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Suicide follows high-speed pursuit, police say

A 22-year-old Randolph man died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound following a high-speed pursuit in Roxbury Friday night.

At around 9:45 p.m. on July 7, Deputy Davis Hart of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department detected a vehicle traveling at high speed on Route 12A north of the village. Deputy Hart attempted to stop the vehicle on Cram Hill Road, but the vehicle accelerated and abruptly turned onto Braintree Hill Road.

As the vehicle navigated the turn, it lost control on the loose gravel, leaving the road and hitting a tree. Deputy Hart then heard what he believed to be a gunshot.

Upon approaching the vehicle, Deputy Hart found the driver, later identified as the Randolph man, slumped against the driver’s door. The man was holding a pistol and appeared to have a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Despite Deputy Hart’s immediate first aid assistance, the driver was pronounced deceased upon the arrival of Barre Town EMS.

The Vermont State Police from the Berlin Barracks, along with another unit from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, arrived on the scene to assist. The vehicle was removed by Crosstown Towing and the decedent was transported by Day Funeral Home of Randolph to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Burlington for an autopsy. The name of the decedent is being withheld at this time. – Newport Dispatch

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  1. Did he have to wait the 72 hours to purchase the gun. Because if he did, already their waiting period didn’t work.

  2. A 72 hour waiting period is only to deny Vermonters their 2nd amendment rights. Anyone bent on taking themselves out will not be deterred by this unconstitutional law. I am wondering what occurred before this event to make this man do himself in.
    Commit suicide for a speeding ticket? I doubt it.

  3. Hopelessness, depression, mental illness, quack therapists, and suicide all go hand in hand. A waiting period cures nothing except the guilt of an unsupportive/absent, parent. Sleeping better now ______?

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