Statewide mask mandate bill proposed

Rep. George Till (seen above calling for statewide masking in November) is among the sponsors of a statewide public places masking bill.

By Guy Page

A proposed bill would require everyone five years old and older to wear a mask in public indoor spaces located in counties with “high” or “substantial” community Covid-19 transmission level.

As written, H537 includes exceptions for religious worship, medical care, and sleeping children at childcare facilities. In November, a group of lawmakers – including many sponsors of H537 – asked Gov. Phil Scott to impose a statewide mask mandate in high transmission areas. He declined. With the Legislature back in session, they’ve turned the proposed executive action into legislation. 

Since the Legislature passed a municipal-option mask mandate in November, 92 towns have declined to enact a public-places mandate. 20 communities have adopted a public places mandate. 

Sponsors include: Vyhovsky of Essex, Cordes of Lincoln, Black of Essex, Bluemle of Burlington, Brady of Williston, Brown of Richmond, Burrows of West Windsor, Colburn of Burlington, Dolan of Essex, Elder of Starksboro, Goldman of Rockingham, Houghton of Essex, Mulvaney-Stanak of Burlington, Nicoll of Ludlow, Rachelson of Burlington, Sims of Craftsbury, Small of Winooski, and Till of Jericho. None are Republicans. Most are Progressives or liberal Democrats. 

H537 and other bills released for introduction are published below. 

H.548An act relating to miscellaneous cannabis establishment procedures
H.547An act relating to exempting students from standardized assessments in public schools
H.546An act relating to racial justice statistics
H.545An act relating to per diems for boards and commissions
H.544An act relating to leveling Vermont Route 22A
H.543An act relating to regulation of wetlands in the State
H.542An act relating to establishing riparian protection areas in the State
H.541An act relating to establishing the Victims Services Advisory Council within the Center for Crime Victims Services
H.539An act relating to youth banking by minors in foster care
H.538An act relating to the establishment, ownership, and operation of a cemetery by a nonprofit college or university
H.537An act relating to a statewide mask mandate
H.536An act relating to the Vermont Uniform Power of Attorney Act
H.535An act relating to judicial nominations and appointments
H.534An act relating to sealing criminal history records
H.533An act relating to converting civil forfeiture of property in drug-related prosecutions into a criminal process
H.532An act relating to the Rare Disease Advisory Council
H.531An act relating to supported housing options for individuals served through the developmental services waiver
H.530An act relating to creating the Vermont Silver Alert Program
H.529An act relating to situational surveillance at birth
H.528An act relating to tax benefits for home study programs
H.527An act relating to tax relief for Vermonters
H.526An act relating to adding electric vehicle supply equipment to Vermont’s energy efficiency standards for appliances and equipment
H.525An act relating to roadside memorials
H.524An act relating to preventing sprawl through municipal zoning
H.523An act relating to reducing hydrofluorocarbon emissions
H.522An act relating to automobile insurance and aftermarket parts
H.521An act relating to the Vermont basic needs budget
H.520An act relating to creating the Office of Native American Affairs
H.519An act relating to indemnification of employee legal expenses
H.518An act relating to the creation of the Municipal Fuel Switching Grant Program
H.517An act relating to the Vermont National Guard Tuition Benefit Program
H.516An act relating to increasing asset limits for Medicaid for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled
H.515An act relating to banking, insurance, and securities
H.514An act relating to creating a uniform local share of sales and use tax revenue
H.513An act relating to expanding criminal threatening to include threats to third persons
H.512An act relating to modernizing land records and notarial acts law
H.511An act relating to promoting housing in Vermont’s centers

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  1. Why is the town by town mandate not good enough? Burlington is not safe if St. Albans doesn’t wear a mask? Such nonsense. I’m about ready to move away from Vermont altogether.

    • Yup, New Vermonter here and now I don’t know what I was even thinking. Wont be a Vermonter long it looks like. I loved Vermont from a young age going their with my family but no more. Nut job state! Why couldn’t my family of gone to NH instead when I was a kid….

      • You know, I’ve only been here since 2015 and it’s gotten worse just since then. Everyone seemed to go crazy when Trump was elected and there’s just no turning back. Vermont is a beautiful and fascinating place with a unique personality and history, but they seem to be making Burlington off-limits to normal people. (I don’t live there.) If they legalize prostitution and heroin, I’m moving.

    • It’s “…not good enough…” because the experiment failed. Too many towns rejected a mask mandate, so ‘they’ are finding a different avenue via legislation. Our legislators are shills; (mostly) lefty loonies…

  2. These people won’t be happy until we’re all as miserable as they are.

    Narcissistic fruitloops….every one of them.

  3. The freaks of misery running the marathon chicken dance. The Republic of Vermont is being turned into a cesspool of perverts and lowlifes. Vermont is woke and it is broke. The CCP awaits in the wings to buy up the smoking ruins of a once decent State.

  4. I’m surprised it took Rep. Dr. George Till so long to get a bill introduced. Is his infatuation with masking or just controlling the actions of others? Just a reminder- the CDC in published “guides”
    lists filtration qualities of surgical masks “Does NOT provide the wearer with a reliable level of filtration from inhaling smaller airborne particles and is not considered respiratory protection.”
    Under Use Limitations-” Disposable. Discard after each patient encounter”
    I’d thought that the Rep. Dr. George Till might have been aware of these limitations, such as he prominently lists his medical experience in his official legislative biography.

    Perhaps I’ve answered my question, It must be control.

  5. Guess the fact that the majority VT cities and towns have clearly expressed that they DON’T want a mask mandate isn’t enough for these control freaks. So I’m already not spending even a single penny at any store in a mask mandate town. Make it statewide and I’m shopping in NH only.

