Don’t let lawmakers earning more $$ from energy companies vote on energy bills, Gray says

Molly Gray, candidate for Congress, outlines her federal energy platform at a press conference in Montpelier yesterday.

Congress should end tax credits for fossil fuel production and provide them instead for ‘clean energy,’ Lt. Gov. and Democratic candidate for Congress Molly Gray said at a press conference in Montpelier.

Gray said Congress should:

  • End fossil fuel subsidies. Revamp sections of the tax code that incentivize fossil fuel production. Instead, make tax incentives emissions-based, steering the industry towards clean electricity, clean transportation, and energy efficiency by passing the Clean Energy for America Act.
  • Redouble investment in weatherization and clean heat. The Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program works to improve the energy efficiency of the homes of low-income families. At current funding levels, only about 2% of the 38.6 million eligible low-income homes across the country are weatherized each year. Congress should raise spending by an additional $3.5 billion over 10 years in the program
  • Fully decarbonize the American electric grid. Implement a system of incentives and fines to steer electricity producers towards zero-carbon technologies; fulfill President Biden’s goal to have the grid be 100% clean by 2035.
  • Hold our elected officials accountable. Implement Congressional ethics rules to prevent Members of Congress from voting on legislation related to the energy sector if their earnings from fossil fuels exceed their congressional salary.

Gray announced her run for the U.S. House of Representatives on December 6, 2021.

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    • No tulips and no amateurs needed.

      Ms. Gray appears to be a very nice young woman. A candidate with lots of activities on her resume but no business, energy or other relevant experience to be throwing out such polices and then expect to be to taken seriously and elected to Congress.

      We have seen what this type of behavior from AOC who told us that “unemployment was low because people were working two jobs”. The Progressive/Democrats sent AOC to Congress and she gave us her uninformed views on unemployment and other topics and now all the polls us they will lose control of Congress to the Republicans.

      Given the incredible mess created by Joe Biden and the Ds & Ps, the last thing America wants to hear are policy pronouncements from a candidate with little to no meaningful experience.

  1. Will there be any call for officials who receive money from Planned Parenthood be prevented from acting on issues of reproductive rights?

  2. Just fossil fuels? How about “green” energy? Same should go at home here in VT. We have a goodly number of legislators employed by solar and heat pump companies etc. Do they stand to benefit financially from clean heat, etc?

    • My thoughts exactly…thinking of the St. Albans rep on the board, yet works for SunCommon, like this isn’t a conflict of interest…

  3. All representatives should be prohibited from voting on anything and everything if they receive money from someone representing that subject. Conflict of interest and all.

  4. Right! From someone who is doing her campaign fund raising in DC from lobbyists and special interest groups. From someone who was not living in the US when she decided to run for lt gov!! Like I am going to listen to her!! I would like to see how much she is worth now that she has been in office!!

  5. Sorry Molly, Americans don’t want build back better, green new deal. The best incentive is to get government out of the energy regulation business. Americans will solve that problem on their own.

  6. My father always said this of Bernie Sanders:” we will give him up for the good of the nation”…(tongue in cheek). The anti-fossil fuel candidates will do much more damage at the federal level, while we all wallow in the results of their GWSA policies, freezing our butts off in January when the lights go out.
    People like Molly Gray need to get outside of the state house, get a life and look at the reality of their policies before it’s too late for us.

  7. so much corruption……..
    No voting on anything you are profiting from..
    that includes all the stock trades…….and why are we not hearing what happened with that supposed investigation?
    Term Limits lets get it done………

  8. More pandering to the moonbats and looking for donations from the enviro cult. In other words kickbacks.

  9. while I wont vote for the LT Gov we better all hope the Senator Pro Temp dont win

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