State troopers victims of hate crime

A homeless man associated with a Springfield, MA alleged kidnapper has been charged with a Hate Motivated Crime aimed at Vermont state troopers “of ethnic origins.”

At 8 pm on Tuesday, August 16, troopers responded to a report of a suspicious impaired male becoming increasingly aggressive with random people walking in town, walking onto their property, and causing a disturbance on Park Street, in Lyndon. Troopers found that Jeremy Bathalon, 34, listed as homeless but formerly of St. Johnsbury, at the scene and in volation of several of his court ordered conditions.

Last November, Bathalon was arrested with Ivan Carmona, a Springfield, MA man wanted for kidnapping and assault.

While at the St. Johnsbury Barracks August 16, Bathalon engaged in threatening and tumultuous behavior and repeatedly engaged in hate motivated crimes against Troopers of ethnic origins. Bathalon was held at the Northeast Regional Correctional Facility until sober. He is scheduled to appear today in court to answer to the charges of Hate Motivated Crime, Violation of Conditions x 3, and Disorderly Conduct.

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    • Indeed. It takes little imagination as to what might have transpired- regardless Mr. Bathalon is responsible for his actions, intoxicated or not. Mental illness, especially psychosis exacerbated by substance abuse is not an excuse nor a defense for his actions. Becoming combative with a law enforcement officer just isn’t the smartest move and the judicial system must prosecute accordingly. To continue to mollycoddle the accused in cases like this, especially in Chittenden county will continue to get the same ineffective results.

    • We know that the recipient of this man’s bile was a Trooper of “ethnic origin” which I suppose is saying a non-white? However, we dont know whether the perpetrator is a product of Vermont or just came here to immerse himself in the welfare cornucopia like so many other deadbeats from afar. For those who remember their ancient Vermont history though, St J has been the opioid capital of Vermont since the 1980s when there was a private drug rehab facility that took in a lot of out-of-state junkies who were given the choice by a judge to go to Vermont or go to prison. When they were done their rehab, too many of them decided it was a good place to hang their hat and go back to their old habits. Yes, we have plenty of our own home-grown junkies and dirtbags as well.

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