Survey: 82% of Vermonters think Vermont housing shortage long-term, self-inflicted

By David Flemming

​​In EAI’s August survey asking, “How do you anticipate housing shortage situation to progress?” 82% of respondents chose, “This is a long term, self-inflicted trend that is here to stay unless Vermont officials reform local zoning laws and Act 250 restrictions.”

13% believe “Factors like COVID-19, greater numbers of wealthy Boomers retiring, and a mass exodus from the New York metropolitan area are responsible. This trend will continue for the next 6-7 years as these new populations change the core demographic of Vermont.”

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  1. Think real hard before removing Act 250. Once you break it, you bought it. Freeing up farm land, and wood lots to put lower income homes instead, will turn Vermont into Northeast Detroit. There is no vibrant rural economy. What do you think will head up 91North? Let them build upward in the urban areas that need it, and have their high home prices, high taxes, and high rents. The Politics in Burlington seem to enjoy that. Don t ruin the whole state.

  2. “Housing Shortage”, “Young people leaving the state as it’s unaffordable”, “Rent costs too high”, etc., – I’ve been hearing this for literally half a century within three different states.

    Young people need to understand that it takes TIME to build wealth. Retirees have put in the time & can finally buy a home where they like perhaps, but started out under the same circumstances of scrimping & saving & NOT having a standard of living that they had hoped for for decades. I did, all my friends did, and if you are or were fortuitous to have been raised in wealth? Good for you, you lucked out, but most people haven’t.

    This housing issue has been droning on for nearly forever. It’s the cycle of life. Work hard & try not to mess up repeatedly. Eventually you’ll get what you worked for.

    Land protections (I thought Vermonters were conservationists & environmentalists!) are in place for a reason.

  3. Limit housing to “only perfect” drives prices and availabiltty
    “Thru the roof”

    Our kids, our new Vermonters, our aging Vermonters need affordable housing.

  4. act 250 is one reason but most issues are multiple problems that all contribute to the issue. property taxes to high-government caused, education funding-government caused, go back to local school funding instead of consolidation. allow citizens on town meeting day to know what the state of vermont education tax rate will be not after town meeting. make legislators take on responsibility, such as they cant pass any new laws until property/education taxes go down x %. this is the same legislator that passed the ability for ANYBODY to tax vermont for not meeting the politician’s climate guidelines. an not last, im sure there are more issues that contribute but Fuel/Heating/Cooling. these same politicans rush and provide false alarms on climate change but cant understand why people dont want to move here or can afford to live here.