vermont delegates stand on mandatory vaccination. In March, VT-NEA President Don Tinney said “vaccinating school employees is a key factor in any decision to offer full in-person instruction.” However, he did not then specifically call for a mandate.

Gov. Scott has made recent statements opposing mandatory K-12 school vaccination. Asked by Vermont Daily May 21 about mandatory vaccination at public schools, Scott said, “I don’t see a path forward.”

Speaking of unions, the Vermont AFL-CIO won’t argue for mandates, but neither will it defend members who wish to decline vaccination.

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  1. Who “Owns” the NEA. There’s your answer. The Puppet Master tells the puppets what to do, case in point, RINO Commie Governor Scott. Scott said “I don’t see a path forward”. Not yet he doesn’t, because he’s not told what to do yet. Notice what he said, “see a path forward”. When that “path” is told to all the puppets then they will all spew the same language and ban together as the Main Stream Media does to push the Marxist Agenda.

    • Well said – Scott is nothing but a puppet and we’ve all seen this time and time again! Such a shame more Vermonters don’t wake up to this fact! Scott needs to gain a back bone (maybe he should look to Gov. DeSantis) and start working for the people of VT who elected him (sadly) and not for the government!

    • Well said – how is this ok? Gov “puppet” Scott needs to remember he works for the people of VT! We elected him not the other way around! Unfortunately, I’m certain he will continue to make the Democratic “Biden” party proud by forsaking all of the men, women, and children who call the Green Mountain State home. He consistently shows us where his heart-felt belief systems lie and sadly it’s not with Vermonters, that’s clear! Scott needs to take a page from Gov. DeSantis – Vermonters are FREE to CHOOSE FOR themselves and FREE to CHOOSE FOR their children, mandates are Marxist, UN-American, and have absolutely no place in this State nor in the USA which is still a free country by the way!

      • There is nothing on that site about who is behind that group, nor is it registered with the Vt SoS. What are the names of the people driving this “vtgrassroots” group?

      • I am indeed, Brian. In addition I am objective and reasonable. And weird web pages without contact information, one way contact forms, nebulous and very non-descriptive “mission” statements that seem to be purposefully undirected, give me pause. It might be reasonable citizens of like minds, or it might be Q-Anon wackos high on chemtrails and flourinated water eager to ask everyone if they have a personal relationship with Yoda or some dang thing.

        If you don’t have a 30 second pitch to sell your organization, why get a web page?

        So does anybody know the names of the people behind Brian and I don’t.

      • Weird, I made a comment and it disappeared, so here it is again.

        Yes, Brian, I am.
        I also strive for objectivity and reason.
        A shady website with no contact information, no funding information, for an unregistered group with nebulous and purposefully nonspecific “goals”? Yeah, that gives me pause.
        They could be a perfectly nice group of like minded citizens. Or they could be Q-Anon wackos high on chemtrails and flourinated water seeking to tell everyone about their personal relationship with Yoda or some dang thing.

        Why go through the effort of setting up a website if you can’t provide even a 30 second elevator pitch about your group.

        So does anybody know who is behind “”? Because Brian and I don’t.

      • I’m relatively sure I know exactly who’s behind it… Nothing I’ll share here, It’s their job to decide whether they want to or don’t want to be known. These are tumultuous times for sure.

      • Oh good. So apparently it’s a secret group. Brian knows the names in the secret group. I, however, do not know the names of those within the circle of trust.

        Does anyone know who is behind this group sponsoring

      • No worries. I sent them a message asking for their names via their one way contact form. Maybe it’s all a misunderstanding. Or maybe they are a bunch of paranoid loons planning the end times. Let’s see if they jump right out and identify themselves, talk openly and freely about their platform and intent, etc. Though the “one nation, under God” jingoism makes me lean towards “paranoid loons”.

      • Looks like the site was setup June 4th this year through an IT company; Sandi Skillen with Skill IT at 281 Mistywood Lane, Fairfield, CT. They really should have used a local IT provider instead of going to CT for the service. And weirdly the “Skill IT” consulting group is connected on LinkedIn to Michael Sirotkin; former lobbyist and current big D senator last time I checked.
        Curiouser and curiouser.

        This is what happens when you don’t put clear ownership, attribution, and intent on your webpage; reasonable people start to get curious about what you are hiding.

