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Stefanik blames Biden for northern border crisis

US Border Patrol – Swanton Sector photo

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VT DiggerAfter 15 internal investigations of St. Albans police officers, city officials express confidence in department
VT DiggerCiting enrollment concerns, Burlington City Council tables UVM Trinity campus zoning request
WCAXUnitedHealthcare and UVM Health Network fail to reach agreement
VT DiggerMan incarcerated at Springfield prison dies
WCAXRep. Stefanik blames Biden for northern border crisis
NBC 5Rutland Regional using new infant foot scanner, touted as a safety measure
WCAX‘Fines for Food’ program funds Feeding Chittenden
WCAXFunding supports Vt. electric grid updates
WCAXSouth Burlington residents to vote on expanded school classrooms

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  1. Congresswoman Stefanik is just stating the obvious. How about she supports a bill that would call for 87,000 new CBP agents instead of 87,00 new IRS agents ? Just a thought.

  2. We all blame bidumb for this influx of illegals but our three socialist Congress members are the real enemy of Working Vermont Families…

  3. Biden and his Administration lie after lie after lie beyond disgusting period folks!
    Biden is a Embarrassment to our Country period! Biden is a moron Hypocrite Paradise period! China Creepy cornpop Joe needs to go BYE-BYE period!!
    🤡🤡🤡☠☠☠🦠🦠🦠 THE goes to the one’s that support this Administration period!! Just a bunch of Cronies period!!

  4. I don’t understand how liberals/democrats think Biden is so great. The likes of Biden, Pelosi, Waters, Sanders, Leahy all think it is some great accomplishment or record to stay or be in office so long. The record is to be in office so long and accomplish nothing. Fifty years in office and they say they are going to fix and change so much. Yet, they have accomplished nothing. It is very funny to hear someone blame Mr. Trump for the train derailment. They say he did away with safety, protocol, or something of that nature. They forget Biden had the pen in his hand before his face, I mean arse hit the seat (hard to tell the difference because his head is up his all the time), to undo Mr. Trump’s policies. So why didn’t he implement these safety regulations then? There are many that need to go, but people need to wake up. Many still think Hunter’s laptop is fake. They read the headlines and listen to CNN and never research. Now TikTok is so bad! Mr. Trump told y’all that 3 years ago, but some would rather say he was lying. Look at the RINO Scott! Just now making it a policy to not have app on state equipment. Stop trying to spend more, so you need to tax more! I will stop for now. Thank You.

  5. I guess Ms. Stefanik is not interested in the thousands of immigrants who are passing through her NY district to enter Canada through Quebec’s Roxham Road. These families don’t feel safe in the U.S., and they believe they will have a brighter future in Canada.

    Perhaps we should give the Statue of Liberty to Canada so they can place it in Montreal Harbor.

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