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Survey: VT state employee happiness, morale dropping

By Guy Page

The Vermont state employees union says the results of the VT Department of Human Resources 2021 “Employee Engagement Survey” should alarm any state official concerned about state employee recruitment and retention.

According to the Jan. 21 “Week In Action” Vermont State Employees Association newsletter:

The percent of state employees who believe working for the State provides them with good job security dropped below the 75% threshold for the first time since 2015;

The percent of state employees who agree that working for the State provides them with a solid career path dropped below the 60% level for the first time since 2016;

The percent of state employees who agree that they understand their benefit plans dropped below the 75% level for the first time since 2014;

Less than half of responding state employees indicated that they understood their retirement benefits. It’s the first time the percentage has dropped below the 60% level and represents a 27.7% decrease from the 2019 survey to the current survey;

The percent of state employees who agree with the statement “Overall, I’m satisfied with the benefits I receive,” also dropped below the 75% level, which is a 19.3% drop from the 2019 survey to the current survey; and

The percent of state employees indicating they have good morale has fallen 9.7% in the last five years, from 49.4 in 2017 to 44.6% in 2021.

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  1. Are they surprised? They force unsafe injections several times are year, make people wear useless masks that make a 8 hour day feel like 15, provide less and less opportunity to interact with peers and coworkers, send employees to bogus equity and inclusion seminars informing 99% of state employees in a a state that’s 95.1% caucasian that they are all guilty oppressors that must admit to their racism from birth, fire anyone that speaks logically as to the true ignorance and tyranny in all the above listed requirements. What!…youre not happy!????

  2. The woke VSEA is pretending to care about State employees? This organization is a socialist/Marxist beehive. They giddily walk hand-in-hand with the administration coercing employees to be inoculated with experimental serum. They coerced employees to wear masks under threat of termination for insubordination. They are not be trusted and they are as guilty and complicit for crimes against humanity as all the bureacrats, politicians, administraters, et al. The entire State is a cesspool of corruption.

  3. Even the most liberal state employees are waking up to the abuse of power. Three of us in my department all quit within months of each other- replaced by “identities”, “sleeping-withs” and “family/friends” that have no clue. It’s stressful doing a job when you aren’t qualified. LOL Love watching it all implode.

    • You got that right. There are many good, smart people who work for the State – unfortunately, those are the ones who get the shaft and treated the worst. Now those are the ones gone and the services will go directly down the toilet.. the overpaid idiots are running the asylum.

  4. If state employees don’t quit their jobs, what’s next? What will the state make you do next? They’ve already labeled you as a racist and forced you into indoctrination for your white privilege. People used to have morals and backbones, Vermont strong is a joke. We made it through a flood, big deal! What If all state employees called in sick for a few days? A recent poll of state employees shows poor morale. Why stay in such a job where your are mistreated. If you are fired, there will be remedies when all the lies come to light. The fifth amendment requires Due Process of Law to Deny you of life, liberty and property. And there are federal laws prohibiting the forcing of experimental drugs by coercion. Testing with faulty home testing kits or having an intrusion into your nostrils all the way to your brain is also worthless and cruel, all to make you conform and to keep the panic going. Check the link below, these actions all violate your rights as an American. State benefits and a job are not as important as your health now and in the future.

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