      • Yup, confirmed it is run by loons.
        I donated them a buck and am now asking for their EIN to claim on my taxes. I suspect they didn’t think through the implications of setting up a website to collect donations for political purposes and how they plan to report that to the IRS.

        A little more digging leads you to an opportunity to join their super secret squirrel inner sanctum chatroom “VERMONT PATRIOTS”. The ALL CAPS is theirs, I’m not sure why they are yelling. They have a questionairre to see if you can join their club, the first question is “What is your favorite attribute of President Trump?”

        Wow. So I’m going to keep digging out of morbid curiousity.

      • Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. leads to “Vermont Stands Up”, a reserved trademark in the SoS database which was reserved by Jennifer Stella of “Health Choice Vermont” on June 10th of this year.
        Health Choice Vermont also registered trademarks for “Voices for Choice”, “Citizens for Informed Consent”, “Health Choice Vermont”, and “Vax Choice VT”. The principles for Health Choice are Jennifer Stella, Dorian Yates and Heather Rice.
        It appears to be a couple of chiropractors and a “homoepath”. So magic, not science. I especially like how Ms. Stella describes her educations as “a B.Sc. cum laude in microbiology,”. So…you mean a Bachelors Degree, right? Since when did we start making it look like a professional degree with “B.Sc.”? By that standard she should also list “a GrD. HSp., medium sarcinus” for “Graduate, High School, public, middle of the pack”.

  2. Best way to get involved is pull
    Your kids out and if you don’t have kids do all possible to encourage others to!

    • Leave the children alone. To many side effects and deaths among those that young. They aren’t apt to get it and have healthy immune systems, this is all about control again.

  3. This is insane. If someone wants the vax they can get the vax. Stop trying to force everyone else to get one. It’s so sad to consider that kids might be vaxed as parents lack other options for schools, or that teachers and staff might give in as they can’t afford to lose their jobs. I do believe that in the end, those who bully others into taking unwanted vaxes will pay for this. And any politician who condones this or doesn’t strongly fight it should be voted out of office.

  4. Yes, It would now be the time to step to a podium, Governor Scott. For all the platitudes of science and data expoused by you and your team in the last 18 months- now is the time to recap exactly what the impact is to children under 18 and have Dr. Levin give his best argument for injecting children with an experimental vaccine to possibly prevent a virus that has little effect and a small infection rate with children. Show us the data that you have that would possibly give creedence to a mandatory vaccination of children.
    As far as the VT NEA is concerned, should their members decline to work, per their contract- terminate the contract and hire teachers that will.
    The risk to you, Governor is a challenger in 2022 and a few less dollars contributed to your campaign fund.
    The risk of vaccinating children is an unknown, both short term and long term. The benefit is small- according to your data and science.

  5. So, the Vermont House and Senate just formally issued an apology for Vermont’s state sanctioned eugenic program that targeted “certain” Vermonters for sterilization…all happening over 100 years ago….while sterilization wasn’t “mandatory” back then, legislators recognized the methods of not-so-subtle pressure that was used to gain so-called “consent.” The message then was that if you would agree to “voluntarily” be sterilized, you would be released from state run institutions that the government had locked you up in, and you could return to your family – and at the same time benefit those who believed you were spreading your “defective genes.” All of it was based on propaganda and phony science which is acknowledged in the apology. There should be an outcry from Legislators against forcing/mandating that kindergarten children through high school children be vaccinated if they have actually learned a lesson from the past…..and yet so far…..crickets……no lesson learned from the suffering of those populations 100 years ago who were subjected to humiliating surgical procedures with life long repercussions……just politically correct window dressing….

  6. The full court press is on to inject children with an experimental concoction of chemicals that no one knows for sure what it is or what it will do long term. If you are comfortable being a government lab rat, by all means, go ahead. However, children do not have or can understand informed consent. Nor do elders in nursing home beds. Criminal acts – crimes against humanity! Now as far as teachers go – they no longer should have their retirements funded by taxpayer dollars. They should no longer have the luxury of having union strong arming of taxpayers and their children – and that goes for the commie rot in school boards as well. I am beyond fed up with this insane clown world behind the iron curtain which is now Vermont.

    • Agree! Taxpayers should not be funding someone else’s retirement when they are struggling to afford their own, let alone their daily expenses. The Teachers Union, NEA, are in cahoots with the Marxist Agenda in destroying our childrens’ health! REALLY?! Wake up people, why would anyone want to fund someone else’s retirement and be dictated to, to force your child to take these experimental shots? Does that make sense? No, it absolutely is absurd. Every person is free to choose their own medical treatment and healthcare. Do Not Fund Your Own Demise.

