Support police, VT Liberty, 802 events tomorrow at State House

The Vermont Liberty Network will gather at noon on the State House steps on May 15, and at 2 PM on May 16 at Leddy Park in Burlington, to address constitutional violations that have been committed by our government under COVID, specifically with
a view to opposing a vaccination registry, or otherwise discriminating against unvaccinated citizens in clear violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, organizer John Klar said.

Speakers on May 15 include Steve Merrill, John Klar, and Guy Page; May 16 speakers are John Klar, Alice Flanders, Ericka Redic, and Steve Merrill.

Saturday’s event will be preceded by a “Support the Police” sign wave commencing at 11 am, and will be followed by an 802 Freedom Event which begins at 3:00. The press is invited, to discuss the fate of constitutional liberties in a time of fearful crisis.

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  1. Very true, the Vermont state government has violated the constitution under COVID, they can be sued for coercion for discriminating against unvaccinated citizens (by making businesses, colleges, etc. discriminate against unvaccinated people) in clear violation of the Fourteenth Amendment; for pushing an experimental shot without Right of Refusal, etc. under 21 U.S.C. Section 360, and not to be used as experimental subjects under the Nuremberg Code of 1947. People of Vermont need to take control of their livelihood and this state. Where are the Constitutional Attorneys? Why are we fighting this alone, what is wrong here?