Still no Chick-Fil-A in Vermont – but we might be getting a vegan burger joint

Odd Burger’s Plant-Based Buffalo ChickUn Burger

By Guy Page

Lovers of Chick-Fil-A still need to hop on the ferry to Plattsburgh or drive across New Hampshire to get their favorite sandwich. But at least Vermont could soon be home to a vegan burger fastfood restaurant.

Odd Burger, billed as “one of the world’s first vegan fast-food chains,” says it intends to begin offering and selling franchises in 25 U.S. States, including Vermont. No specific Vermont location is indicated. 

The Ontario-based company currently operates six stores in Canada. The seventh will open in Brampton, Ontario next month, and the corporation has aggressive growth plans on both sides of our northern border. 

Odd Burger Corporation is a chain of company-owned and franchised vegan fast-food restaurants as well as a food technology company that manufactures and distributes a line of plant-based protein and dairy alternatives to foodservice channels under the brand Preposterous Foods. 

According to company literature, Odd Burger restaurants operate as smart kitchens, which use state-of-the art cooking technology and automation solutions to deliver a delicious food experience to customers craving healthier and more sustainable fast food. 

“With small store footprints optimized for delivery and takeout, advanced cooking technology, competitive pricing, a vertically integrated supply chain along with healthier ingredients, Odd Burger is revolutionizing the fast-food industry by creating guilt-free fast food,” a company statement said. 

Meanwhile, chicken-based Chick-Fil-A still has no Vermont franchise restaurants. For most Vermonters, the closest is located in Plattsburgh, NY. Vermonters who live along the Connecticut River can travel to Nashua, NH. A Chick-Fil-A food truck can be contracted for special events.

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  1. I find it interesting that vegan’s avoid meat at all cost. Yet they bend over backwards to make vegan food (like vegan burgers) taste like meat. Isn’t it interesting no meat eaters are trying to make meat taste like a vegetable. Maybe there is a reason.

  2. The ironic thing about many of these vegan meat alternatives, is that many of them are (IMO) LESS healthy than eating meat. I was unable to find complete ingredient lists for this particular company’s products, but did find that many are soy based. Soybeans are virtually entirely corrupted by GMO technologies, and many vegan foods contain seed oils which are far less healthy (toxic even) than animal fats. The more anything is processed and the more ingredients it has the more likely it is to be devoid of nutrition or be just plain unhealthy. Eat as close to the dirt as possible.

  3. I must eat natural foods or I sicken immediately. So many “gluten fee” foods, and “vege burgers” are excessively chemicalized. So much for “healthy”.

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