      Time to cut-off the money flow to the Teachers Pension Fund from the taxpayers. Also, time to cut-off the money flow to the Vermont Congress Pension Fund from the taxpayers. Think of the products these two organizations are putting out – Do you want to buy what their selling? Absolutely Not! They are using your money, “free money” to them, to fund your own destruction. Think about that for one minute.

      Anyone know what kind of healthcare and pension our Vermont Congress has? Must be some stellar of a program for them. They also give themselves raises with our Money!

      Let’s get Kraken Vermont!

      • “Taxpayers should not be funding someone else’s retirement when they are struggling to afford their own, …”

        Easy there. My military pension was deferred compensation and part of the deal, no reneging now.

      • Yeah but the same government that funded your pension would cut it in a heartbeat if they thought they were going to lose the entire nation to it. Vermont should be no different. Wait till you see what they do with social security that they can’t pay for

  7. VT Grassroots is working for Vermonters! Volunteering their time, putting effort into research regarding everything from politics to vaccines to education to our constitutional freedoms for folks who maybe don’t know what’s really going on within this new territory of Biden’s “socialist” regime. I come from generations of proud Vermonters who would never stand for our gun rights being taken away, govt mandates taking away Vermonters freedom to choose their own medical decisions for themselves and their children, the cost of land and homes sky rocketing due to the poor decision making by elected officials, business owners who have had to close their doors due to govt handouts and the list goes on and on. We should all be thanking our lucky stars that a group exists here in liberal Vermont that actually cares about preserving our God given freedoms and are trying to spread the word that if we all stand together, unite and use our voices, just maybe we can get to a place in Vermont where the government works for us, the real hard-working folks – not the other way around! God Bless the USA🇺🇸

  8. More then likely, given it’s a relatively new movement here in VT — they are working out the kinks, probably have very limited staff, if any, and just maybe if you give them a chance, they’ll reply to your request. Jeez, let’s all try and have some patience and respect toward each other especially given the fact that it’s for our (Vermonters) greater good. We can’t give in to the socialist agenda, the clear division their trying to create, we can’t give in to more govt control over our lives, we can’t give in to any more of our freedoms being systematically taken away one by one right in front of our eyes! Let’s all try to band together and protect our precious freedoms that our forefathers fought SO hard for their future generations to have instead of tearing down our fellow citizens. Vermonters CAN make a difference if we stand together!🇺🇸

    • Did you miss the bit about their questionnaire asking what my “favorite attribute of President Trump is?” I would say his absence, ill health, and poor lifestyle choices, but somehow I suspect that isn’t what they are looking for. Regardless, I asked to join their “VERMONT PATRIOTS” chat group so let’s see if their worldviews can handle a little pressure or if they are delicate little snowflakes who cannot bear the thought of someone disagreeing with them.

      Also, it will be fun to join and find out if all these “patriots” managed to find their way to a recruiter’s office while our nation has been at war for the last decade and a half, or if they feel they exercise their “patriotism” sufficiently by whining whenever someone doesn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance at the council meeting.

      • ““favorite attribute of President Trump is?” I would say his absence, ill health, and poor lifestyle choices, but somehow I suspect that isn’t what they are looking for.”

        And all of those would be false news…. He’s in his seventies and survived covid. That is by far not ill health. As far as his absences concerned a lot of high end managers and admins doing awful lot of work on the golf course. It’s a way of using people into things. As far as poor lifestyle choices he doesn’t even drink…

    • Again well said, vtfreedom! American Patriots all need to band together and combat the evils of the Left/Socialist/Marxist/Globalist Agenda.

      American Patriots know the Truth and it’s coming out very quickly. The Truth Train cannot be stopped.

      Never, Ever, Surrender! 🇺🇸

      Liberty is from God not men.

      • You are perilously close to impinging on Charlie Sheen’s copyrighted work; “My Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not an Option”

  9. Mr Cashman:

    I have no idea who is behind VTGrassroots and I have absolutely no connection to them.

    However, Health Choice Vermont and Vermont Stands Up are legitimate. We organized in 2012 because we clearly needed citizen advocacy to balance out big pharma’s pervasive and well paid lobby machine. We stand for freedom of choice – the ethical foundation in medicine.

