State will withdraw Title X family planning $$ when fed funding restored

By Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott said last week the State of Vermont will withdraw state family planning funding for Planned Parenthood when the federal government restores its Title X family planning funding to abortion providers. 

In 2019, President Donald Trump stopped Title X funding for abortion providers. Planned Parenthood declined to stop performing abortions in order to qualify for the funding. Instead, the State of Vermont immediately provided $759,000 in taxpayer dollars fron the General Fund to fully replace the federal money. 

However, on January 28 President Joe Biden reversed this policy and restored the federal funding. So Vermont Daily asked the governor at a press conference last week: “Two years ago the State of Vermont replaced in full Title X family planning funding lost by Planned Parenthood when the Trump administration said abortion providers no longer qualified. If, as seems likely, the Biden administration restores Title X funding, will you recommend the Legislature remove the estimated $800K in state funding?” 

Scott replied: “If the federal governor is going to provide funding, we will take advantage of that, if we don’t have to utilize state money.”

Vermont has the lowest ranking among U.S. states for protecting the right to life of the unborn and the aged, American United for Life reported in Defending Life 2021. The report says Vermont:

  • Has “legalized suicide by physician;” 
  • Does not provide healthcare provider freedom of conscience;
  • Approved Prop 5, a constitutional amendment enshrining unrestricted abortion.


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  1. One correction: Planned Parenthood of Vermont did not need to stop performing abortions in order to qualify for the Title 10 monies – they just needed to comply with the original guidelines written in 1976 – they needed to separate their family planning service from their abortion services and not use the federal funds to provide abortions as “just another method of family planning.” As that is exactly how PP of Vermont views
    abortion throughout pregnancy, they refused the federal money…..and since PP dominates all levels of state government, Scott did their bidding….again.

  2. Governor Scott needs to be aware that it doesn’t matter who’s tax dollars fund abortions through planned parenthood,it is still disturbing the life process,therefore it is murder with few exceptions!!We all, including the unborn have a right to life;Think of it this way,if our mothers would fight for their right to have abortions,none of us would be here!!

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