  6. Have The People not already spoken on this issue??? With 90+ towns DECLINING to enact a mandate this bill is no longer about safety. They just want control. Hate to tell you supporters of this bill….a mandate is not a law.

    • However this bill makes masking a law, upon passage- unless Scott vetos.
      With no expiration date, as the bill is currently written.
      One must refer to CDC speculation on numbers of infections, then 2 weeks hence- no masks.
      Also, no penalties or enforcement provisions, as introduced.
      A knee jerk reaction to what liberal counties legislators think they want.
      Balint and Krowinski will most likely use every form of coercion to force yes votes from fearful legislators. As Guy wrote, these are all progressives or democrats. Ironic party names, considering what these people hold dear, I’d say.

    • Exactly. The legislature already turned this issue over to the towns and the representatives closest to the people apparently heard from the people and overwhelmingly rejected mandatory and meaningless masking. So now the legislature wants to dictate the masks from Montpelier. So much for representing the will of the people.

  7. Since phony phil didn’t have the backbone to stand up to the progressive socialist identity party this is going to only get worse. Maybe Vermonters should just say NO, We recuse to comply with fake science!! Who is running this crazy state, the city of boorlington or The Citizens??

  8. You know why they’re so power hungry?

    Because they’ve lost their power. Through stupid actions over the years like this. They do nothing but cause problems and waste money.

    Go ahead pass your bill I’m not listening to another thing you say anyways. You’ve lost your authority over me and I will make that legal and lawful.

  9. still waiting for an indication that a mask has any effect on spread of virus. another sign that it is not about health but the government trying to see how far they can go taking more and more control of everyday life. take freedom and responsibility away from the populace

  10. why do these representatives of the people not understand that the people don’t want mask mandates, that they don’t want forced vaccinations, that they don’t want restrictions forced on them by these supposed representatives? Do they really want our ambitious, hard-working, taxpaying, citizens to abandon vermont like the droves of citizens leaving California and New York city?

    • @ Carla

      I’m starting to think that they do. The people leaving VT will be free thinking Conservatives in search of a saner place to live. We’ll be replaced by more leftists from NY, CA etc. as well as non-citizens. I’m thinking that this is the idea.

      • The funny thing is that people have been leaving Vermont since “Vermont” was first invented, lol. In the 1800s they were crying about all the ambitious, hard-working people leaving Vermont.

      • The Georgia Guidelines mention a return to nature re: reducing the population. Yes, they want us freethinkers to leave or agree to live in a heavily-surveilled city. THIS IS A SILENT WAR

  11. Here is the likely timeline:
    1. House passes with full Democrat/Progressive support
    2. Senate passes with full Democrat/Progressive support
    3. Scott vetoes
    4. House and Senate override veto with full Democrat/Progressive support
    5. Vermonters need to respond with civil disobedience and “Just say NO”

    Start calling your Reps and Senators . . . if all else fails . . . just refuse to comply to tyranny.

    • We could avoid the drama and political theatre by starting with step 5.
      I doubt any D or P would entertain any input from a mere constituent, unless of course it
      met their agenda.

  12. The proposed mask mandate is not the horror story in this article. If you want to see how delusional, ignorant, and out-of-touch with reality the progressive/liberal/democrats of Vermont really are, read beyond the proposed mask mandate H537, and take a look at the stunning stupidity of most of the other proposed bills in the list provided by Mr. Page. They offer no improvement in the current situation in Vermont, nor even a hold on the status quo. Nearly each and every one of them is a fairy tale, and all of them will cost Vermonters more money. There are some truly self-serving narcissists, fools and out and out whack jobs in the Vermont legislature who propose these bills. Read and be horrified…

  13. THROW THE BUMS OUT ! I thought you had to be smart to be a congress person, well they are not! Consider, among things already stated, that the PCR test has been pronounced by the CDC as ineffective, not good, bad and this is what the whole hoax of COVID is based on. The precursor to all the rules, regulations, distancing, mask wearing etc, it is all based on a lie! Why can’t they admit a mistake. The so called “virus” has never been proven to exist, never isolated, how dumb can people be to fall in line with a hoax?

  14. Hey Till you and Rest of you leftist moron hypocrite! Kiss your body parts where the sun doesn’t Shine period!!
    The Vermonter from the Right side period!

  15. All because phil scott failed to stand against the progressive identity party’s demands to lock Vermont down under masks. Is this what Vermont has become? Is Vermont a bunch of sheep who will cave in to a false agenda?? Most Americans are waking up but not Vermont, we are just as weak as california it seems.

  16. We can all see where this is heading…Divide and conquer…Cast the left against the right…The right against the left…In France, their President Macron is already calling those who refuse to be vaccinated, “Non-Citizens”. Canadian Prime-minister Trudeau calling those in Canada refusing the vaccine, “Racist”…This Covid thing has always been about divide and conquer, towards a one world order in my opinion…In order to divide and conquer, you must first expose the non-compliant, those needing to be conquered…The only thing stopping the left from quickly taking full control as they have in other countries, is the 2nd amendment, thus an armed citizenry and I’m sorry to say, ultimately,…civil war…It’s either that or lie down and take it…It will be eventually, one or the other, again, in my opinion…God Bless America.

  17. I have never complied and don’t intend to start now.
    I’m sure the cops out there are going to be thrilled enforcing that one!

  18. Wow, just look at all those bills. It takes a special kind of egotistical, imprudent lunatic to think that Vermont needs more laws for its denizens to prosper. How on earth did we ever survive without the hundreds of new bills passed each year? And how small is our sandbox going to get?

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