    There are many pathways to wellness, and most of them do not include involuntary medication, mandates and suffocation.

    I stand for the freedom to choose, and right to refuse.
    Do you?

    Jennifer Stella, B.Sc. Microbiology, President and Co-Director of Health Choice Vermont

    • Jennifer,
      If that is true, you should probably figure out why their site is a direct link to your petition and website. But I’m sure the brave souls behind will come forward and clear this up any minute now.

      As to your group; your description of yourselves includes: “Thomas and Fern and family moved to New Hampshire after the political treachery of 2015, and Dorian stepped down shortly after her husband passed, while Vermont was living under police powers. ” Couple of flashing red lights right there.

      You associate with two chiropractors and a guy who practices homeopathy and believes in anthroposophy, so basically a conspiracy minded circus of wish based magical thinking. Time to break out the crystals and align those chakras folks.

      So yeah, I believe in choice, I just don’t believe you get to choose your own “facts” that best suit your preferred worldview and ignore reality.

      • Honestly, Mr. Cashman, with all of your negative comments directed towards all of the grass roots Vermont organizations formed recently to protect our Vermonters’ God given rights and freedoms fought so hard by our forefathers, I find it doubtful your even a Vermonter. Generations before me would have applauded any grass roots movements here in our Green Mountain State who strive to protect our fundemental constitutional rights, however, you poke and prod and tear down all that we as Vermonters hold dear to our hearts. Instead of making a mockery out of real working class people trying to hold Vermont together, why don’t you do something constructive with your time. We simply will not engage with you and you can move on to another State.

      • Hi there anonymous stranger.
        Here’s the problem you don’t see, or at least don’t want to acknowledge; there is no viable alternative party in Vermont because the Vermont Republican party is infested with conspiracy enthusiasts, anti-vaxxers, Q-anon believers, chemtrail cultists, and every odd and end that didn’t fit anywhere a rational standard was applied.
        For there to be a viable alternative party in Vermont either the Republican party needs to come to its senses and start trying to act like a rational adult or a new party needs to be established. The Vermont Republican party is very weak as they are riven with division and radically devolved focii (which is what happens when a lot of conspiracy nuts who all believe in different conspiracies come together), so at this point the right thing to do is to point out the hypocrisy, ignorance, and lunacy in the hopes that the party will grow up.

        As for my heritage, brave anonymous person on the internet, I have no interest in your thoughts. I’ll keep using my time for constructive efforts here, and I’m looking forward to it.

      • Hey, Vtfreedom, you up?

        You up?

        Yeah, I just wanted you to know that I’m still here.

      • Still being a barrel of fun aren’t you Mister or is it Miss/Mrs cashman? With the volume of your LABELS and your DIVISIVENESS I can’t really tell.

    • Well… that seemed weirdly unrewarding. Brian, To be honest; the rest of us worked for a living, we didn’t get it handed to us. So perhaps a little less “whiny whiny” is order in favor of “rich kid shuts up and does what he is told”? Ya think?

  10. I agree, Ms. Stella, I stand for Freedom and the right to choose or refuse any healthcare I deem necessary and/or appropriate. No one should be pressured, coerced, forced in any way or have their right to travel, participate in commerce, attend church or right of employment striped from them because of their personal medical healthcare choices. This is America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave! We have our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Law and Order must be upheld.

    • Mr. Cashman, as I have already explained as a generational hard-working Vermonter, it’s my hope that NO ONE ELSE on this platform engages with you, I know I will not be. Move on to another State.

      • Mr. Anonymous,
        Were you under the impression I was interested in your opinion or permission?
        I look forward to following your posts closely and helping you be more accurate and truthful in your future endeavors.

      • Brian,
        What do you want me to tell you? The guy is a “generational hard-working Vermonter”. Show some respect!!

      • Brian,
        Wrong, demonstrably. I want me to say something. So obviously someone does.
        As stated previously the problem in Vermont is the lack of a viable alternative party. Because the Vermont Republican Party is infested with conspiracy enthusiasts, snake handlers, Q-Anon weirdos and anti-vaxxers. This doesn’t have to be hard; Do you believe in private property, privacy, limited government, individual agency and individual Constitutional rights? Welcome aboard Brother or Sister!! Let’s go ahead and leave everything else at the door so I don’t have to listen to your weird rituals and superstitions.

