Stella: school board should unMask the kids

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The following letter was sent last week to the Harwood Union Unified School District by parent and Health Choice Vermont activist Jennifer Stella. Vermont state education officials reportedly met last week to determine masking and social distancing guidelines for the 2021-2022 school year. Recommendations may be announced this week. – Editor

Dear HUUSD Board Members,

I hope you are enjoying an incredible summer. It has been a difficult year+ for everyone, and I know how much work it has been for so many of you. I also recognize that the focus is now on for safely returning in the fall. As a parent with two teens who cannot wait to attend school with their peers, and play sports, again – I am writing to you today with concern about decisions over masks which must be left to each individual parent. Please, may we work together to UnMask the kids. Not vaccinate to UnMask them – but UnMask them to breathe.

We are trying to make final decisions about our children’s education, and do not want our children suffocated by masks. Masks impair communication, breathing and have adverse physiological impacts. Our son played soccer all year wearing a mask – which is neither effective at preventing viral transmission, nor safe for his health.

I believe it is imperative that we UnMask our children. Please, let us let the kids be human and breathe.

For background information, please see attached the Vermont Mask Survey Final report, which explains the biology of respiration, and collected data on mask effects this last year in Vermont. Please also see a good summary (“The Mask Mess”, also attached, by an independent journalist on the subject.

I am also sending you a copy of the notice that I sent to Sec. French, attached. I believe it applies to the Board, as well.

This is a matter of high importance to our family, and so we appreciate your timely response.
All medical interventions must be voluntary.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration, and we look forward to a productive conversation on this matter.

Jennifer Stella
Waitsfield (Harwood Union)

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  1. Excellent. I do hope you will be able to homeschool if necessary. No kids should be forced to wear masks again; this is just crazy. It isn’t protecting them or anyone else. The public has become brainwashed into believing a piece of cotton or paper actually controls viruses.

    • Sorry, but what you are writing here is incorrect and deserves to be corrected. Yes- masks work to control viral transmission of respiratory droplets. There are mountains of evidence that support their use and efficacy. Their use goes back decades. Masks are incredibly effective at reducing the spread of COVID, flu, RSV, TB, and rhinovirus. Furthermore there is no evidence that masks “harm” the heath of children. You can even test your “suffocation” hypothesis by using an inexpensive pulse oximeter on someone wearing a mask and you will see that low and behold— their oxygen sats are normal! They are not suffocating! Wow science! Please look at the available evidence before you try and spread misinformation that has very real consequences.

  2. Sure wish teachers against this nonsense, as well as the indoctrination infiltration would speak up loud and clear in some way they feel protected. Some people know the pressure is on them if they do speak out – they are many – they need to find each other and take a stand.

    No masks is right and it couldn’t be put any better than how Stella did.

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