Stella: vax data bill needed

by Jennifer Stella, Health Choice Vermont

Where are the safety surveillance data for Vermont? Safety data are being collected into the vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS), but not being reported. Please help fix this problem by demanding the data and by insisting that H.189 be passed.

All consumers should urge this basic safety oversight from the Vermont Legislature, immediately: H.189 calls for VAERS safety data reports to be prepared for legislators, doctors and the public including by vaccine type, lot numbers and ages of those affected; costs of related ER visits and hospitalizations, deaths and disabilities; and activities undertaken by the agency to support vaccine-injured Vermonters. Please contact elected officials immediately to enlist their support for this important legislation.

Every Vermonter should insist upon seeing the VAERS safety data reports. We must have outcomes data in order to make informed decisions. Sickened Vermonters should know they can report, and that their reports are being taken seriously. Healthy Vermonters can have confidence. These are the sorts of reports that Vermonters already expect are being compiled and monitored – but incredibly they are not. Vermont bill H189 ensures data.

With so many shots now promoted by the state, it’s appalling that VAERS safety data (as required by H.189) are not already being used for purposes of accountability and to guide public health policy decisions. Millions of shots have already been accepted by Vermonters based on promises of safety. We should expect nothing less than earnest, responsible surveillance of the actual outcomes – and help for those who report having been sickened.

H.189 is currently in the VT House Health Care Committee. Please contact members of this committee within the next 2-3 days and urge them to pass it.

Rep. Lori Houghton, Chair 

Rep. Francis McFaun, Vice Chair 

Rep. Alyssa Black, Ranking Member 

Rep. Daisy Berbeco 

Rep. Brian Cina 

Rep. Mari Cordes, Clerk 

Rep. Allen “Penny” Demar 

Rep. Bobby Farlice-Rubio 

Rep. Leslie Goldman 

Rep. Arthur Peterson.

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