        But if you are driven to tell me about the dangers of flouridation, chemtrails, the “Deep State”, or inquire about my personal relationship with the deity or demi-urge of your choice? Spare me. You are not qualified to pop a pimple on my gigantic white butt and I have exactly zero interest in your opinion on any topic.

        If you are not equipped with independently verifiable sources, why do you believe in whoever / whatever /whenever? You deserve proof.
        You want to use “hard working” or “working class” as a euphemism for dumb? Nope, absolutely friggin not.
        Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I grew up middling poor but no one EVER called either of my parents dumb . “Crazy”? Hell yes, we strove for the title of the craziest family on the block. But dumb, nope. Ask any random Lamorey.

        Oh, bee tee dubs; currently I live in Portland, Oregon. So what I am doing currently is what we call “prepping the battlefield”. Slainte!

      • I mean seriously. “By that you mean stoking the fire.” Is this a game of thrones episode? No, I mean there are too many conspiracists and lunatics in the VT Republican party to ever achieve anything other than a “Owning the Libs” Jackass episode moment. You wanna party and listen to Nickelback while shotgunning Natty Light? Do so. You want to engage in our common governance? Ditch the amateur thinker / professional idiots and do your own thinking. Or, you know, don’t. But at least be a bit honest about it.

  11. I’m not a supporter of anything annonymous either. If someone is fearful of retribution for their convictions, courage of conviction is the only antidote. So who/what is VTgrassroots?

    One if its published events, Americanism and Marxism: A Symposium, is ostensibly sponsored by a fellow named Ed Wheeler.

    Mr. Wheeler, who are you?

    • “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster, for when you stare long into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you.” Friedrich Nietzsche

  12. I have seen quite a few mentions of VTGrassroots here, with people wondering who they are. I DO know who some of the members of that group are, but I will not make that information public. They are a recently formed, truly grassroots movement of people who actually live and work in Vermont, and are concerned about the direction in which this state and this nation have been heading. I don’t believe they are being secretive, but rather do not want to be subject to the harassment too often inflicted on conservatives by those with opposing viewpoints who wish to deny them their basic freedom to speak and be heard. Respectful disagreement is always welcome. People who would infiltrate their group for the purpose of spewing vitriol and undermining their efforts are not. How are things in Portland, Oregon, Mr. Cashman?

    • Wow. Ok “Debbie”. If you want to achieve a change of some sort in our common government you do so in the open and with a last name. The irony being you are challenging my “right” to engage on policy matters related to Vermont while you won’t even identify yourself. Crimson Tide ’89 sweetness, where you?

      • It would appear “Debbie” has gone silent… or for instructions.

      • I have no objection to using my full name or standing behind what I say. I began posting comments on Vermont Daily a few years ago using only my first name. For the sake of consistency, and no other reason, I have continued doing so, so anyone wishing to follow my comments would know they were by the same person. I am not in any way challenging your right to engage in a discussion of Vermont policy matters. Due to your confrontational tone, I am questioning your intent. I have to wonder whether you really want a serious discussion, or you are just here to see how many people you can rile up. I have not “gone silent”, but I have more important things to do than jump to immediately answer everything you post. Besides, in Vermont it is now 2:00 AM, and time for me to get some sleep.

  13. “I have no objection to using my full name”

    Please do Debbie, please do provide your full, independently verifiable name.

  14. There is so much wrong with mandating the COVID shot for school children. Children have virtually no chance of contracting or spreading COVID. When they do contract the virus, they recover quickly, with no lasting adverse effects. These shots are not “vaccines”, in the traditional sense. They use new technology that has never before been tried in humans. They have been rushed into production approved for emergency use only, bypassing animal trials and much of the testing for both safety and efficacy required for normal vaccine development. Children have already had serious adverse reactions to the shots, and some have actually died. Given the potential risk from taking the shot versus the risk of being harmed by the disease, parents have every right to refuse it for their children. Doctors around the world have been raising concerns about these experimental “vaccines” for people of all ages, but especially for children. Here is just one link of many.

  15. Its nice to see civil discourse, and thoughtful questions amist the rants. Well formed questions to an open mind create an opportunity for healthy reflection, and new clarity. The rants close minds, discredit associated groups and move no one.
    Let’s stick to asking our leaders good questions, be civil thus credible and holding them accountable to straight answers.

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